Overdue month has cometh!

I admit January was pretty lackluster in terms of posts on this blog. It is true I haven’t set to myself a minimum of posts per month but this one in particular just annoyed me because there were posts I wanted to do about Final Fantasy XIV but couldn’t due to a kerfuffle with its subscription. To make a long story short, that was only solved by the end of the month and I’ve been trying to catch up with everything since then so I can make those posts I wanted to. That made me think about all the posts I thought about writing since the beginning of the blog but for one reason or another I didn’t.

So to make up for all that I decided to do a little experiment on the month of February that I am dubbing “Overdue Month”. The idea is basically to write one post per week about a topic I intended to but never did. Posts should be up on every Friday of this month. Right now the planned topics are: Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.20, a tokusatsu show called Garo, Fallen Earth and Lineage 2. Not necessarily in that order but most likely so. Also, I would have preferred to write about Frayed Knights instead of Lineage 2 but I doubt I will have enough time to play Frayed Knights to make a proper post about it. At least with Lineage 2 I already have some previous experience with the game to make a comparison on how it was before to how it is now. Plus I am still curious about how the game is nowadays.

Between those posts I might end up writing something about the Valentine’s Day events that they will certainly have (Final Fantasy XIV version of it already began I think) if I find something interesting to talk about it. Or anything else that I find might be interesting.

Honestly what I am worried about the most is not being able to meet that self-imposed deadline. There is a lot to play and my ramblings do take some time do take some considerable time to write despite how inane they may be. Still I want to give it a try just to see how I deal with a more regular posting schedule. If I fail I will try to tackle the missed topic as soon as possible.

So, here starts “Overdue Month”! Tan-dan-dan!

P.S.: Yes, kerfuffle is a technical term if anyone is wondering.

EDIT: Forgot to say, I might also do another reorganization of the categories here. That won’t really matter to anyone besides me but thought I should mention. Might also try a few other things if I don’t lose any resemblance of sanity while trying to make sure “Overdue Month” goes smoothly. We’ll see.

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