L2: Best skill ever!

Tokyo here I come!
Tokyo here I come!

Last night I got to level 83 and finally got this transformation skill for Maestros. I am only sad that the recast time is a bit long and the transformation doesn’t last forever. Still pretty fun for the few minutes it lasts!

EDIT: Just to make it clear, Miaren, the dark elf in the screenshot,  is only there to give an idea of scale. The giant golem is actually my main character, GoldheartXVI, using the skill “Golem Armor” that  transforms her into one. 🙂

2 thoughts on “L2: Best skill ever!”

  1. I know! When I got that skill I was expecting something much smaller. When it turned out to be like that like that I laughed and wanted to show it off to everyone else!

    Now I only hope I won’t lose it on the next class change in a couple of levels…

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