Blaugust 2021 is almost here!

August is almost upon us and with it comes an event very cherished by the blogging community: Blaugust!

In case you never heard of Blaugust before, it is an event hosted by Belghast, of Tales of the Aggronaut. It is basically an event to foster the creation of new blogs, welcome the return of dormant ones and for active blogs to have some fun together.

For new bloggers there will be mentors in Discord willing to answer questions and helping out within reason. There might also be some posts across participant blogs with tips and advice from veterans.

In the case of inactive bloggers, just join the event and get back to posting. Easy as that. And for everyone else, just join in and post as usual. XD

If anyone is worried about what topics to write about there will be some themed weeks for August with suggestions on topics to write about.

And this is pretty much the TL;DR version of it. For more details about the event and joining in as a participant you can find it here.

I will be participating this year but my goal will be the low hanging fruit of 5 posts during the month of August. I am in a bit of funky mood right now so that might be the most realistic goal for myself.

Credits: The logo on the top was made by Belghast.

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