Characters “Grandfathered” in Everquest 2

Everquest 2 transition to free-to-play has certainly been a controversial issue among its player base. The latest of the controversies has been the invitation former subscribers received to give the game a try again, as a free to play title, only to find out their old characters were locked because they didn’t buy a character pack or class unlocker.

Well, according to this post in the official forums by SmokeJumper, the current Executive Producer, at least that issue should be gone.

I will just quote the man himself:

*Every* character that was created before 12/06/2011 at 12:01 am will be grandfathered in without race or class restriction. This means that regardless of your membership level, you will be able to play any character created before 12/6 without paying for race- or class-pack unlocks.

For any player that previously subscribed to EQII Live servers, or as a Gold or Platinum member on EQ2X, we will also refund all the class/race pack purchases made after 12/06/2011 at 12:01 am and before the time of this posting (12/08/2011, 4:30pm) so that no one loses any SC due to this change.

Of course, this doesnโ€™t affect new characters created from now onward. If you are playing at Silver or Free membership levels and want to create a *new* character, youโ€™ll still be subject to the regular membership class and race restrictions.

On a personal note, I am really happy with these news. It means I might be able to save some money once I switch my account to a silver membership as I won’t have to pay to unlock my carpenters (or any of my other current characters). I will also be able to resurrect my ogre warlock on my former second account. That is as soon as I can recover my password for it. -_-

It also means less resistance from friends in trying to get them to come back to visit in-game. Mwahahahaha.

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  1. I will be waiting for droves of friendly visitors due to this news. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am glad that they decided to grandfather characters of previously subscribed accounts. There was no point being invited back to the game only to find out that all your characters were locked without a new subscription.

    I haven’t really tried out any of the new stuff yet though since Frostfell started. Drusi has a new house in New Halas and I’ve been going through all my characters for Frostfell items to use in the house. I’ve found about 40 to 50 of those books labeled Frostfell cards too. I believe it was the first or second year of Frostfell, but everyone was getting those cards in the mail on a daily basis. It was crazy! They’ll look nice all together in a bookshelf though I think. It seems I’ve finally at long last started to organize all my houses.

  2. Me too to everything you said!

    I haven’t been able to login much yet due to a… uh… certain technical problem. A very serious technical problem known as “a problem between the computer and the chair”. It was nothing serious except for a big loss of time. I might talk about it another time as soon as I stop feeling embarrassed. >_>

    By the way, since I don’t know if we’ll be in-game at the same time soon, are you going to play Star Wars: The Old Republic too?

    If we get to discuss this in-game before you see this comment then just disregard the question, please.

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