[ARPil] Day 8 of 30 – The favorites

Rakuno sitting at the library of Brave Legion's guildhall

This post is part of The 30 Days or ARPil event created by Pizza Maid of Pizzamaid.moe. You can find more information about it in here and the 30 questions here. If you are interested on seeing who is participating on the event, there is a block to the right with all blogs that are part of it too. Let me know if I forgot someone or put someone in there by mistake. 🙂

All my answers  will be about my character Rakuno, my ratonga monk in Everquest 2. From this point on it will be him doing all the talk!

Question 8: Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?

Favorites, huh? I only had ice cream once. It was giving me by a gnome, it was chocolate flavored and had this weird metallic taste to it. After I ate it he pulled out a notepad from his pocket, started to write something while muttering something about subject and some body not turning outside out.

For color, it would be grey. No story attached to it. Flower… I am not much of a flower person, so I will just pick rose. They have a nice fragrance and I like their shapes.

Favorite song….  Hmm… There was this one I heard a girl singing by a lake once. For some reason it stuck with me ever since. It goes something like this

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