[ACNH] The great island reform – part 3

I’ve been procrastinating to make this post for a while. In part because I wanted to have something more to show and the other part because I’ve been kind of in a weird mood. It is hard to explain.

Anyway, not too long after I finished my last post of this series I unlocked the terraforming tool! The next few days were a bit of a mad, or madder than before, marathon through the game as I decide to do some really big changes to my cliffs.

It isn’t even because I didn’t like the shape of my cliffs as they were or had some grand idea for them. It is just because there was a very thin patch of land behind them with practically zero visibility. In fact, I just discovered it kind of by accident as there was a little beach behind it and I was wondering if I could get there. Turns out I could and that is how I found that very thin stretch of land.

The fact it existed and I couldn’t see what was there because it was essentially hidden by the cliff just drove me mad. So I decided I would expand that area and try to do something interesting with it. Well, I did expand the area but haven’t exactly done anything really interesting with it yet. For now it is just serving as a place to crossbreed some flowers.

The work on the cliffs is currently stalled though. I need to move Stu’s and Skye’s houses first before I can continue since their houses are currently near it. But I am still unsure of where to put it.

I wish she would keep playing these games with me!

As for new residents, since my last post I got Octavian, Benedict, Bunnie and Raymond. Benedict I found during a mystery island tour. Besides him being a rooster I don’t have anything for or against him. So if he ever decides to leave I might just let him go.

Octavian on the other hand just showed up the day after I placed a plot of land for sale. I like the novelty of him being an octopus as that is a type of animal that I never had before. I also like the interior of his house, with the whole UFO theme going on. But he has the cranky personality, which means he is some times pretty rude. This makes me conflicted because if he ever decides to go I might just let him do so, despite everything I like about him.

In the case of Bunnie she just showed up in my camp one day. I didn’t really want another resident at that point, even more so another rabbit when I already had O’Hare who I really like. But she kept offering to play some fun “guess the card” games with me and I loved the idea. My hope was that she would keep offering to play such games if she was a resident and so I invited her to stay. Unfortunately she hasn’t offered to play any games since then so I am guessing it is just a camper thing. Despite that I am not unhappy with her and she has been a good neighbor.

Raymond is a villager I got from a friend’s island. She has a pirate theme going in her island and she felt Raymond didn’t fit with it. Apparently Raymond agreed as he decided to leave. Since my friend knew I liked him she told me about it and I went in to invite him to move to my island. His house is currently in a very terrible, temporary spot but it is the best I could do in short notice. I will try to move him to a more permanent spot as soon as possible.

I think he will fit right in with the rest of the people in this island!

Speaking of moving, I moved O’Hare’s house again. It is in a much better spot now which still fits with his whole “beach dude” theme. I might also end up moving Tank’s house since I need a lot of space for a orchard I have in mind and he just happens to be living in such an area. I need to think about this a bit more.

Oh, I also moved my house again, for the gazillionth time. Not entirely sure about the location but I had to move it so I could move Stu’s house. I will let it sit there for a few more days as I decide if I like the new location or not.

Lastly, the new content is slowly trickling into my island. Yesterday Leif stopped by and I bought some bushes from him. Already planted them but they will take some days to grow. This morning it was Redd’s turn to visit. I got a real Academic Painting from him for a decent price…. after he tried to rip me off and ask for more money than I had, of course. I am also guessing all the first works of art we buy from him are real just so we can have the museum upgrade.

This should be everything I’ve been up to now. Posts like these will probably be a lot less frequently now as my addiction to Animal Crossing is getting lower and I run out of ideas to implement. But for now I don’t see myself stop playing the game any time soon. Even if it is just to do my dailies!

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