[Guild Wars 2] Kahlef dressed as the Mad Charr Doctor!

Kahlef dressed as a mad doctor

And right at the last minute I complete this month’s challenge from Ambermist, author extraordinaire of Tastes Like Battlechicken. As you can probably guess this month’s challenge is what kind of costume your character would wear for Halloween!

With Kahlef, pictured above, I tried to go for some mad doctor type-thing. But since the screenshot (or my choices of outfit) didn’t turn out so great, here is a bit more about the idea behind it:

A long time ago, there was a charr of the Iron Legion whose job was to fix up all the soldiers that got wounded in battle. He was so good at it that soldiers could go back to battle in a very short amount of time. Of course, that also made him the first choice to send the injured soldiers to whenever it was possible. Since a life of charr soldier is always a busy, dangerous one, that meant the good doctor was always busy healing someone.

One day he started to think “Why should I keep healing soldiers if they are only going to get hurt again and just end up here one more time? Why shouldn’t I just go one step further and make them better so they don’t get hurt so much?”. With those thoughts he began working. At first it was just small things, just some small metal bit here and there under the skin. Things that his patients would only notice because of the strange pains they felt, despite the doctor guarantees that they were fine and had not to worry about. Soon enough though he started to experiment more substituting limbs with entire mechanical creations (that didn’t work) or body fluids with his own alchemical creations that killed his patients. It didn’t took long for the powers-to-be in the Black Citadel to find out about those experiments. However when they did, it was already too late. The mad doctor had run away to never be captured. They say that to this day he is somewhere in the lower levels in the Black Citadel, hiding in forgotten places. The doctor stalks those places trying to capture any charr that dares to venture there… or even non-charrs. Pretty much any living thing that he can capture will be dragged back to his lab where he will “improve” on the subject. Some times the grotesque corpses of his failed experiments can be found in the poorest parts of the Black Citadel. Some times it is even hard to know what it used to be. But some times his experiments succeeds…. and if you walk around alone in the night you may see the Mad Doctor running with his new creation looking for more victims to experiment on.
And that is it for now. For everyone that celebrates it, I hope you are having a great Candy Day! For those who don’t, I hope you have a great Wednesday, with or without candy!

6 thoughts on “[Guild Wars 2] Kahlef dressed as the Mad Charr Doctor!”

    • Thank you! 🙂

      And I am amazed that you can recognize the colors just by looking at them. Me? I have to look at the color names in the dying window.

      Oh, by the way, I got a pointy wizard hat from the “Mad King Says” event in Lion’s Arch. Now I just need to find town cloth that looks like robes and I can have my charr gandalf! Although I might just go for it next year since Halloween is over already.

  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t commented on this yet. I LOVE it. And I /bow to your screenshot skills; that’s perfect.

    • Thank you! And my screenshot skills aren’t that good. This was just one of those times they didn’t try to sabotage my efforts. 🙂

  2. This is great! (sorry I’m late on commenting) It’s yet another reason for Cel to avoid that city like the plague…creepy hiding doctor!!! Eeek!

    • Thanks! And if it makes you feel better about the Black Citadel then don’t worry about the doctor. He doesn’t exist (yet!). It is just something I made up because I couldn’t come up with a better costume for this challenge. Next year though I might have something that feels more like an actual costume!

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