[Guild Wars 2] When altitis strikes…

Since I began playing MMORPGs I pretty much embraced my altitis. After all, what is the harm in having 1, 2 or a dozen more characters? They all provide different ways of experiencing the game world, after all.

With Guild Wars 2 however I was determined to limit myself to only the 5 initial character slots. It was enough to have one of each race and by playing the betas I knew which classes I really wanted to play. That worked for a while.

My slippery into altitis began innocently enough when I decided to make an unplanned character. A charr elementalist. Elementalists are fun. Charr are fun. It is a perfect combination!  It wouldn’t hurt to have just one more character and I could see another personal story. Surely, nothing bad could come out of it, right? If only I knew how many characters I would create after that…

Later on I decided to make another charr, a warrior this time. That one was because… well, the beta corrupted me and I was feeling no other race was cutting it as far as aesthetics go. It wasn’t for lack of trying either. Rakuno’s first version was of a warrior but the beta also corrupted me in that area and made me feel a Rakuno asura could not be anything but a thief. My other attempt was with my first sylvari, post-beta, but he didn’t exactly feel right either. So I came to  the conclusion that I had to make a charr warrior or I would never be happy with it. The only problem is I still wanted to have a sylvari in some form so I decided that I would eventually remake him as a mesmer.

I made my charr warrior, loved playing him and then went back to my playing other characters for a while since they needed some love too. Then I decided it was time to remake that sylvari warrior into a mesmer. That is when I made a terrible mistake. I looked at the sylvari cultural armor but didn’t like any of the light armor set looks on a sylvari male. The tier 1 heavy armor male set for sylvari though looks pretty cool. Only problem is that the only other heavy armor using class are guardians and I was already planning making a human guardian.

After talking with a friend who has a high level guardian (and made guardians look awesome in my eyes), he somehow convinced me to make two guardians. I made the human guardian I was planning and remade my sylvari into a guardian too. The class turned out to be one of the most fun in the game. Also, in case anyone is wondering by my wording, yes, I am still unsure if it was a good idea. I love my human guardian. But I have to level the sylvari one a bit more to make sure I can live with two. In any case, I really want that cultural armor set!

Anyway, now that left me with having to choose what race to make my mesmer. After much debating I just decided to follow Paeroka’s suggestion and made him an asura. The class is much more fun than I was expecting but the race just hasn’t been working for me, for some reason. Specially because I made the mistake of looking at the cultural armor sets again and didn’t like the light armor versions for the asura. The heavy sets though look pretty cool and made me want to make an asura warrior!

Now my dilemma is remaking my asura mesmer into another warrior, then remake my human necromancer as a mesmer (since his first incarnation in EQ2 was a coercer, so it sort of fits) and make a norn necromancer because… Hey, their cultural light armor sets looks awesome!

I really have no idea of what to do. Although I will most probably follow with that plan anyway…

With that in mind the only way I can finish this post is with these words: Someone help me! My altitis is out of control!

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  1. It sounds to me like you need to look at all the cultural armor sets, decide which ones you like, and then only make characters that fit those particular armor sets. Yes, you’re still creating more alts, but at least you aren’t creating alts that don’t have the right look. It’s a small step towards a cure…maybe…

    • Indeed. That is what I have been doing. Although it might be a little too late now considering my current characters.

      Oh, well. I might just spend a bit more time on the characters I have before deciding on anything. Even if I go with what I am thinking I should be fine, I guess. Unless they add a new race… In that case I might have to do some character re-arranging again and sacrifice some of the alts for the dark gods of gaming. >_> <_<

  2. LOL. A friend of mine has 20 character slots, I can’t remember her exact plans of usage, but it’s a wide spread of genders, races and classes. Then for each character she picks the nicest looking armor set (essentially she’s playing Barbie dress-ups) and does whatever she needs to, to get that set, and by no means does that mean taking every character to 80. So … I don’t think you’re anywhere near that bad yet. Are you still using your original 5 slots or are you buying more as you go? If not, how many are you up to? 🙂

    I’m back playing again also, but I have the opposite problem, I really don’t like alts. My 80 ranger is still who I play most of the time. I still have a lot of map exploring and exotic fitting to do on her.

    Playing dungeons with friends recently though I thought a guardian could really come in handy (none of us have high level guardians). Even though I do enjoy playing the guardian (she’s only level 16), I have to force myself not to log in as my ranger by default.

    Interesting that we all have such different habits :).

    Don’t worry in the slightest about your altitis is what I say! These is a game, to be enjoyed in whatever way you want. No guilt required. Anyway, since this is free to play after buying the box, there’s no hurry to do anything, you can fit it all in over time 🙂

    • Hehe. Yeah, I don’t think I got that bad yet. Though I am getting close! There *are* some pretty cool outfits in Guild Wars 2 after all. 🙂

      I am way past my original 5 slots… I currently at 9. Though if I do end following these thoughs I will end up with 10! And the problem isn’t so much that I dislike alts as the idea of having two alts of the same class feels redundant. I still have to see how viable it is to have two of them and not feel like they are too similar.

      And yes, it is interesting! I thought you would have altitis too since you flutter between games like I do. 🙂

      I also have a lot of map exploring and exotic gear to get for my engineer at 80 too! But I have been distracted with the alts. >_> <_<

  3. once an altoholic, always an altoholic I think 😉 I think I’d be partly cured by now and able to limit myself to 2 or 3, but crafting always suckers me in to having more alts than I want or need. I have 7 in lotro (mains, crafting & storage) and am up to 6 in Vanguard (crafting again…) EQ2 I have a full stable of crafters too, though I haven’t popped back in there for a while… Just shocking really 😀

  4. Indeed, indeed!

    Crafting is also my bane! In EQ2 one of the reasons for me to get alts was crafting since I wanted to be self-sufficient in that area (I hate having to ask people for help). Worse was when I decided to make a character in the Crushbone server too (my original server was Antonia Bayle) because I had a friend over there. I decided I was going to have all the crafters over there too. Alas, that never happened since I left the game before that.

    I guess the closest thing to a cure to altitis is if a game allow us to have all the classes with the same character (like in Final Fantasy XIV) or be a pure-skill based system (like in Fallen Earth). Even then we might want to create alts with different races!

  5. Don’t forget the Charrdian and Asura Guardian in cultural armor too! (I’m not helping, am I?)

    I really don’t think you’ll have an issue with the same class feeling redundant – at least not until they get us the option to save/load specs quickly. I dearly want to try out one of each class, but have been unable to get out of Guardian mode just yet and start seriously learning the others.

    Offhand, I can think of at least three builds I’d love to be trying out on different Guardians. The standard altruistic healing crit hammer and shout builds I have yet to try, along with the more healing/support focused cleric gear staff builds.

    Nor have I been able to tear myself away from the very funky spirit weapons and one-hand sword that my Charr is forever carting around, plus weapon variants.

    Just recently, I figured out a perfect (for me) rotation for solo farming with a two-handed sword plus either sword or hammer pet for extra damage, including getting used to and counting the hammer strikes so that the 3rd strike knockback is anticipated, using the two-handed leap a half-second after activating the hammer’s attack so that I don’t have to chase after the mob at all, then spinning as the mob is already knocked down by the hammer. Charr poetry in motion.

    I’m positive the other classes are just as chock full of possibilities, to the point I haven’t dared look at them closely yet.

    • Although a Charrdian and an Asura Guardian are interesting concepts I can resist it… for now. 🙂

      My friend (the one who made me see how awesome guardians are) however was musing the other day about making a guardian of each race. If he saw your comment I am pretty sure it would be enough for him to just do it! XD

      Right now my guardians are very low level. The human one is level 31 and the sylvari one is level 10. I am still getting a feeling for the class and trying to figure out what kind of traits and utility skills work best for me. So far I only settled on a weapon for the human guardian. She is using a hammer since there is nothing more fun than bashing someone in the face with a big hammer. For the sylvari I am thinking about following my friend’s suggestion and go with a burning build since the idea of sylvari putting himself on fire for the greater good just amuses me. I will probably use a sword and torch for it.

      In any case, the way he and you talk about builds does bring me some comfort in that I can make the two feel sufficiently different that they will both be fun in their own ways. 🙂

      I will just be leveling a few other characters for now since I’ve been spending the last few days leveling my human guardian and I need some variety. @_@

      As for the other classes, the only one I have digged that deeply to look at all the possibilities so far have been engineers. Sometimes so much possibilities that it seems impossible to find a good discussion about my particular choice of weaponry! (the flamethrower, if anyone is wondering)

  6. It’s the different outfit possibilities and feels of races with certain playstyles that tempt me towards alts. BUT.. a lot of the outfits I want (especially the cultural armor) is such a grind to get. 😛 I also like well-geared toons which takes quite a lot of money in this game.. yet I also want to get a legendary. Frankly I can’t afford all my goals. ^^

    Right now I have a toon for each race (human female necro, norn female warrior, sylvari female ranger, asura female mesmer and charr male guardian.) Only the necro and warrior have made it to 80.. the warrior very recently. I’ve found I really enjoy the starting areas and the story up until it merges. After that, I have a hard time leveling in this game, I think because we get all of our skills so fast.

    So whilst I’m tempted to have more alts and very tempted by multiple guardians as well (as I really want a male human toon), I sorta know my likelihood of leveling them are slim. 😛 I can’t level alts in Lotro either. I’m not sure what’s happened as I used to have extreme altitist. 😛

    • Yeah. The prices of the cultural armor sets are so insane that I might be able only to get some of the T1 sets. T3? Well, it might be something to dream about at least. And legendary is also something that is on my list to get to but I am not sure how feasible it will be considering my difficulties in making money!

      I like all the areas, personally. Well, ok, I don’t like Orr so much. But I completely agree about the story merging. I can see how merging the story made sense from a developing point of view (it is more cost-effective) and even an authorial one (the theme of the races/orders all uniting to defeat a common enemy) but I really wish things kept more personal just like in the beginning.

      As far as leveling goes I am not having any more trouble leveling on this game than on in any other. I just tent to level one or two to cap (or as close to it as I can get) then the rest just get neglected, receiving some bursts of love from time to time.

      I have no idea what changed for you either. I could theorize based on game mechanics and design. But that would be for Guild Wars 2. LotRO I am not knowledgeable enough to make theories about or to see if there are some common points with Guild Wars 2 that could explain why things changed for you. @_@

    • That is the only way I can describe it. It is like that voice that says “Dooo it. You know you want to.” Then you give in and nothing is ever the same…

      Whenever I can get my hands on them I will take some screenshots. I tried to take some from the preview windows and do collating them together but it looked horrible. Artistic skills I clearly have not!

      *hugs back*

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