[Guild Wars 2] Casimir, master of disguise

I am a tree!

While helping his silvary friend, Serysia, to sneak into the Nightmare Court, Casimir Eriksson found the perfect disguise! The Nightmare Court will never know he isn't one of them!

12 thoughts on “[Guild Wars 2] Casimir, master of disguise

    1. Rakuno

      Nope. The leopard is his pet, Ghostrunner. He is the big norn on the left trying to disguise himself with some brown leaves. If I had used my brain a bit more back then I would have dyed it green so it would be more clear in the screenshot.

      1. Joรฃo Carlos

        It is obvious that Casimir is a high tree... the nightmare court will never note the diference!

        1. Rakuno

          Indeed. And just like cartoons taught us over the years, since he is disguise as a tree, he can slowly inch towards his goal, stopping at any time someone looks at him. Nobody will suspect a thing, after all if it appeared in a cartoon it must work in real life (or in a game) too!

    1. Rakuno

      Yep. If he had the time he would even get closer to the Nightmare Courts to discover all their evil plans! But they were there in a much more short, direct mission so his disguise had to be discarded really quick.

    1. Rakuno

      Thank you! Although the outfit itself wasn't much of my choice. In that part of the story we had to kill some patrols of the Nightmare Court (think evil, leafy elves with leafy-styled outfits) so we could steal their outfits and infiltrate their camp. So that oufit would be what Casimir stole from one of the patrol guards. How it even fit him is beyond me since as you can see from the sceenshot he is much taller than any of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The only thing that I got to customize though was the color since it just inherited the colors of his normal outfit which is dyed brown. Hope this makes it all clear! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Rakuno

          Ah, ok. Yes, I do think brown fits him pretty well too. Goes well with his whole theme of being a rough ranger who stayed too long in the wilds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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