[Guild Wars 2] The big ding!

Kahlef taking a much needed nap
Now that I am 80 I can sleep all day, right?

So, yesterday I finally got Kahlef to level 80. I also got him to 400 leatherworker so I guess it is two big dings atย  about the same time.

I admit I was pretty slow at leveling him as I took a few breaks from the game here and there or just went to play some alts. Regardless of the time I am pretty happy for getting to this point. Still I feel likeย  there is still a ton of things to do with him. To begin with, I only have 45% of the map explored with him. Heck, I haven’t even reached Orr itself yet. The closest I got was its neighboring zone, the Straits of Devastation. If Orr is anything likeย  that it will be both awesome and scary as hell at the same time. So, seeing Orr and getting World Map completion with Kahlef is one of my biggest goals right now. Another major goal with him is getting level 400 with his other crafting skill which is Huntsman. But I will get to those as I feel in the mood for it.

My other goals, in no specific order are:

Short term goals:

  • Raising all crafting skills to 400 (each alt has two, so I got all crafting skills covered)
  • Get Casimir to level 30 and finish his personal story that deals with the different orders so I can unlock the vigil banner

Medium to long range goals:

  • Get 100% map completion
  • Complete all the dungeons in story and explorable mode
  • Level up all my characters to 80
  • Finish all the personal stories
  • Get more character slots/bank slots/inventory slots. Preferably by buying the gems with in-game gold
  • Get all the minis. Gotta have ’em all!
  • Get all the tameable pets for Casimir
  • Get the commander book. Because I can.
  • Complete all the jumping puzzles* Something else I forgot right now

Things I am dreaming about but can live without

  • Get all dyes
  • Get all the legendary weapons (or at least one!)
  • Something else I am forgetting

At the rate I am going it might take me about 60 years to complete this list. I might not even complete half of it before then! But you know what? It doesn’t really matter to me. Achieving stuff in MMORPGs is cool, and I can even feel regret about not achieving a few things in certain MMOs. But ultimately the journey is what matters to me. As long as I can have some good memories along that journey my time with the game will be worthwhile. And I already had many with Guild Wars 2. So let this ding to 80 to be just another step to many more great memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Congratulations! *offers a flask of ale and a hairy Norn*

    The Straights of Devastation zone is just the beginning of Orr, but included in it (or that is how people keep explaining it in /m). I did a lot of running in each zone, didn’t have time to kill every mob in my way and I had a lot of deaths because Cel’s gear was terrible and she started the zone earlier than she should have. My frequent afk’s didn’t help either. >.>

    Many of your goals are the same as mine ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! *takes the flask of ale and sens the hairy Norn back to Celesteral’s house*

      Yeah. I figured Straights of Devastation were just the beginning and technically part of Orr. But since it seems to have still another zone to go I didn’t count it as being Orr itself. If that makes any sense….

      I just have been avoiding trying to run through it because with my lack of direction sense I would eventually run into a wall with a bunch of hungry risen on my back. Or end up accidentally training some innocent human being. So I am trying to go slowly, but surely to try to get a somewhat good grasp of the land. Also I am trying to stop by any event I can do since I really need that karma. >_>

      Aye, I think a lot of people share those goals. Still it is is nice to have it in a formal list so we can just strike through it as we achieve them. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • No, no. I am pretty sure it was a gift way too expensive. You can keep it. I also assume you would have a better use for him/her/it/whatever.

          True! If you need a partner for Orr, or thereabouts, let me know! I am still not very knowledgeable about the area but at least I can help people getting good at resurrecting dead charrs! I mean, I can at last try to help kill risen and make our way through the land!

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