Alts? I have no alts! All my characters are my main!

Or so I usually say. In practice there is always a character I end up playing more than the others or who earned a special place in my heart.

So, on this week’s challenge, posed by the lovely Ambermist of “Tastes Like Battle Chicken”, it is exactly to talk about those characters. Which I will do with the utmost joy. Because characters are like our own children. Give us an excuse to talk about them and we’ll do it all day!

In my case it will be two of the characters that have a very special place in my heart. They are probably the ones I spent the most time playing on and growing with during my MMORPG career. If you can call playing MMORPGs for years a career that is.

Also, I apologize for the lack of screenshots. This is a post that screams “Fill me up with screenshots!” but I found out I have no good screenshots of Rakuno to post. Alas, I find myself still having to do my little EQ2 protest so I can’t even log in to take a decent screenshot of my beloved character.

Anyhoo, in order of creation here are my “mains”:

GoldheartXVI – Lineage 2

My first character in Lineage 2 was going to be a Dark Avenger called “Baldric”. I say, was because he never got that far. See, when I started playing Lineage 2, I knew my friend, who was just starting in the game too, was going to make a Spell Howler. I read in an outdated guide (I didn’t know it was outdated at the time!) that Spell Howlers had trouble soloing at the higher levels. Being the melee guy of the duo I decided then to make a Dark Avenger. Not only the class looked appealing since the guide described it as a tank who could solo well and do decent damage but I thought I could help out my friend when we got to the higher levels.

Well, unfortunately (or not) I found out that was not exactly the case. As I was duoing with my friend I found that he could kill anything before I could even reach it! At the time we were already in a nice clan, so I commented about my duo woes to them. Their reply was something alongย  the lines of “Uh… No, actually Spell Howlers can solo pretty well at higher levels.” That was the last straw. So I deleted Baldric and made my dwarf alt, GoldheartXV, into my main. Yes, that is not a typo. I will get into the name difference in a bit.

My reasoning for that choice was that since dwarves were the only ones who could craft gear, soulshots and spiritshots, that I would be useful to the clan by making those items. Turns out that the crafting in Lineage 2 sucks. Badly. The type that should be burned to the ground and the ashes thrown to the four winds so it can never return to life. *ah-hem* Sorry about that. I just dislike the crafting in Lineage 2.

Oh, to make matters worse, dwarves were the most gimped race in the game. They had the HP and DPS of a tank class but the defense of a DPS class. That meant a lot of time to kill anything with even more time sitting to recover HP and MP. Fortunately those days are mostly in the past. Nowadays they are much better.

Anyway, eventually I got fed up with the game. I gave all my stuff to my clannies, deleted all my characters and /ragequit. My plan with that was to never return to the game. I guess I have a penchant for masochism though as not only did I return to Lineage 2 months later but I also made another dwarf to be my main. This time it would be GoldheartXVI in memory of the, now gone, GoldheartXV.

GoldheartXVI went much farther in the game than her predecessor. She still didn’t have much luck with money though since I am terrible at making money in any game. All the issues that drove me away from the game the first time were obviously still there too so I eventually left again.

Yet as the years passed by I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I somehow “failed”. I never got GoldheartXVI to “A grade” which was pretty much the point you could say you achieved anything in Lineage 2 back in those days. From time to time I would find myself entertaining the thought of playing again just to try that, to finish things off so I could have some sense of “closure” with the character. I never did it because by then I had largely moved on to other games that changed my tastes in a lot of ways.

When the Goddess of Destruction update came to Lineage 2, together with the switch to Free to Play, I started to think more seriously about playing the game again. I poked my head a little in the game but still wasn’t convinced it was a good idea. The turning point was when my friend, that one from the the beginning of the story, sent me an e-mail asking if I was interested in playing it again. I said “yes”, finally returned to the game, other clannies started to return too and the rest, as they say, is history. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rakuno – Everquest 2

When I did the trial for Everquest 2 I tested many races and classes. Just to see if I liked the game as well as to decide on what kind of character I wanted to play. I liked the game enough to buy the box and subscribe. However the only thing I was certain of is thatย  I wanted my tradeskill to be “carpenter” just so I could make my own house furniture. This made the choice of a class a bit tricky. In my mind most classes had a strong association with certain tradeskills. Except for monks. Of all the classes I tested monks were the ones that could go with pretty much any tradeskill. That settled the class choice for me.

The race choice was easier. I love the ratongas. They are just that cool. Although there were other reasons for choosing that specific race. Since I like oddball combinations a ratonga monk just seemed perfect! It also helped that ratongas are among the few races where the males don’t look stupid with the newbie gi (or variants thereof).

In practice, I played my arasai shadow knight, Ramalis, a lot more than I ever did Rakuno. I will always consider the ratonga as my “real” persona in Everquest 2 though. Not only because he was created first but because he has the coolest combination of race, class and tradeskill. It just felt more natural to play him than any of my other characters too. Although that may have been just his race. Kahlef, my other ratonga, also felt pretty easy to get into. Whatever the reason, Rakuno will always be my favorite character ever. Which is pretty much the reason I decided to adopt his name as well as his face to be my avatar on this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer to the Bonus Challenge: This time Ambermist gave us a bonus challenge. Basically it was to make a twitter account if we didn’t have one or follow 3 new people if they already had it.

I’ve been resisting the pressure to join social nertworks simply because I never felt it would add anything to my life. I however cannot resist a challenge (except when I can!). So I made a twitter account. You canย  find me here: @Rakuno3

Why Rakuno3 instead of just Rakuno? Well, turns out Rakuno was already taken. Ah, all these years and I thought the name Rakuno was somewhat original… /le sigh

Anyway, will I use Twitter from now on? I have no idea. We’ll see. Maybe I might give a try to Facebook or Google+ too eventually. Who knows?

4 thoughts on “Alts? I have no alts! All my characters are my main!”

  1. There’s just something about certain characters that make them hard to leave. It sounds like both of your characters, despite everything, have your attention. I think that’s pretty cool!

    We make memories with these characters; they matter to us. Thank you for the response! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I still think Rakuno is pretty original. I hadn’t heard it before.

    • Indeed. Considering the trail of characters I made throughout of my years playing MMORPGs I am surprise those two stick around so much in my mind. I guess it is because those are the two games I spent the most time with and grew the most both as a player and as a person.

      Thank you for the comment and for another challenge. Looking forward to the last one. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yeah, the name Rakuno still sounds pretty original in my mind…. But this is internet. All original names seem to be taken in a place or another.

  2. Rakuno was always your coolest EQ2 character in my opinion, but then I like Ratongas alot too.

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