[ACNH] The great island reform – Part 2

After I finished my last post about about all the things I’ve been moving around in my island the problem I was stuck with was what to do with my residents’ houses. At the time my idea was to put them all in some sort of residential area, all clustered together. But no matter how much I thought about it I just couldn’t come with a result that felt satisfying, even more so because there wasn’t an area large enough for 10 houses to be put together. Again, at least not in a way that would be satisfying to me.

I suppose I could wait to unlock the terraforming option then just change the island so I could have an area large enough for that. But I am not a patient person and I was already feeling very unhappy as it was with the looks of my island as it stood. Specially when I visited my friend’s islands or saw screenshots of the game in Twitter and saw how much better other people’s places looked.

Then I visited the island of one of my friends and the solution to my conundrum finally hit me!

The answer was so obvious and simple that I am ashamed I didn’t come to it on my own. You see, I don’t need for the houses to be all close together to each other. It is completely fine to have them spread out around the island as long a I can place stuff around their exteriors to make them interesting. Preferably with something that reflects the resident’s personality.

Here is a very simple example of what I talking about. This is Tank’s house, one of the animals that I started with:

And of course, it *has* to rain when I need to take a screenshot!

Tank is a rhino and a sports guy. I tried to choose a fence that could go well with his house and matched the kind of animal he is. As for the punching bag it is just to reflect his personality as boxing is something I could see him practicing.

After that revelation I just couldn’t sleep that night until about 4 AM as my head was swirling with ideas. Unfortunately not even getting up to try to implement some of those ideas worked out because I had to wait for one of the buildings to move before I could do anything. At least I didn’t suffer much the next day. I guess I was going through some creative high or something that powered me through it.

At the time of this writing I only moved Charlise’s and O’hare’s houses to another location. In the case of Charlise’s house it was more out of necessity since she is the other animal I started with and her house was in the middle of an area I had plans for. I will probably change the fencing and might swap the items in her outdoors area with Tank. But otherwise I am happy with the change.

O’hare’s house is on a spot that I feel fits his personality (and house) but it doesn’t have much in terms of interesting items outside his house. I will need to keep an eye out for something that fits him.

I also have some ideas already for where to move Stu’s and Bangle’s houses. The only problem is that I need to move my own house first before I can move theirs. I am still not entirely sure where I want the final spot for my house to be but I moved it to a temporary location for now. Skye is the only one I am still trying to figure out where she should live.

The final (?!?) location for the museum!

I also discovered that we can only move one building at a time per day. But I can also sell a new plot of land at the same time! So my current plan is to move one of the buildings and sell one plot of land each day. Hopefully this way I can soon get my island’s evaluation high enough to advance the story and eventually get the terraforming app!

Besides all these house changes, I also changed the pattern for my paths. Just this change already made me so much happier with the looks of my island. It is kinda amazing how such a small change can have such a big impact. The picture at the to of this post should give an idea of what they look now. Or any of the other screenshots here should do it. XD

The old pattern I was using for my roads weren’t bad they just didn’t fit my needs. I will probably still use it somewhere else where it would be more appropriate.

Also, I moved the museum again. The reason for this is not only because I had a better idea for the exterior part but also because I wanted something to attract people to the right side of the island. As it is now, the left side contains the two shops, Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters, so there wasn’t much incentive for people to go to the right side. Granted, there still isn’t that many incentives unless people are curious to check what I have in my museum already or to visit one of the residents. But at least I am way happier with the museum’s current location and exterior now.

That is it for my Animal Crossing insanity of the week. Hopefully by the next time I write about my island I will have the terraforming tool unlocked!

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