Starting to monkey with the blog again

This blog has been in need of a revamp for a very long time. Not only it is about time I tried to give this blog a more unique, interesting look, for those who take the time to visit it, but also because since the New Blogger Initiative my blogroll pretty much exploded in size. What can I say? Participating on that exposed me to a lot of great gaming blogs I wasn’t aware of because I was just stuck on my little corner of the internet. And I am pretty sure it will continue to grow as I find more great blogs to read.

Due to these circumstances I am finally stopping to procrastinate and actually doing something about it. The first step was breaking the blogroll into categories. It is still not perfect and I am still thinking if there isn’t a better way to do it. For now it should make it easier for readers to find the blogs that interest them. If you are the author of one of them and feel like your blog has been put into the wrong category, please let me know and I will correct it immediately. If most people don’t like it then I will just go back to the old blogroll. Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better it would be much appreciated!

Next step should be to work on the blog’s theme. Well, or at least that is what I intent to do whenever I can decide anything about it. I am just… too indecisive. Anyway, if you return here some day and it looks like the blog suffered a time traveling accident and it looks like it went back to 1999 then you will know what happened!

2 thoughts on “Starting to monkey with the blog again”

  1. Ohhh blog revamps, so much fun 🙂
    I always contemplated different blogrolls by theme, but in the end I was never happy with that as a solution. I just read too many bloggers that are cross-over these days. so all in one pot it is for me!

    • I am not entirely sure that isthe best solution either but it was really bugging me how some great more specialized blogs were getting kinda lost in the middle of my ever increasing blog roll. So I giving this a try to hopefully make things better for everyone involved.

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