Bingeing on Monster Hunter World

I didn’t use to understand why some of my friends played Monster Hunter World as frequently as they do. Sure, I like the game too but I don’t have the same kind of passion. Now after spending the weekend playing the game a bit more I think I am starting to understand the appeal.

My whole weekend this time was spent doing Optional Quests in the game. Most of those were High Rank from the base game and although I didn’t have to do them I still wanted to just for completionism’s sake. It turned out to be a very fun experience too. Even with just some starting-level gear from Iceborne I was able to just wreck the face of all the monsters in these quests. I honestly don’t think I ever hunted them so fast by myself.

I also don’t think I had as much fun with the game as in those hunts. It was just nice to go against monsters that gave me trouble in the past (I am looking at you Pink Rathian) and making short work of them. I imagine this is the reason my friends love to play the game so much: the sheer power fantasy of taking down giant monsters in a few minutes.

This was also a good opportunity to test another weapon I had my sights on, the Heavy Bowgun. I am not good at using it nor do I intend to switch to it as my main weapon. However it is a pretty fun weapon to use and one I intend to use against flying monsters. At least against he monsters in the base game it worked well but I haven’t tested it against any of the Iceborne’s flying monsters. I will find out soon enough if my plan works or not.

After I was done with the base game’s optional quests I decided to tackle some Master Rank optional content. They were a whole different kind of experience. The first one I did during the weekend was a complete mess due to some poor decisions on my part. Worse is I can’t even explain why it took me so long to change mine and my Palico’s gear to make the fight to not be so miserable. I still was able to complete it somehow but I doubt I would have done so if it was a regular quest and not some optional content that required going into exploration mode.

Then I decided to do an Master Rank Optional Quest to hunt a tempered monster. I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult since it was a monster I fought against a couple times before. Once again, mistakes were made. That monster hit like a truck and I didn’t pay attention to which zone the fight would be on, which could give me a hint of which mantle to take. I ended up fainting once but at least was able to complete it.

Both of those quests gave me some rewards I wanted so there was at least that. After that I did some more Master Rank Optional Quests but they were all against base game monsters. They didn’t feel as fast or a face wrecking-fest as the High Rank ones but were still pretty fun.

Right now I am trying to decide if I continue just doing Optional Quests or if I should advance the story a bit more just to unlock new gear I could make. I am fine with the armor set I am using right now but I really want a new weapon. Or if I should try mixing some other game in. Decisions, decisions.

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