L2: Awakening!

I Tyrr Warrior. You... uh... something!

Yesterday, I finally got to 85 and did the 4th class change, thus awakening to  become a Tyrr Warrior! Before babbling further, a big thank you to Grifix and Daikazoku for the powerleveling. Daikazoku was also kind enough to gift me with the Immortal Heavy armor set that you can see in the screenshot. I am not much a fan of its looks on a female dwarf but it is R grade armor and it does its job. Oh, and also another thank you to Stickles for all the buffs!

The 4th class change quest was much easier than I expected but didn’t feel any less epic. I don’t know if it was because I was looking forward to it for so long or if it was because of the opening scene of the quest where they showed why they needed adventures to step up and save the world. The scene was narrated by a NPC with a pretty good voice actor. That just added to the epicness of it all.

As for the class itself it is a bit weird. It feels like it is a mixture of Tyrant, Destroyer, Warlord and Gladiator. It pretty much doesn’t have anything of the Maestro so it feels kinda alien to me. Specially because a Maestro was a pretty simple class to play. I just had to use my couple buffs, forget it for 20 minutes, then use about 2 skills and send my golem to attack. Tyrr Warriors on the other hand feels more like complex creatures. They have a lot of more situational self buffs that last 5 minutes, they have skills that build Momentum which is kind of a resource to boost up the power of other skills, some skills for AoE and it seems to have some combos between skills. And I am not even getting at things like Berserker Rage that gives a huge boost to your attack and requires you to be below 30% health to be activated. The differences are so staggering that it will take me a while to feel comfortable playing it.

For now I am more  worried about getting to level 86 so I can graduate from being a mentee and I can go back to being fickle and feeding my altitis needs.

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