L2: Some days later in Aden…

I gave in to Lineage 2’s siren’s song. The temptation of playing with an old friend of mine was too great. That and I don’t really have any game right now that burns my mind with the desire to play it any time I can. Right now I am dabbling around in different games as the mood hits.

So far Lineage 2 has been fun. The bots I have found have been pretty much in the lower levels. Same with the PKers. Neither has been bad enough to make me want to scream and punch a wall though. This might change if I get to the higher levels. We’ll see.

Also I was just wrong about the quests lines. From level 1 until 40 there is a good quest line to follow that provides you with most of the XP to get through the levels. There are one or two rough bits that the quests doesn’t provide the you with enough XP to get the next quest. In those cases you either have to grind or do the Kamalokas. The grind isn’t too bad while the Kamalokas is an interesting addition that came with Goddess of Destruction. Basically, it is a small instance with just one boss monster on it. You need to have a group of at least two people to enter it. There is a timer of 30 minutes to beat the monster and you can only do a Kamaloka once a day. The XP of Kamalokas are pretty good with most of them not requiring much in terms of strategy. This makes it pretty easy to just setup a random group of people as it doesn’t require much in terms of player skill or perfect party setups. In fact the lower level ones I have been doing as a duo with my friend without many issues.

After level 40 it gets more complicated. There is a one time quest right at Ivory Tower which gives some pretty good XP for someone who just completed their second class change. Besides that there are the usual Kamalokas and a repeatable daily quest on Cruma Tower. If you don’t like either of those options there is only the usual grind to get you through the levels. I just don’t know at which level there are more good one-time quests to do as I’ve been doing the level 40ish content with some old alts around that level range. Haven’t played that much with either as I have been focusing most of my energies on my highest character, GoldheartXVI, a dwarven warsmith at level 56.

Restarting with GoldheartXVI has proven to be the most tricky of all my characters. I only found two one-time quests that she could do. One was at Forsaken Plains which was pretty easy, gave some good XP and some money, if I recall correctly. The other was an old quest at Frozen Labyrinth. That one I am still unsure if it was a good one since it took a lot of running around back and forth to complete.

With the lack of good quests to do I have been just grinding with her. I have been avoiding joining random groups to do Kamalokas since I am still not quite comfortable with my skill to play her just yet. That and I just dislike random groups.

Speaking of warsmiths, I must say I like how they are now. They seem to have made the class into a type of an actual pet/minor support class. They now have a couple of buffs they can apply to their golems and can even heal it. The support part comes in the form of a temporary buff to armor and weapons as they “improve” it. That buff can be applied on themselves or other people. These changes make it easier for the warsmiths to solo as well as allow them to bring something to parties. 🙂

Lastly, but not least important, a big thank you to two of my clan mates: Tydo, for lending me his Blue Wolf Breastplate, and KuangShi, for buying me a weapon as welcome back gift (as well as for all the High SP Scrolls). You guys rock!

P.S.: I set the previous post about Lineage 2 as private for now. Simply because there were too many typos, clunky phrases and too much stuff that was redundant with my “Revisiting Lineage 2” post. In other words, it was just a really bad post and I do believe you guys and gals deserve better.

In any case, worry not, it was a very exceptional case that I don’t intent to repeat ever again if I can avoid it. Nor is something I will ever do with posts that got a comment or a “Like”. If someone spent their time to write a comment or think it merits a “Like” then the post should just stay there as it is. To do otherwise would be just insulting to them.

If I feel I can revise that post without making it seem redundant with the “Revisiting Lineage 2” post then I will make it public again. If not it will go to the trash.

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