Breaking news: Everquest 2 going fully free to play

By now I think anyone interested already knows about this. On early December Everquest 2 will switch to a full free to play model. If you are a current subscriber and wishes to continue subscribing, then nothing changes to you. The only ones affected will be people on Livegamer and EQ2X. The Livegamer servers will be gone with Vox being merged with Nagafen and Bazaar being merged with Freeport. For EQ2X it only affects people with platinum subscription as it will be going away.

For more information they made a handy-dandy FAQ about the whole deal that you can find here.

To me this is great news. I’ve stopped caring about the game a long time ago. The only thing I still truely care about it is the decoration aspect and the friends I made there. Both that I should be able to still enjoy if I decide to let my subscription expire. And if I feel the need to I can just subscribe for a period of time again.

In fact you can blame the lack of more substantial updates on this blog on decoration. I’ve been working on an overdue decoration project for a friend lately and started remodeling my guild hall. The decoration for my friend I am not sure I will post pictures of it here. It is not my house although I don’t think the owner would mind one bit. Hell, it is quite possible she will even post pictures of it on the Homeshow forums herself… But my guild hall I will definitely post screenshots of it once it is done. It is a place very dear to my heart and it was only possible to get through a lot of grinding and a big help from some friends.

7 thoughts on “Breaking news: Everquest 2 going fully free to play”

  1. bleh, also wanted to say I would like to see pictures of both projects, if that helps make up your mind about whether to post screenies or not. But with EQ2 going free-to-play, you may well see some Tishes hanging around the guildhall anyway.

  2. *whistles at Jenni’s status-grinding muscles*

    *remembers she is married*

    Uh… That was in a pure platonic way! I swear!

    I will definitely post pictures of the guild hall. The other project I am still unsure if I will post pictures. I will think about it. I will also be looking forward for a visit of the Tishes and poSychel when EQ2 goes free to play. 🙂

  3. I hadn’t heard about EQ2 going F2P until I read your blog, so it really was breaking news to me. 🙂

    (I just wasn’t able to comment at the time because is blocked at work for some reason!)

    This should solve your problem with the FF MMO going subscription too!

    Yay, seeing Tisch and Sychel again will be great. 🙂

    • Don’t worry about. If you feel like commenting, just comment away. As long as it isn’t a years old post it is just fine. 🙂

      Anyway, yes, it too everyone pretty much by surprise. At least I never expected EQ2 to go completely free-to-play since they already had EQ2X.

      As you can imagine there is a ton of different (and passionate) opinions about the switch. To me, it is like you said, it solves my problem with Final Fantasy XIV starting to charging its subscription. Though I will probably wait a bit first before downgrading my subscription on Everquest 2 to the Silver membership. I want to see how the restrictions and paying to unlock them will work first.

  4. I jsut realized – well not *jsut*, but yesterday sometime, that all the good Tishes are going to be locked under f2p. I played EQ2X a bit and it wasn’t terrible, but as a veteran player, I can see some really large disadvantages looming on the horizon. Mainly, how on earth will Norrath get along without Serryna to terrorize the populace??

    • Yeah. I had to read and re-read carefully what will be the races and classes that are free. That is why I don’t intend to downgrade my account to silver right away as I want to know exactly how much it will cost me to unlock the races and classes of my main characters.

      As for Serryna, I can safely say that DXA is weaker without her. It is also a (slightly) more safe work place.

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