[Guild Wars 1 and 2] Giveaway at Nerdy Bookahs

The fine folks at Nerdy Bookahs decided to do something really special for this Christmas season. If you are one of the people who just got into Guild Wars 1 and are trying to get those 30 Hall of Monument points they will be giving away a bunch of stuff that will help out with that.

For those don’t care about it or just want some Guild Wars 2 stuff they will be giving away cool stuff for it too, like mini pets, rare dyes, among other things. 🙂

For more information, including a list of the all the cool people who donate items for the give away, you can find the announcement post here.

And for the first giveaway just click this link! Good luck to everyone participating and many thanks for the folks at Nerdy Bookahs as well as all the contributors. 🙂

2 thoughts on “[Guild Wars 1 and 2] Giveaway at Nerdy Bookahs”

    • No problem. It is not the first time they do a giveaway. But given the circumstances and timing of this one I thought it might be a good idea to spread the word around so more people can participate on it. 🙂

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