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Rakuno with the level 70 Astrologian gear

Last week I finally got Astrologian to 70.

It was a bit painful though because of the disconnects I kept getting due to the stupid DDoSes. I even almost gave up at it at a some points because of that. Fortunately my friends were very patient and if it wasn't for them I'd certainly would have given up! Big thanks to them! 😀

Oh, this post also turned bigger and more screenshot than the others. Sorry about that. ^_^;

And now for the usual report about the storyline...

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead of the level 60-70 story for Astrologians

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Despite all the DDoS attacks making it very painful to play Final Fantasy XIV this last week and my crappy healing, I managed to get Astrologian to 60 this weekend. This is all thanks to my friends who have patiently grouped with me in the Duty Roulettes even with all these troubles.

Between those I also took the time to do the Job quests. Not only because it unlocked some new skills but because they somehow managed to make their story even more interesting.

So let's take some time to talk about it.

WARNING: Spoilers about the level 50-60 quests for Astrologian

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Keita Amano holding a controller

As much as I love Final Fantasy XIV just writing about it can be tiresome. So I thought I'd do something different this time and write about the animes I've been watching recently.

They all happen to have a theme of games too so this make it even more interesting to write about.

As of the time of this writing I am not sure if I want to make this a regular feature or just this one post. It is something I will need to think about.

Anyway, here are the series I've been watching:

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Rakuno posing with the level 70 Red Mage gear

My last post about Red Mage took so long to write that by the  time I finished it I was already level 69! A couple evenings later and I already got to level 70.

I swear I tried to make this post shorter too but before I knew it the thing was huge. Again. -_-;

Anyway, on with the show...

WARNING: Spoilers about the level 60-70 quest line for Red Mages ahead

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Rakuno posing as Astrologian

Continuing to catch up on my planned post, this is the one about my journey from level 30 Astrologian to level 50.

Unlike the Red Mage one this post should be a lot smaller as there isn't as much to explain, story-wise. That doesn't mean the questline is worse, quite the contrary, it has a many interesting characters, if not more, than the Red Mage one. It is just that it is easier to sum things up. 🙂

With that said, let's get to it, shall we?

WARNING: Spoilers for the Astrologian story line for level 30 to 50 ahead

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Rakuno posing as level 60 Red Mage in front of a fountain

Since I got my Samurai to level 70 it made sense that my next Job to level would be Red Mage. I already had it at level 50-something and have been choosing Red Mage gear from those quest rewards for casters.

Last Friday I finally got it to level 60, half-way there and finished their first story questline. Here are my thoughts on that story:

WARNING! Spoilers about the Red Mage story from 50 to 60

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Rakuno howling with the werewolf costume

This was an eventful weekend for me. First I got my Red Mage to level 60. Then the Halloween (aka All Saints' Wake) even in Final Fantasy XIV went live and I decided to do it. It was pretty short and fun. And since I was at it I decided to get my Astrologian to level 50 too.

Since getting it all in one post was getting too long I will get to the Job achievements in another post in the next few days. :p

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the All Saint's Wake 2017 quest!

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Raku and squadron after clearing Brayflox's Longstop

Patch 4.1 of Final Fantasy XIV brought a lot of good stuff to the game. Among those one that I was specially curious about was the ability of doing dungeons with your Adventurer Squadron as there is a lot of potential in there.

Up to this point I felt they were mostly fluffy. Yes, they can bring some rewards if you send them on missions and they succeed. But most of those rewards didn't feel that great to me.

With the ability of taking them to do a dungeon with us, even if they are just up to level 50, it opens a lot of possibilities for me. Specially for learning how to tank in this game which has been something I've been struggling with for some time.

So I decided on this weekend to finally test them out.

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Rakuno posing as a level 70 Samurai

Last week I finally got level 70 Samurai with Rakuno thanks to the help of a few friends who run dungeons with me.

I also finally got all the gathering classes to level 50 and did their required quests. Those quests were surprisingly easy to do considering I had some assorted NQ gear. The only annoyance was to wait for an specific time to gather the requested materials. Now I need to catch up on my crafting.

Story-wise those gathering quests were very flimsy so not much worth talking about. The Samurai Job quest on the other hand...

SPOILER WARNING: spoilers about the level 60 to 70 Samurai Job quest ahead!

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Final Fantasy XIV character selection showing my Au'Ra Altani

After finishing with Stormblood my plan was to focus on Rakuno's other jobs, specially the crafting ones. But due to Final Fantasy XIV's Moonfire Faire event my plans got derailed.

I decided to do that event with my alts too and for some reason I thought the minimum required level would be 15 and unlocking the airships just like previous events. Turns out the minimum required level is 30, a level none of my alts had reached yet!

Since  the rewards won't come back next year (unless they decide to sell it in the Mog Station for real money) that meant I would have to do some level grinding with the alt army!

P.S.: Since I still don't have a house or apartment of my own I can't show you screenshots of the house rewards. So just check the event announcement for it.

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