L2: Double Ding!

One can easily shoot a fly in the ceiling while the other will pillage your cookie jar

After many days hoping around between alts I finally got Lumilie through her second class quest on Tuesday. It was slightly harder than I expected only because Sakum, the final boss for the quest, hit hard and would keep stunning her every time he got close enough to hit. The stun would last quite a while too. Because of that he killed me the first time and I had to try killing him again. The second time I tried to be more careful with the kiting, almost died again but ultimately succeeded in killing the beast!

Much to my surprise she ended up as a level 43 after the quest was completed.  I am not entirely sure if it was an unique case since I was partying with a clan mate and he didn’t do a quest I already did. So there was the extra XP for helping him with that quest.

Like the first class quest I was also rewarded with Proof of Courage to buy gear and shots from my race master NPC or whatever was his title. I decided to spend it all in C-grade soulshots this time since I can claim the C-Grade gear from the Path to Awakening system. Only problem is that gear has a 30 day limit. Which I can’t complain about with it being free gear and all. However I didn’t claim the gear just yet since Lumilie will be going to sleep while I concentrate on GoldheartXVI. The gear she is using in the screenshot was one she borrowed from another alt of mine just for it. 🙂

Speaking of GoldheartXVI, yesterday I finally reached level 61 with her. With this came A-Grade which was a long dream of mine since back in the days. Granted nowadays my ambitions are higher, to get to 86 and then change to a Tyrr Warrior. But for now this is enough to make me happy. Since she was already 56 when I came back she wasn’t eligible to claim an A-Grade weapon anymore from the Path to Awakening so I could only claim the armor. The interesting thing is that the armor they gave me is a tankish set while her class skills make her more of a DPS class. In any case, I like the looks and it has been working very well!

Now my only worry is to get GoldheartXVI to a level where she can start using S-Grade before 30 days go by and the claimed armor goes poof. It shouldn’t be impossible or too hard except that I don’t want to rush for that goal. Rushing could make me get burned out much faster from the game. Plus I still need to make money for whatever gear/shots I might need later down the road. The money is what worries me the most actually. So far I have been selling A shots in Giran. The profits are good just the sales are a little slow for my impatience.

Regardless of that I am still proud of my little victories, drooling on the looks of the Nightmare Armor set and just enjoying what I can do now. 🙂

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