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It is the end of may and among other things, this means the Newbie Blogger Initiative, aka NBI,  is coming to a close. I think this has been a much bigger success than anyone expected. We got about a hundred new blogs started this month and some amazing advice from the veterans!

Syp, the great guy who started it all, made a final list of all the new blogs and of all the advice posts that were born as part of the NBI.  You can check it here.

For anyone thinking about starting their blog now, give it a look as there is a gold mine of advice in there. Even for old hats of blogging it might be interesting as there may be one thing or two that you never considered before. If you just like to read you might also want to check the list out as I am pretty sure you will get out of it with at least a dozen new blogs to read. 🙂

I am not sure if the NBI forums will stay up after this, but if so, I suggest giving a look at it too. You can find it here. We had some fun discussions in there, some that even end up turning into advice articles by the sponsors.

Personally, this has been a humbling experience to me. I entered as a sponsor but it became clear quickly, through the sponsors advice articles, that there are way more to blogging than what I considered initially. So in retrospect I think I should have entered as a newbie. Does this means blogging is hard? No, not quite. It only goes to show how many different ways people can talk about their favorite hobbies. And that is what makes blogs so fun, to write and to read. 🙂

I will be trying to take every advice to heart as I love this blog, I love the people who take their time to read my ramblings and I want to make it even better so we can all enjoy it even more!

I also have now a lot more blogs to read every day thanks to this initiative and got to talk with some great people either though the NBI forums or through the comments both here and in their blogs. 🙂

To close this post, a big thank you to Syp for starting the Newbie Blog Initiative and to all those who participated on it! You guys and gals are awesome! 😀

EDIT:Ops! Just found out thatSyp asked us to also include the list of  the blogs participating! So here it goes. Oh, he also confirmed the NBI forums will stay around! *cheers*

New blogs to check out:

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