A shout-out to Promptapalooza

At first my intention was to write this as a side note in my “Games I’ve Played in July” post but then it started to become too big and I realized I should have wrote an actual post about it from the beginning.

There is a new blog event this month, called Promptapalooza, created by Belghast. You can find the details here. The TL,DR version is: there will be a writing prompt each day and someone will write about it then link to the next person who will write about a different prompt in the next day. It is kinda like a huge blog crawl during the month of August.

It is an special event to replace the traditional Blaugust this year since, by request of the community, it was done in April to help lift people’s spirits during the pandemic. Still people wanted some kind of event in August and again, Belghast was kind enough to come up with an event for the community.

Credits: Banner made by Belghast of Tales of Aggronaut.

I am not participating in any official capacity because once again I am not in the best of mental states to participate in anything more social. But I still want to give a shout out to the event and might even write a blog post based on a prompt assuming it is okay to do so.

Anyway, for anyone interested please give it a look as you might find a cool new blog to read or even just some food for thought.

So far these have been the official posts made for Promptapalooza:

Day1: Changing a Fandom at Tales of Aggronaut

Day 2: Promptapalooza – Here we go! at Azerothian Life

Day 3: Media that’s shaped my worldview at Mailvatar

Some other posts that have been made for Promptapalooza:

Proptapalooza: Fandom Change’mups with a Fan Art Twist at The Friendly Necromancer

Blaugust Prompt #1: Core Fandoms at Chasing Dings!

The Adventures of Gray and the Catty Furball at Gray’s Otome Visual Novel Corner

Blaugust Prompt-a-Palooza Day #1: I Don’t Care for Fandoms at Everwake’s Internet Adventures

TSS#67 – Fandoms at Indiecator

Blaugust/Promptapalooza Day 1 at Beyond Tannhauser Gate

Promptapalooza: Popular Media You Never Understood at The Friendly Necromancer

Blaugust Prompt-a-Palooza Day #2: I Don’t Understand Many Things at Everwake’s Internet Adventures

Blaugust #2: Everything You Like is Bad (and you should feel bad) at Chasing Dings!

Blaugust/Promptapalooza Day 2 at Beyond Tannhouser Gate

Promptapalooza: A Multitude of Mixed Media Memories at The Friendly Necromancer

I am sure I am missing some people in this list and for that I apologize. Also, just to make it clear, this post isn’t intended to be an index of all the posts made for Promptapalooza. I have absolutely no intention of updating it after today.

It is just that I thought giving some samples of what content has been made so far would be a good idea. Also it is kind of my way to apologize for not making this post earlier.

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