[GW2] My second beta weekend to do list!

So, by now pretty much everybody knows ArenaNet will be having a second beta test weekend soon. They also blogged about a few new things we may expect to see during this one. While I will do my best to keep an eye for bugs and see if there is any intelligent suggestion I can do to improve the game, there are a few other things I want to do as well. Here is my list:

1. Play a Norn Ranger

Being the crazy person I am, I already decided I want to have one character of each race. The problem is to choose which class to go with each. I already decided my charr will be an engineer. The others however are still pretty open to debate so I am trying to use the beta weekends to get a feel of other classes that look cool.

During the first beta weekend, I played mostly a charr warrior. The class versatility impressed me with the way each weapon felt unique. Specially because it wasn’t restricted to just melee weapons but also to ranged weapons like the rifle and the bow. This makes me wonder how rangers stand out in terms of weapon skills compared to a warrior. Specially in terms of bows since for a warrior in Guild Wars 2 it is just a valid a weapon as a sword or a mace. Considering the traditional gaming association of rangers with bows I expect the rangers to have more interesting tricks with it than warriors. But we’ll see.

As for the choice of a Norn…. Well, I already dipped my toes in the human starting area and explored all the charr starting area (except for the Ascalon Catacombs). Both areas were cool, with their own distinct feel. I am expecting the same from the Norns and look forward to what their lands look like. πŸ™‚

The only thing that may put a stop to that plan is if I get too tempted to pick up my charr from where I left and try to get enough levels to do the Ascalon Catacombs. Even more so because Valerian of commentarilies made a pretty intersting post about his adventures through it. Just reading it makes me drool imagining what kind of challenges we can face running it. This is something I can probably wait until the game releas though.

2. Test crafting

There was so much I wanted to do and see during the first beta weekend that by the time I remembered to check this part there just wasn’t much time to do it. So for the next one I will try to buy the gathering tools as fast as possible and learn a couple of crafting professions to see how it all works. I know pretty much nothing about it so far and I want to see how deep (or not) the crafting is on Guild Wars 2.

3. Take more screenshots

I am terrible at taking screenshots. Not only in terms of “cool factor” but in terms of actually spending theΒ  time to take a few ones. I rarely take any screenshots, usually only when it is something very special. Which is a shame because I know there are a lot of good times (and people) I forgot about because I just didn’t take the time to press the screenshot button. For a MMORPG, specially in its beta phase, it goes doubly so as it also serves as a sort of graphical history of the changes the game went through.

4. Maybe dip my toes in more World vs. World.

I am not a fan of PvP. In fact I would say I am an outright pacifist in MMORPGs as I’d rather collaborate with someone to get cool stuff done together than to trade blows with each other. It doesn’t help I am terrible at PvP to the point where it would be just a waste of time for both parties.

Despite all that there is just something that intrigues me about Guild Wars 2 World vs. World. It is probably because it is an actual type of PvP that rewards strategy and thinking over zergs and whoever has the best gear. Another reason is that it is also something I feel I might partake in if I somehow get bored of the PvE side, something that I can help with in some way despite my terrible PvP skills. They also added some new World vs. World maps for this weekend which makes me curious to see how different they are from the one available in the first beta weekend.

5. If there is something interested to write about it, do it.

This might seem a no-brainer considering that I blog. The problem is I feel like I already said the most interesting stuff on my impressions about the first beta weekend. I don’t know if there will be much more interesting things I can talk about until release. We’ll see.

If there is something I think I can make an interesting post about then I will try to make it during the weekend. This way I won’t be risking forgetting any detail, might even have enough time to double check too, and it will make it easier to break it into smaller, easier to digest posts. I would also like to put a few more screenshots in the posts. Having smaller posts should allow me more time to take care of that.


And that is my list for the next beta weekend! What is yours?

P.S.: If you still don’t have a beta weekend key, you might want to follow the Guild Wars 2 official Twitter feed @GuildWars2. They often announce contests and giveaways to get those keys. I am not sure if there will still be any for this one since it is so close. Still, wouldn’t hurt to do it and if there aren’t any, then you will know about those pretty early during the next beta weekend.

Also, for those where this will be their first beta weekend, I highly suggest this Guild Wars 2 FAQ for New Players by Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs. It has all the information you need to get started on the game. πŸ™‚

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  1. Funny, you are the first person I have ever read about to say they don’t like pvp! I am also like that but hearing all good things about this WwW has made me ponder if I should give it a try. I am still uncertain if I will, giving that I am most certain there will be legions of more skillful and wiser pvp’ers who will make nasty remarks on how poor of a player I am. All experiences so far of pvp have been negative for me but this made me think there might be some who’d actually be fun to play with. =)

    • Huh. I never thought it was uncommon. Anyway, if you are curious, I would suggest the beta weekends to give it a try. There shouldn’t be any pressure since everything will eventually be gone before release anyway. Plus the WvWvW maps are pretty huge and there is more to do on them than just stabbing other people’s faces. For example, on the map of the first one there was an event where some NPCs were under attack by mob. Which side helped them the most was the side they would end up supporting for a while in the conflict. There is probably other options depending on the map too.

    • I dislike “open world PvP” in the way you can find it in World of Warcraft, for example, with its PvP servers where people can sneak up on you and attack you everywhere. I really hate that.

      When I came to Warhammer Online, I jumped into their RvR (which is similar to WvW) and really loved it. You’re not alone and you making a mistake isn’t that bad. You’ll either be resurrected or you’ll revive at a nearby location and when you’re there, you can rethink your next steps (walk back or look for another place to fight or do something completely different like PvE).

      I’ve found that in WvW, it’s usually the “sure, tag along”-philosophy. If you’re 10 or 11 players doesn’t matter. In structured PvP, it does matter because instead of you, the bad player (general “you”, I’m not saying you are a bad player! ^^), they could have taken a better player instead, which means that you can be a liability.

      It’s not hard to guess which kind of PvP I prefer… πŸ˜‰ Although I’ve had lots of fun with both kinds in GW2 when I did try it out (I spent more time in Lion’s Arch than anywhere else).

      • Yeah, I don’t like open world PvP for the same reasons. I like the idea of the WvWvW of Guild Wars 2 as it gives me a choice of when to jump onto it and I don’t feel like there is so much responsibility on my shoulders. That kind of responsibility is why I am not going into tired PvP in Guild Wars 2 as well. Better leave it to those who love it and have some actual PvP skills. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello, hello! Long time no see! I took a BIG break away from gaming to do a bunch of other stuff. I only popped into Free Realms every now and again, and that was mostly it. I still have my SOE all access pass, so I was never technically gone, but I guess that’s just a technicality!

    I’ve been looking forward to Guild Wars 2 since they first started talking about it, but now that it’s getting really close to being released, I should think about getting my pre-order in. My character in Guild Wars 1 is a human ranger and is really fun, but I don’t know how rangers compare between Guild Wars 1 and 2. The GW2 game sounds great so far! I also like how it won’t have a subscription fee after buying the game.

    I guess I’m back into gaming for real now since I finally decided to try out The Old Republic this week. The storyline is pretty fun so far, and I’ve remade Sabine as a Sith Assassin there! I made her the race that has those little horns on their heads. Can’t remember what they are called. All she is still missing now is her tail. πŸ™‚ She got her first starship last night!

    • Hello! I missed you! *ratonga hugs since it is been too long*

      Glad to see you back. πŸ™‚

      And yes, Guild Wars 2 is excellent so far! I guess there won’t be *too* much similarity between rangers in Guild Wars 1 and 2 besides them both having pets. But we’ll see!

      Nice about SWTOR. I don’t remember the name of the race either but the storylines on the Sith side can be pretty interesting (not so much in the republic side in my opinion). Also getting a starship for the first time can be a pretty exciting moment too! Now if only we could freely decorate them or choose different styles of ships… /sigh

      • /pounce hugs the ratonga!

        I love having the pet in Guild Wars 1. It’s so cute! I think the more hardcore GW1 players get upset if rangers use the pet spec in groups, but since I’ve been doing everything solo to this point, I haven’t cared what they think about it. πŸ™‚

        I’ll probably make a Republic character next after going through the current storyline. Sabine’s going to end up being light side Sith though because she’s just too nice to do some of the really mean stuff. She still gets along pretty well with her companion, Khem Val though. She tells him he reminds her of one of her cousins.

        Bioware isn’t all that great in general when it comes to stuff like housing and decorations. Like in Baldur’s Gate 2, you get a stronghold, but you really can’t customize that either. If Bioware’s story and character capabilities could be fused together with Bethsoft’s sandbox RPG strengths, it could possibly be the perfect game.

        SOE’s Clone Wars (also Star Wars based) does have housing and house decorating though as it’s using the Free Realms engine. I’ve been playing that a bit too since it’s really casual like Free Realms. I’ve been having more fun trying on the various clothing sets there though. πŸ™‚

        • Really? That is interesting because my secondary class of my character in Guild Wars 1 (I will play it some day! I swear!) is ranger and I was thinking of relying on the pet a lot to help kill stuff. On the other hand I will most likely go solo too since I probably won’t be playing it very actively. And I don’t want to join in a guild there if I am just going to be a tourist.

          Yeah, I can’t see Sabine being as ruthlessly evil as most Sith are. But I guess that might make for some unique storyline. Hm. I am afraid I don’t know who Khem Val is. I didn’t spend much time in the Sith side, unfortunately, when I gave the game a try. On the other hand I didn’t spend that much time on the Republic side either since I left so fast…

          Good point. And I am not sure if it would mix too well. Bioware’s story works mostly due to being mostly linear. While Bethesda’s games are fun exactly because you can ignore the story and go do something else if you so desire.

          *nods* I knew SOE’s Clone Wars used the same engine as FreeRealms but didn’t imagine they also had the housing part. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. The problem is I am boycotting SOE games due in protest against the ProSiebenSat deal. Here is my post about it:


          The situation changed slightly since then but not for the better I am afraid.

          So I have been playing LotRO and Aion to try to get my housing fix. Unfortunately I have yet to get to the point of getting a house in both of them. Been busy in Lineage 2 and doing the Spring Festival stuff in LotRO. /le sigh

          • That whole ProSieben thing sucks! I’ve been on the year all access pass and also have a lifetime membership to Free Realms, so I don’t know that boycotting would have been very effective in my case. I do have two characters on the Euro servers though…or I did. Not sure if they are still there now or not.

            Khem Val is the first companion you get if you are of the Sith Inquisitor classes. He’s a tank type and looks like some giant muscle beast with long sharp teeth. No fur though. He likes to “devour” his enemies and loves anything to do with going into battle so that he can be “fed”. He doesn’t always like Sabine’s light side choices, but he does seem to highly appreciate her dragging him regularly into fights.

            I made my own one-person guild in GW1 so that I could get guild benefits, but not annoy the “real” guilds with my ultra-tourist behavior. I think you can change your specs as much as you want when in towns, so even if you do group, you could change it to a non-pet spec if needed, and then change it back to what you want when the group is done.

          • Yeah, it does. Boycotting indeed would probably not do much in your case. But you should still be able to access the european servers and the europeans should be able to still use the USA servers as it is now. The only thing that changed is now that europeans (or anyone who is around there) will have to make an account with ProSiebenSat and use their launcher whether they like or not. Also europeans won’t be able to renew their all access pass subscription because now it is a “promotion” not another subscription offer. So if they want to play EQ1 and Vanguard (which aren’t part of the deal yet) and another game that is part of the deal, they will have to pay extra. And ProSiebenSat supposedly will have their own version of it for the games that are part of the deal. Some day.

            So yeah, things changed slightly but not for the better.

            Ah, Khem Val is that guy! Pangaea would often refer to him as a pet during the beta which would always drive Toade crazy. XD

            Hm. We can do a one-person guild in Guild Wars 1? Interesting. I might have to check that out. But wouldn’t we still need another person to invite alts to the guild? And yes, on Guild Wars 1 you can change specs any time you are in town. Good point though!

          • I’m going to respond to this one in a new comment because the comment reply boxes are getting too narrow for this particular thread. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m be jumping on this weekend also, more to get a general feel than anything else. I don’t want to spend all weekend playing however as I’d like to be able to start the game with a bit of wonder still left, not knowing exactly what it’s all about :).

    • That’s been more or less my attitude too. The first beta weekend I was more worried about getting the basics of combat and getting things done in-game. Since it is slightly different (in a good way!) to the usual MMORPGs it took some getting used to.

      Now I want to spend more time exploring other facets of the game and trying other classes I am curious about. The personal stories however I know I will have to leave for after the game is released. I don’t want to get attached to the beta characters nor get spoiled if I decide to go with the same choices during character creation.

  4. Big Hi to Rakuno and Rebecca !
    I was looking forward to GW2 at one point, but right now things have been kinda stressful and hectic, hardly playing any games at all at the moment. (unless you call shopping for a house a game). Work and health hasn’t been the best either, but i do hope to find a MMORPG to play again some time, I miss all my friends from games. About all i do lately is occasionally blow stuff up in World of Tanks, (if I’m not blown up first)

    • Ouch! Sorry to hear about that Zefariath! Hope things get better there and you can find a new house soon!

      I heard about World of Tanks but haven’t really tried it. Just doesn’t seem like my cup of tea.

    • ZEF!

      /sneaks in a big ratonga hug for Dyfed

      Shopping for a house definitely takes up a good bit of time and energy, so it’s no wonder that you’re stressed. I’ve had similar issues and games can then be pretty far down the list at those times.

      I think Guild Wars 2 will be really nice since you just buy the game once, and then since there is no subscription fee, you can come and go as life allows without worrying that you’ve wasted money on something you aren’t playing enough. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a huge grind so far either.

      I love games where you can just blow stuff up during super stressful periods. Had a pretty good stint in Modern Warfare 2 single player a while back. πŸ™‚

  5. I know I for one am going to focus almost all my energy on PvP this time around. I got to level 33 during the last BWE and I don’t want to wear out too much of the content before the game actually launches! I had a lot of fun with the PvP in WoW back in the day so I’m interested to see how the Guild Wars vibe shifts everything around.

    I think you’ve definitely got the right idea on what to focus your time on. The crafting system is crazy. You could spend the whole BWE on just that and you’ll only have scratched the surface. Good luck on your adventures. I’m always interested to see what everyone else’s views are on the GW2 universe.

    • Hm. The brief glance I got from the crafting during the last beta weekend gave me the impression of it being a much simpler system. But if it has that amount of depth than I am looking forward to give it some serious testing!

      And thank you. Good luck on your PvP adventures too! πŸ™‚

  6. I’m not sure if you need another person in your guild to invite an alt in GW1 since I only have the one ranger character and haven’t added any others as of yet. I’ve been wanting to get through the story on the one character and it’s taking forever since I don’t play that often. But you only need one character to make a guild.

    Are Pangaea and the others still playing TOR? If I ever run into them there, I’ll have to remember to call my companion a pet just for Toade. I made Sabine on a RP server called Lord A-something. πŸ™‚

    That really sucks that the all access pass was taken from them over on the Euro servers. I would be livid! What a disaster.

    • Hmm… Guess I will look at that when I play Guild Wars 1 then.

      I believe they are. I am not sure since I only played for like a week after the launch and then left. I don’t remember what server we were playing on either! I am pretty sure it wasn’t Lord A-something. It was another roleplaying server though, I think.

      Agreed. The way SOE is handling the whole situation has been abysmal to say the least. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem anything we can do anymore and things will go through as it is whether players like it or not.

      As for the comment boxes becoming narrower…. I need to look into the blog’s theme. Again. I will see if I can do it after the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is over.

    • We were on the Ebon Hawk Server. Kiddo wants us to renew our subscriptions for the summer, so we might be around some in the daytime. He & I also have baby Sith characters on Lord Ieldis. I am, as always, a Tish~. πŸ™‚

      • Tish!!!

        I saw the Ebon Hawk server and thought about picking that one, but I didn’t have a clue about any of the servers, so I just picked whatever was the most populated RP server at the time. The Lord A— server (wish I could remember the name) seems good so far. I’ve gone past several spontaneous RP sessions going on in various places. I’ve just been playing the lone wolf so far though. Haven’t really had the energy to RP much lately anyway!

        • Apparently the Ebon Hawk is a ship that has some significance in some other Star Wars game. Knights of the Old Republic, maybe? I saw Vermilion online today!

          • Believe so. It has been a while since I played Knights of the Old Republic. And if you see Vermilion again (or any of the other usual suspects) say “Hi!” for me, please. πŸ™‚

          • Please say hello to her (them) from me, too!

            I still haven’t played KOTOR1 or 2. I’ve been meaning to and wanting to, but never did.

          • Well, it looks like I’ll be on the Ebon Hawk server very soon myself as I just saw on the forums that Ebon Hawk is a destination server for Lord Adraas for the transfers that started yesterday. Please let me know if you have a guild or a chat or anything set up over there!

          • I don’t know if Tish will still check these comments since it is like…. 3 posts down by now. But I will send her an e-mail about it. And we really need to setup a better way to keep in touch for things like this. Blogs comments can be a little tricky for this kind of discussion. @_@

          • Very true! Maybe a Guildportal site would work. I’m definitely on Ebon Hawk now. Right after I posted, I went to my account page to see if I could start the transfer without being in game and I did, and it went through and completed in less than a minute. I’m home now and tried to /who for Tish or Verm, but didn’t get any results. Not sure if Verm is using that name though. In any case, I’m here as Sabine’rak.

  7. Ok. Making a new comment to reply to Rebecca because those ones were getting too narrow….

    Yeah. That was kind of the suggestion I made to Tish in the e-mail, to make a forum just so we can just keep up with what each other are playing. We’ll see if she can get a hold of the rest of the gang to throw that idea at them.

    Nice. Though you probably won’t find Tish online unless it is on the weekends or mornings since that is usually when she can play. Vermilion I know she played with that name during the beta but I am not sure if that was the name she used after release. Also our characters in the Ebon Hawk were on the Republic side though I don’t know if they still play them or if they switched completely to the Empire side. I also don’t remember if you can have characters of both sides in the same server. @_@

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