[Guild Wars 2] Random Thought: What would happen if…

… the elder dragons won?

Let’s assume that the elder dragons were actually unbeatable by any “lesser beings” and end up destroying everything in their path. So, what would happen? Would they then try to fight each other until there was only one? Or would they just shake hands, pat each other on the back, say “Good work!” and then go back to sleep?

If I recall my lore correctly, there are evidences they already destroyed the world once (or came close to it). So I am guessing it would be the second option. But it certainly would be interesting if they were all competing for territory/food/whatever their motive is. It would be even more cool if we could actually take a seat and see some of them fighting each other!

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  1. I have no idea what elder dragons are, but I like dragons, so dragons are always win for me!

    ‘Nice’ indeed doesn’t seem to be a common trait among dragons. However, what would they win by killing each other until the last one? It’s illogical, as it would just make dragons go extinct in the long run. I have the impression they are more being seen as solitary living creatures that defend their own (rather large) territory.

    Either way, I’m just a noob that can’t keep her mouth shut, I don’t know anything about GW or what you’re talking about. I just like dragons. 😉

    • Well, the Elder Dragons of Guild Wars 2 aren’t dragons in the conventional sense we know them. Think of unique god-like beings in the form of dragons and you have a pretty good picture of them.

      Another thing is very little is known about them. Where they came from, why they awakened from their slumber now, what their goal is (besides reshaping everything into their “image”, so to speak) or even if they can be really defeated. The only thing everyone agrees is: they are a threat to everyone and if they aren’t stopped then the Tyria we know we’ll be gone.

      That is what let me to speculate. Would they change consuming everything in their path after a certain point. Or would they keep going until they met an equally formidable force? Is there some sort of unknown agreement between the dragons of which parts belong to each? Or they will just fight the moment they don’t have any territory to expand into except each others?

      If you want to know more about the Guild Wars 2 Elder Dragons you can find it at the official wiki:


      In fact, I just stopped being lazy, read it myself and found the answer. Seems like they are hostile to each other. So I guess that means the only thing stopping them from going into a more direct conflict with each other is 1) They prefer to let their minions deal with it. 2) They probably end stuffed before they end up having to expand into each other territories and just end up going to sleep.

      Still it would be very interesting if someone could come up with a plan to make two of the dragons fight each other. Although it would probably end up destroying the area to a irreversible point.

      Also, if you ever have time/money, I highly recommend to give Guild Wars 2 a try. It is a beautiful game and you would not lack good screenshots to show for it. 🙂

      • Dragons with minions… now that’s my game! Can I play a dragon and send around my minions? Pretty please?

        I have seen screenshots of outfits, and I’m so absolutely sold! The thing that stopped me initially was the amount of naked there was for girls (call me old-fashioned, a feminist, I don’t care, but I just hate that). Overall, I just really don’t have enough time to check it out, sadly enough. I’m already super busy with university as it is, and I barely have the time to blog.

        On another topic, I finally answered to your awesome reply to my Mass Effect Identity article. Thanks!

        • That would be nice but I am afraid Guild Wars 2 only let us fight against them.

          *nods* Understandable about the outfits. And yeah, I was guessing time was the issue for you right now. But oh, well. Real life first as they always say!

          To be honest I was getting afraid I was running completely off-topic with that comment as it would not be the first time it happened when I start to ramble. But if you say it is awesome I must have done something right. I will check it in a sec. 🙂

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