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Rakuno posing as a level 70 Samurai

Last week I finally got level 70 Samurai with Rakuno thanks to the help of a few friends who run dungeons with me.

I also finally got all the gathering classes to level 50 and did their required quests. Those quests were surprisingly easy to do considering I had some assorted NQ gear. The only annoyance was to wait for an specific time to gather the requested materials. Now I need to catch up on my crafting.

Story-wise those gathering quests were very flimsy so not much worth talking about. The Samurai Job quest on the other hand...

SPOILER WARNING: spoilers about the level 60 to 70 Samurai Job quest ahead!

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Final Fantasy XIV character selection showing my Au'Ra Altani

After finishing with Stormblood my plan was to focus on Rakuno's other jobs, specially the crafting ones. But due to Final Fantasy XIV's Moonfire Faire event my plans got derailed.

I decided to do that event with my alts too and for some reason I thought the minimum required level would be 15 and unlocking the airships just like previous events. Turns out the minimum required level is 30, a level none of my alts had reached yet!

Since  the rewards won't come back next year (unless they decide to sell it in the Mog Station for real money) that meant I would have to do some level grinding with the alt army!

P.S.: Since I still don't have a house or apartment of my own I can't show you screenshots of the house rewards. So just check the event announcement for it.

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Rakuno cheering because he got to monk level 70

Last week I reached level 70 as a Monk, the current level cap. I also finished the story for Stormblood but that is something that will have to wait for another post.

For now these are my thoughts on the story line for Monks from 60 to 70.

WARNING: SPOILERS about the story line for the Monk Job

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I am still making my way through the main storyline in Stormblood. Although I have a lot I could say about the stuff I've seen so far I am still trying to digest every thing.

I did accomplish a couple of other goals though which should be easier to write about. This post will be about those.

P.S.: My connection to the internet is really crap right now and I can't access the game to take screenshots. I will add them as soon as things get back to normal here.

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Rakuno posing as a samurai

Last week I got my Samurai Job level to 60, finishing their first story arc.

Of all the Job stories I experienced so far (which weren't all that many) Samurai has been the most enjoyable one. It is probably my new best favorite, replacing the Pugilist and the first Monk Job stories.

But to be honest I was a bit worried at first about the story. I was afraid it would rely heavily on the western tropes about samurai: some terribly, heavy handed talk about some vague concept of honor or something along those lines. I know, it was a silly feeling since Square-Enix is a japanese company and Japan have their own set of tropes when it comes to samurai.

In the end my tendency to overthink stories and tropes end up tripping me a lot on this particular Job story as I tried to figure out where it was going.

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for the level 50 to 60 Samurai Job quest.

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Members of the resistance by their campfires

Stormblood's release was something I was really hyped about for several reasons. The main one probably being that we finally get to see Ala Migho, a place I've heard about since back way in 1.0 and always imagined how it looked.

Back then I didn't have much of a point of reference to imagine it since all mentions were always like "Oh, yeah, Ala Migho that place that was conquered by the Garlean empire".  With ARR I finally started to have some image of it with the existence of Little Ala Migho. Even that paled in comparison to what I saw when I stepped into the soils of the real Ala Migho. 🙂

But I am getting ahead of myself. This post will be mostly what I've seem so far which is about from level 60 to 64. Also MILD SPOILERS ABOUT THE STORY ahead.

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Ishgard seem from a distance

Since I finished Heavensward I have been thinking about the best way to write about its story. There is so much I'd like to talk about it but trying to make it not sound like some endless ramble full of pointless asides is tough.

I will try my best to not ramble aimlessly though. If I do or end up forgetting some important point please forgive me, or better yet, post about it in the comments. Also, I will be just discussing the main quest story line since that is what I focused on just so I could reach Stormblood's content. Everything else about Heavensward I wasn't able to experience just yet. I will go back to it (as well as to a lot of ARR's content) as soon as I feel caught up with other people.

With that said let's move on to the actual post...

P.S.: Apologies for the delay but this one was hard to write!

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for Heavensward's Main Storyline

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Rakuno as level 60 monk in Final Fantasy XIV

So, I know I said I was going to take it easy and slow down after finishing with ARR's storyline but I decided to change my mind and focused heavily on Heavensward main storyline. All just so I can get to Stormblood (which I should be reaching the moment this post goes up or shortly after)

Another change of plans is that originally I wanted to make a post talking about the Monk level 50 to 60 Job storyline as well as Heavensward. But since there is so much to digest about Heavensward story I think I will talk about it on another post. If everything goes well, it should be on Wednesday. If that post turns out to be too big though I might break it into two so it would be part 1 on Wednesday and part 2 on Friday. We'll see!

WARNING: From this point forward there are spoilers about the level 50-60 Monk story line.

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Rakuno wearing the level 50 Red Mage equipment

Despite my plans I wasn't able to unlock Red Mage last monday. I was only able to do it on thursday. I then took the Job for a spin during the weekend by doing some side quests in Heavensward. I was only able to get it to level 51 though.

Unlike Samurai which I was able to understand pretty fast I had a harder time wrapping my head around the Red Mage. Sure, their concept is simple: some of their spells generate white mana and others generate black mana. You need to keep a balance of both types of mana to power up your special melee attacks. They even have a handy gauge to show how much of each mana you have.

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Rakuno sleeping

There  wasn't anything big this week in my travels through Final Fantasy XIV. I have been progressing slowly but steadily through the main storyline in Heavensward. I have been spending more time doing some side stuff that I've been wanting to do but put to the side due to focusing on the main storyline in "A Realm Reborn". Now that is done I am back to being my usual ADD self.

On the adventuring side, I got Machinist to level 40. Playing a ranged DPS job has been a pretty interesting experience, specially since it is a gun-using one, something that isn't all that common in MMOs. Something that I noticed, and I commented this on Twitter, is that whatever they did to Machinists seems to have been pretty well received.  Before the latest expansion release I only grouped with one machinist ever. And there was a lot of dungeons I did either to progress through the story, to get XP via Duty Roulette or just traipsing through Palace of the Dead. Since 4.0 though I have partied with at least 4 Machinists in about one week. This is between Dutty Roulette and Palace of the Dead. So it seems I am not the only one enjoying this Job. 🙂

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