All hail our FPS overlords!*

Cold off the presses, come the news from Rock, Paper, Shotgun*, that the venerable adventure game Monkey Island will be remade as a FPS! Just go click the link and read the news. They even have videos. Don’t worry. I will wait.

Back? Alright! In case someone doesn’t know it, this is another classic game being rebooted as a FPS. Other already confirmed games to receive such treatment are X-Com XCom and Syndicate.

To those more enlightened of you, this will come as no surprise. After all the adventure game genre is dead. Even more dead than the the strategy game genre. But what do I know right? I am just some random blogger who has been playing games for more than 20 years. All the funs I had with non-FPS games were obviously moments of pure delusions. Thankfully we have people much smarter than me turning classic games into FPSes!

But I will do my part too now. I urge every reader of this blog (the two of you) to write an e-mail to your favorite game company to stop everything they are doing now and turn their games into a FPS. Therefore we won’t have to suffer with sub-par games anymore!

I will start it by writing an e-mail to Hasbro for a FPS version of Monopoly. I bet it will be the best version of Monopoly ever!

* Just in case it is not clear in the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article, that is a joke. A pretty good one but still just a joke. Unfortunately, X-Com and Syndicate being rebooted as a FPS is not…. Well, I guess it could be a bad joke depending on how you see it. *shrugs*

Oh, and this post is also a joke in case it wasn’t clear. Please don’t throw stones at me! I love all game genres equally! *mutters* … except the ones that don’t love me back. *shifty eyes*

2 thoughts on “All hail our FPS overlords!*”

  1. Why you little…

    Personally, I get motion sickness when I play FPS games, so I jsut don’t understand their appeal. They could take ’em all away and I’d be perfectly happy. 🙂

    • *puts on his anti-stoning/anti-flaming armor*

      Ok…. Just in case, a reminder that my whole post was a joke.

      Anyhoo, I can think of the appeal of FPS in an intellectual sense. In an “I enjoy this type of game”, it is not much my cup of tea either, with very few exceptions.

      Partly of this is because, I suck at them. A lot. And that is on the PC where I at least had the chance of growing together with the controls as the genre evolved. In a console, with the controllers there…. It would be even worse. If I can shoot anything that isn’t standing still directly in front of my gun, it would be a miracle for me to hit anything. At least on the PC I can pretend I am trying to aim….

      The other part is, like I mentioned, I don’t enjoy the genre much. Nothing against it, just not my thing. Though I do enjoy the occasional ones depending either on story/setting (like in Bioshock) or some interesting gameplay (like the sandbox world/sniping in Far Cry 2). Otherwise it is the kind of games I will only know by name.

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