[Guild Wars 2] My launch plans

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Kinda hard to believe in just one week it will be Guild Wars 2 headstart. In case anyone is interested on this, here are my plans for launch.

I will be playing on the Tarnished Coast server. Apparently that is the unnoficial roleplay server for the US region. Since my friends prefer roleplaying servers that seems to be the best option for all of us.

To start off I will just make two characters, a charr engineer and an asura thief. Or maybe asura warrior. No too sure about the asura yet. Most likely a thief since they way they move just seems perfect for a thief. 🙂

I might make a mini update here with the name of the characters after they are created or just do it on Twitter. We’ll see.

As for guilds, no hard plans yet for that. I am expecting one of my friends will just step up and make one, as they usually do. Brazokie was also throwing around the idea of making a NBI guild in the comments of this post. If that happens I would be joining her there too. I will most likely be making my own one-man guild, as I always do, just to play around with the guild system and if there is ever a guild hall so I can be a tyrant and decorate it the way I want without having to worry about others. :p

I think that is it for me. What are your plans for launch? 🙂

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  1. Whee, I am looking forward to launch, I only pre-ordered the collectors edition from Amazon,. so while i have already got the app installed. I’ve thought about buying it for friends just to get them to try it.

    Glad you said what server you are playing on, I would have by default picked a us RP server, based on previous choices, Hmm maybe I should sub for a month into SWTOR and see if anyone there is planning to play Guild Wars 2.

    I’ve been messing around in Guild Wars, I finally left the starter zone in Prophecies, with 1 character !

    Unfortunately don’t have vacation time to take days off, whether or not I get the headstart.

    For Characters, hmm well there will be a Zefariath for sure 🙂 and a bunch of other familiar names.
    a human, probably Guardian. So, look for
    Name Race Class
    Zefariath Human Guardian
    Stephanos, Human Elementalist
    Kitsune / Dyfed ? Ranger … I think .. there are no dedicated healer classes as far as I can see, and ranger in GW has been pretty fun so far.
    Jerlac ? Thief
    ? ? Engineer, this looks like an interesting class…

    Reading through the races, I think besides human the only others I might try are Syvari and Charr, but not sure on either of those. I may end up with an all human cast.

    • I’m starting out human as well! (Or in Sabine’s case, a guise of humanity 🙂 ) I know I will ultimately have at least one of every race though.

      I really need to log onto SWTOR and get some stuff done there, and see how the others are doing. I’ve just been so caught up playing Morrowind and Fallout 3 the past few days that I just haven’t had the time even though I’ve been wanting to play. Just not as much as I’ve wanted to play the other games.

      I’m not taking vacation for headstart either, but I do tend to have weekends free anyway. I’m planning to play fairly casually since I don’t want to completely stop playing my other games.

      Hopefully the others will all join us. One thing that’s nice about GW2 is that since it’s non-subscription, you don’t have actually quit any other games to play it if you are limiting game subscriptions.

      This is going to be bunches of fun!

      • I think I might be the only one among us where human will be the last character to be created. And that will be after creating one character for each race too!

        I am hoping for the others to join us as well. The only reason I haven’t been more direct about it until now is because I don’t want to be that annoying guy that raves about the game nobody is interested in and keep asking them if they are going to play it too. So I have been trying to be more subtle among our friends or at least a lot more indirect.

        And yes, not having a required subscription for Guild Wars 2 makes everything a lot easier. Otherwise I would be in a bit more of a complicate situation.

        Can’t wait for all of us to be in another game together. 😀

  2. Me and my friends decided on the Sanctum of Rall server. I really like the story behind the name, and feel like it might help grow a nice community there. I’m really not interested on going all crazy hardcore on GW2, so I feel that having a major community that is very casual friendly can be a good influence.

    • I heard about the Sanctum of Rall history and it is indeed a good one and a good homage to someone who deserved it.

      I am not intending on going hardcore on Guild Wars 2 either. If anything I am planning to level slowly, taking my time to smell the flowers and explore every little nook and corner. I think Guild Wars 2 might be the best game for that kind of gameplay and I agree that having a community that fosters that helps immensely!

  3. Same server, Tarnished Coast, but I will create a sylvari ranger, toon name reserved at GW1. Played too many guardians at beta weekends, so it will be a ranger and not a guardian. Sylvari for sure, but asura is my second option.

    After create my first toon and advance some levels, I will try find a PvE guild for join. I really not interested at PvP.

    • *nods* Those are some pretty interesting choices.

      I am not really interested in PvP either and will spend most of my time on PvE. However I am thinking of poking my head on WvWvW from time to time just for a change of pace. 🙂

  4. Yeah. I was expecting you and the others to just pick up a roleplaying server. I still asked Sabine’rak’s opinion on the subject though, just to be on the safe side and her preference was pretty much that. Since there isn’t any official roleplaying server though, we’ll have to settle for an unofficial one. 🙂

    Right now, the only ones who confirmed that they will be playing are you, Sabine’rak and Sychel. Toade showed some interested on it but due to personal issues it seems he won’t be able to buy GW2 for now. If you find out who else is playing, please, let me know. Although I guess I should just ask Sychel or Tisheriona if they know who else is interested on playing since they are still active on SWTOR.

    And I still need to play GW1 too! If nothing else for the lore and the Hall of Monuments. Seems like there is an event going right now there to celebrate the imminent release of GW2 as well. So need to check that out too.

    Even if you don’t have vacation time will you have to work during the weekends? If not then there is at least two days of the headstart that you will be able to enjoy (Saturday and Sunday).

    I will keep an eye open for your characters. 🙂

    And yes, there is no dedicated healer or tank. I guess you could say all classes are hybrids and roles are more dependent on the particular fight than anything else. Oh, I would recommend at least giving a try to the Asura too. They are an extreme fun race. 🙂

    • As far as I can tell, no one else is planning on playing GW2, but I did tell Verm, Fred & Boslo that you were planning on it. I haven’t seen Adagia & Binck in a couple days so haven’t told them yet. I try to take care of you. 😛

        • Hmm how about a guild called The Wayfarers 🙂 or the Wayfarers Guild. Its what the folks I know tend to do, wandering around in search of adventure or just seeing the world. (Plus its a little generic so it keeps working as we end up in different games) I’ll make a guild If i figure out how to and can afford it, when i do get to start playing, (Are you going to need a minimum number of people to make one like you do in EQ2 ?

          • Sounds good to me! To make a guild all you should need to do is go to a NPC in one of the capital cities and ask him to make a guild. At least that is I had to do back in the fist Beta Weekend. No clue if they changed it since then.

          • If you create a guild at Tarnished Coast, I can join. Take note I am not native english speaker, so I don’t like to use vent (because I do’nt understand what people say and people don’t understand what I say).

          • I am not a native english speaker and don’t like ventrillo for similar reasons. I can’t guarantee the others won’t want to use ventrillo at any point but they have always been fine to compromise and let me listen to them in ventrillo and just answer in regular in-game text chat. If that is ok with you, feel free to join us.

  5. Will GW2 allow you to have characters on different servers? If so I might consider rolling one on your server. Could be fun.

    • Unfortunately, no. All characters end up in the same server as your first created character. My guess is they are doing that to avoid people just hopping to whichever server is winning on World vs. World. vs. World (WvWvW for short) that week.

      There will be however a guesting system where a player can join a friend in another server to play together. They won’t be able to do WvWvW together, not sure about structured PvP, but all PvE content they should be able to do together as normal. This feature won’t be on during launch but ArenaNet promised that until it is implemented there will be free server transfers.

  6. I will join in on the Tarnished Coast server of course. I’m split between two professions right now, so my first character will either be a Sylvari Mesmer named Lovintar, or a elementalist I haven’t determined race for yet. I love the idea behind Mesmer, it sounds sooo exciting, but after watching videos, the elementalist has so much variety.I know I will play both eventually, but I want to stick with one character for a bit at first.

    • They are both pretty solid classes. The mesmer I didn’t like much because I just didn’t feel it suited my style. Don’t ask what it was, I can’t exactly point it out. It is certainly a powerful class and can do amazing things but it just wasn’t clicking with me.

      The elementalist on the other hand was pretty fun and I intent to make one at some point. My only annoyance with the class is how long it takes to unlock skills with all weapons and elemental attunements. Besides that it is one of the most fun mage classes I’ve played in all my years of gaming. And I am not the type who likes playing mages!

  7. As a proud member of Gaiscioch, who once rode beside Oldroar in WAR and RIFT, I will be rolling in the Sanctum of Rall.

    Join us there, man.

    • Me and my friends already settled on Tarnished Coast and I am afraid changing plans now would end up being too complicated. Still I would be honored to play with people in the Sanctum of Rall once guesting is on. 🙂

  8. So, in a last ditch effort to get some more folks I know playing, I sent out an email to friends mostly local, plus my brothers and Verm and Facilie… some you know from online, like Greg.

    So, Guild Wars 2 comes out this Weekend, well head start starts the 25th and the game is released on the 28th.


    I was wondering if anyone else is going to be playing, I’ve pre-ordered a collectors edition for myself, since I always get collectors editions 🙂

    The cool thing about the game is that you just buy it once, no monthly fees.

    If people are somewhat interested but can’t afford it I figure i could finance maybe 10 or so free (REGULAR EDITIONS, not deluxe or collectors LOL) games for folks. Ill just pre-order from amazon as a gift to your address.

    It’s not like I can find a house anyway.

    Don’t know if any of them will take me up on the offer though.

  9. To be honest, I haven’t insisted to see if anyone else will play because it is a pretty different game from the more traditional ones and I didn’t want anyone spending money on a game they haven’t played themselves. Still I hope those you have e-mailed at least consider it, if not now some time later, down the road if there is a free trial or something similar.

    Also, I don’t know if you are one of the kindest person ever, the craziest or both to make an offer like that even if it is for family and friends.

    • Well, its not the first time I’ve bought people games to try to get them going, done it with vanguard for at least one person, and at least for a couple of people for Everquest 2. It’s always more fun to play a game with friends, old AND new. I think here, with the no monthly fee, there is a bit more hope, who knows, I may not even like the game, although I am starting to get into the original Guild Wars. Been searching for a collectors edition of prophecies (cause I like having the extra stuff) but they are impossible to find.

      • True, true. Well, hopefully some of them will get interested enough at least because you are going to try it too.

        And yea, I suppose there aren’t any people willing to sell their collector’s edition of Prophecies at this point. If there is they would probably ask a small fortune for it.

  10. My internet’s been out and the cable company has been working on it. It’s back for the moment though! Anyway, Celesteral has informed me that she has purchased Guild Wars 2. 🙂

    I just hope my internet problems are fully resolved before the 25th!

    • Ack! I was wondering why I haven’t seem you on steam lately. I guess it gets fixed before the 25th too!

      And yay for Celesteral playing Guild Wars 2! I didn’t get to know her much when we were playing EQ2 so maybe this might be a good opportunity to rectify that. 🙂

  11. 🙂 that made me think of my first game Asheron’s Call 2, and the fluff instruments they had, people would stand around and play music, I think there were 4 different options, /music1 etc. and of course each instrument had its own sound. The game itself had pretty neat dynamic music, rather than fixed soundtracks for different areas, the music was combined from different themes ,,, i don’t remember the exact details now.

  12. Ohhh I’ve yet to choose a server, but it will probably be Desolation on EU if there’s room.
    Too bad you’re on US side, hmpf!! 🙂

    • Yeah, at times like this I wish time zone and physical location constraints weren’t an issue. /sigh

      Oh, well, at least I think we should still be able to group up from time to time through guesting, no?

  13. High Hopes ! (I broke down and bought a second (digital deluxe copy – Collector’s editions are out of stock, and I realized I didn’t need a second copy of soundtrack / statue etc) so i can run 2 accounts at once. (I’m sure it will come in handy, like it did in vanguard and EQ 2) This is a big gamble. 🙂

    Well I can always give username and password to a friend to use. I doubt I will be able to use both at once on one computer. May have to move second computer back into bedroom, or build a new Faster machine.

    I still am running a Core 2 Duo E8600 Wolfdale 3.33GHz Dual-Core CPU (bought in 2008) at home, even if it has ssd drives and a decent Radeon HD 6970 2GB Video Card (bought in 2010). At least the specs are within the range for this one for the game !

    My other computer has a slower 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, and a Radeon HD 4870 512MB Video Card. I gave away a third computer at Xmas, so all i have are those 2, plus my Xoom Wifi Tablet.

    • Hm. You should be able to run at least one client without an issue. Two, I really don’t know, haven’t tried since I only have one account plus I think my current computer is slightly newer than yours, at least CPU wise. VGA wise yours beats mine in terms of VRAM (mine has only 1GB VRAM)

  14. @João Carlos

    I sent you a whisper last night and earlier today but got no answer. Try to whisper me instead. You can find me as Kahlef, Rakuno or you can just add Kahlef.7954

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