Public Service Announcement: The Elf Threat

Most people who have played MMORPGs with me are well aware of my hatred towards elves. I rarely, if ever, explained much about it though, making it look like it was just prejudice against an innocent fantasy race. In fact I have very valid reasons for it.

Being the lazy bastard pragmatic guy I am, I will just point you to Justin Olivetti at Massively who expertly wrote all the reasons of why elves are such a dangerous plague to the fantasy landscape:

The Perfect 10: Why Elves are the Scourge of MMORPGs

Hopefully his article can make more people aware of the threat posed by those pointy eared freaks to everything that is good about fantasy. Or at least why they are so annoying.

Just one small note though. Do not lump the half-elves together with the elves. If anything they are as much victims of those tree-huggers as the rest of us are.

In a more serious note, I have been having some technical issues in the last few days. More fleshed out posts will resume as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: The Elf Threat”

    • Indeed. Not only that one but all the Perfect 10 articles tend to be quite funny. Although pretty controversial some times.

      Oh, she calls them that too? Now I am suddenly wondering if she is single and willing to marry….

    • Well…. I never…. uh…. checked it, let’s put it like that. So it is not something I can really confirm or deny. From personal observation there doesn’t seem to be any gender difference though…

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