L2: Ding… 86! *drops dead*

Can you smell this? It is the smell of... FREEDOM!

Yesterday morning I finally reached my ultimate goal with Lineage 2 which was to get GoldheartXVI to level 86. With that she graduated from being a mentee and I can finally go back to playing in a much more casual fashion. Not only that but I can finally play other games or characters without feeling guilty that I am not getting XP with her. Hopefully this means somewhat more regular posts on this blog as well as more variety. We’ll see!

It took me this long to get to 86 due to a few problems. The first day after 85 I spent soloing, trying to get to know my new skills, to get used to them. The second and third days is where things start going wrong. The best options to get XP were doing a daily quest in Swamplands which doesn’t give that much…. I think it is about 3% XP for completing it. Then there is Kartia that comes in solo and group version. The solo version I found nearly impossible to finish since the last boss hits hard and has a mass fear…. that works even on the NPCs that are supposed to help you! To this day I have yet to finish it. But I know there are a few players out there who can finish it.

The group version there were some complications too. I spent about an hour each day shouting for a group. Only got one in the second day andย  the group disbanded when we wiped in the last boss. I tried Nursery solo too but that didn’tย  work well. I died a lot and the only XP I got there was from killing the mobs. The quest only gave me some tokens that I could turn in for recipes and gear I already had. So after all that frustration I got desperate. I decided to go to Altar of Evil to grind. This was painful, slow and not something I would recommend to anyone unless they absolutely don’t have any other choice. Days later, with 70% more and without any resemblance of sanity or intelligence left, I decided to try getting a Kartia group on a whim…. And it worked! The party did pretty well, I got about 14% XP out of it plus some much needed ego boost. The next day I tried again with similar success which finally earned me level 86. It came at the right time too since I wanted to dedicate my weekend to Guild Wars 2 which I did without any feelings of guilty or remorse. ๐Ÿ™‚

For now my plans with Lineage 2 is creating a new character that will become an Iss Enchanter on the second account. Then use GoldheartXVI as her mentor. Besides that…. time will tell what will happen in Lineage 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

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