[ACNH] The great island reform – part 4

For some reason I have been procrastinating to write this post. I guess it kinda reflects the kind of position I am with the game itself too: I still have a few things I want to do but I can’t decide on how to do it so I keep postponing it and just stick to doing my dailies.

This isn’t even out of a sense of “This game is so great that I don’t want to end it so I keep postponing things”. It is an Animal Crossing game after all, it doesn’t have an end. It is more one of those situations where I am struggling to find an implementation to an idea that I find satisfying enough so I end up avoiding it completely. Well, maybe there is some burnout with the game too.

Anyway, enough self-analysis. This is how my island is looking right now.

All the villagers houses have been moved to their final spots. Raymond got his house in a nice place next to the museum and close to the river. I had to unfortunately move Tank’s house to make space for Bunie’s house. He didn’t move too far though, just a few spots down so I could place Bunie’s house one street up from Tank’s new location.

It feels so much better to have all the animals in a way that feels kinda logical, instead of scattered all around random places in my island. All of their outside areas also feel a bit more lived in now and have a certain consistency to them. Well, except for Bunie’s house which I am not entirely sure on how to decorate the exterior of yet.

The current map of my island.

The only house left to work on is my own. The interior I resigned myself that it will be a long term endeavor due to the lack of certain items that I will have to get over time and my own lack of creativity. The exterior though… that I could probably do something if I could decide on what that something is. That is also probably the reason I can’t feel happy with its location no matter where I place it: I just can’t think of what I want to do in terms of exterior!

Also because of all these changes I had to get rid of my log bridge, the one we have to build for the “story” and build one a few steps up the river so it would match my roads in a more natural way. I decided to build the red brick one to replace the old log bridge.

I also put some stalls near the island’s entrance with extra recipes and a “Free” sign so people visiting the island can come and grab it. This is something I’ve seem in other islands and I thought it was a cool idea. Granted nowadays I only open my island as needed for friends so those recipes probably will be gathering dust there for a while… But still I like to have it there.

The parts I am struggling with now are a children’s playground and a “theme park” I wanted to build. The problem is I just don’t have the space for it that I wanted to. Even more so because the majority of open space left I have would be in the outskirts of the inhabited area which just doesn’t make much sense for me…

Seeing it in a screenshot really makes it look meh. I will have to rethink this whole thing!

For now I tried to build the children’s playground area in a spot between the resident services and the entrance but I am not too sure I like it. I am leaving it there in the hopes that it will grow on me. Or I will at least stop overanalyzing it.

The “theme park” though only has its pieces scattered in a random spot of my island, waiting until I get the willpower to tackle it.

Lastly, I remade my roads with one of the options from the Terraforming tool. The reason I did it is because I noticed in other people’s islands that if we use those we can see actual roads in the mini-map too. With just custom designs the roads don’t appear in it.

Hopefully this way it will make it easier for visitors to navigate through my island, specially if it is their first time visiting it.

My next step will then be to cover the roads with the custom designs I was using previously. I still like them, specially as I think it gives my island a bit more of a unique look. Specially considering how everything else doesn’t stand out much.

That is it for now. Hopefully by next post I will have come out of this funky blues about building stuff in Animal Crossing!

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The Museum Stamp Rally started yesterday and it is a pretty fun, quick and easy thing to do. The screenshot at the top of the post is from that. 🙂

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