A salve of Blapril for the weary soul

Regular blog readers probably already heard of Blaugust, that yearly event where bloggers try to write one post every day during the month of August.

This year it will be starting earlier, in April, because in the words of Belghast himself: “we can use a dose of internet togetherness to combat the negative effects of social distancing”.

For anyone who anything of what I said sounds like I was speaking of some kind of obscure foreign ritual, read on and I will try to explain.

This is basically an event to stimulate current bloggers to write more throughout the month, with the challenge being to make one post every day. It is also a way to encourage people who want to start their own blogs to take the plunge and start their own.

It is open to anyone, no matter what their topic is: it can be a cooking blog, a fashion blog, a movie blog, a book blog, etc.

There will also be themed weeks to help people get some ideas on what to post. They aren’t required, just more of a guideline in case someone find themselves stuck.

Also, you don’t need to post everyday if you don’t want to. There are other tiers with different badge rewards to go with it if you are not feeling that adventurous.

Lastly, we have a Discord channel where people can just chat, share tips, get help or share their content.

If this sounds like a good time for you (and it is pretty fun!), you can find more information here.

If you already know the drill and just want to participate then you can just sign-up here.

After you sign-up, just join the Discord channel which can be found here.

There is also a Media Kit here in case you want to make it all official and what-not.

Having said all that… I don’t think I will be participating this year. Honestly I haven’t been in the best of moods for a while and I have no idea when that will change. It isn’t just because of the coronavirus either, there are just other things making me moody that I can’t even explain.

I will still be hanging around in the Discord channel though and sharing my content there as usual. So don’t be surprised if you see my name popping there but not in any official capacity. 🙂

Despite that I wanted to give a signal boost to the event just in case there is someone here reading who would be interesting in participating. And to those who are already all signed-up: good luck and thanks for all the content you will be providing! 🙂

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