[ARPil] Day 25 of 30 – Monk hands!

Rakuno waving to the camera

This post is part of The 30 Days or ARPil event created by Pizza Maid of Pizzamaid.moe. You can find more information about it in here and the 30 questions here. If you are interested on seeing who is participating on the event, there is a block to the right with all blogs that are part of it too. Let me know if I forgot someone or put someone in there by mistake. 🙂

All my answers  will be about my character Rakuno, my ratonga monk in Everquest 2. From this point on it will be him doing all the talk!

Question 25: Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

My hands? Hm. From my observations my fingers are longer than humans, comparatively speaking. Compared to other ratongas they are average sized. They are also smooth. Which ends up being a surprise to a lot of people considering my life style. When I was training as a monk I learned about certain remedies and pumice stones I can use to keep my hands smooth and healthy.

Part of the reason we do that is again, having a healthy body is important to us. The other is because some times we may need to fight. And some times the fight might require the use of a weapon. When you use a weapon you need to have a good grip on it otherwise bad things may happen. It is hard to have a good grip if your hands have callouses or blisters. So we try to take good care of our hands.

Don’t let the smooth of our hands fool you though. A good monk’s hand may be smooth but it can hit like iron!

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