L2: Maestro!

GoldheartXVI wearing the Dinasty Set

If getting to level 75 back in my days felt like a possible dream then getting to 3rd class felt pretty much like one of those impossible ones. It would be like winning in the lotto. Sure, there is a very small possibility of winning it but how many really expect to actually win it? Getting your 3rd class felt pretty much like that.

As with most things currently in Lineage 2 it is a lot more accessible. The hardest part is still doing the grind to get to level 76. Once you get those the class change wasn’t too hard. It was still an interesting quest, a bit crazy by the end of it but fun. My only disappointment was not getting any new active skills right away. I only got a couple passive new skills and some to raise the number of buffs I can receive. New active ones I only started to get at level 77 which I got today.

Also, I finally got a mentor. It took me this long to get one for a few reasons. First, being a returnee player with a character above level 40 I couldn’t claim the Mentee Certificate that allowed me to have a mentor. So I had to make a disposable alt just for that purpose. I was also going to wait for a clan mate to get to 86 so I could have him as my mentor as I prefer not to deal with complete strangers if it can be avoided. That last part didn’t go exactly as planned…. Once I got my certificate I started receiving random PMs from people offering to be my mentor. After declining 3 such people I gave in to the 4th one and became his mentee. I also admit that seeing my clan mates with their mentors leveling pretty fast influenced this  decision too.

As much as I hate to admit it, the mentor buffs make a lot of difference to level. Heck, they can even be kind of addicting make you not want to level while your mentor is offline and thus leaving you without the buffs. In any case it is quite worth it and I am glad I decided to get a mentor now.

Now the plan is to get to 86, become a Tyrr Warrior and graduate from the mentor. This will be a lot harder but also a lot more exciting. I can’t wait to see all the stuff I can do as a Tyrr Warrior! 😀

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