[Skyrim] Adventures with mods!

Fus Mod Dah!

Since other people in the blogosphere have been playing Skyrim recently it seemed like it was a good idea of make a page with the mods I use. This way if anyone asks for which mod are good or what mods I use I can just point to it. It should be a lot more practical for both sides. Right now it is pretty raw, pretty much a draft still. I intent to improve on it in time by adding some screenshots/thumbnails/something-like-that and a better table of contents to make navigation easier. Eventually I intent to add pages for other games mods too like Oblivion and Morrowind. The first because I have yet to finish the main storyline on it and the second because Rebecca of a.Girl.IRL has been really tempting me to play it again. I will get to those as soon as I go back to playing them. Whenever that may be. *clears throat* Anyway, for now here is my Skyrim list of mods!

In related news I’ve been playing Dawnguard lately and dabbling in the Creation Kit. So if it seems like I dropped of the internet, has been slower than usual or oblivious to any big news that is why. I am pretty much done with Dawnguard now on the vampire hunter side of things but still need to remake my vampire character to try the vampire side of the story. The vampire however will have to wait until I make her a secret lair with all the amenities I want. And that depends if I can submit the Creation Kit to my will. So far it is winning!

In unrelated news, it seems like I missed the one year anniversary of this blog! It has been created on July 25 of last year. Where did time go?!?

Unfortunately it also means I didn’t prepare anything special to celebrate it. Perhaps next year.

Aaand that should be all for now. Back to the Creation Kit for me!

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  1. A page of mods…what a great idea! I might have to do something like that! Especially since I don’t always remember where they came from myself after a certain amount of time passes. It could help me as much as it might help anyone else.

    I’m horrible at remembering dates. I usually have a general idea of the month, but remembering the specific day is often hopeless for me. Even with family. With that said, I have no idea when I started my blog…I just know it happened sometime during the first part of the year…whatever year that was. 🙂

    • I must admit that is another reason I made the page. Usually I just keep a backup of the mods I use in my HD but that takes a lot of space so if I decide to nuke down that folder it will help to have that list.

      I am terrible at remembering dates too. Heck, usually I just remember there is a holiday coming either because the news mention people traveling (thus the situation on the roads) or because of all the commercials telling us to buy gifts. More than that and I probably would need to write it on my forehead to not forget.

      As for my blog I just know the day I made it because I cheated and looked at the first post. So I know exactly how old this blog is!

  2. great list of mods, am looking forward to trying some out 🙂 thanks for posting. When I get time, I’ll post up a list of mods I use too 🙂

    I haven’t bought the DLC pack yet, I will buy it but I might wait until the autumn when things will be a bit quieter 🙂

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