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This is a post I probably should have done last Friday. But there are a couple of reasons I didn’t do it then:

  1. I wanted my  post count to end up at a neat 10
  2. I wanted to see if anyone else would do a compilation of all the advice given during this Blaugust. If they did then I wouldn’t do it too as it would feel unnecessary.

Yeah, I am pretty silly in case anyone hasn’t noticed that yet. :p

Anyway, I decided to make a compilation of blogging advice written during this month by the mentors. It just seemed like a good idea to have it listed in one place, even if it will end up just being for my own use.

Before we get to my ramblings about my participation on this Blaugust, let’s get this list out of the way, shall we?

I tried to categorize them in a way that made sense for me. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone but if I did, please let me know, with the link to the relevant post.

The same goes if you feel your post isn’t in the appropriate category.

General Advice

Blaugust Prep Week – Tales of the Aggronaut

#BlaugustReborn Getting startedStarShadow

Dust Off Your Old BlogContains Moderate Peril

A Blaugust to Revive BloggingThe Ancient Gaming Noob

Blogging is Dead! Long Live Blogging! – Me vs Myself and I

When Blogging Turns Bad – Contains Moderate Peril

Blaugust Prep Week: Build Bridges – JVT Workshop

Blaugust Prep WeekArmagon Live

Why Blog? – Going Commando

Imposter Syndrome and Your BlogGamer Girl Confessions

Blaugust Prep Week: AdviceMoonshine Mansion

Blaugust Prep Week: What’s in a name? – Moonshine Mansion

Blaugust Prep Week: Listen to Advice – JVT Workshop

Thinking about blogging? A TL;DR for Newbies – Thinking Play

Blaugust Reborn – Deciding to Blog – Nomadic Gamers, eh!

Blaugust Reborn: Five tips for coming up with blog topicsBio Break

Why blog? – Stabbed Up

Blaugust Mentor: How blogging can help your next job interviewCinemaxica

The Best Laid Blogs O’ Mice an’ MenCasual Aggro

Starting a Blog & Keeping the MomentumA Hobbit’s Journey

Blog On – Murf Versus

Blaugust Reborn: Five things every blogger should do to connect with other writers – Bio Break

Opinions, Debate and Courting Controversy – Contains Moderate Peril

Blaugust and Consolidating Your Blog Reading – The Ancient Gaming Noob

On Writing

Finding Inspiration Where There Is None – Me vs Myself and I

Blaugust Prep Week: First Words – JVT Workshop

Blaugust Prep Week: Less can be More – JVT Workshop

Blogging: Importance of Voice & Choosing your Audience – Aywren Sojourner

Blaugust Prep Week: Word Killer – JVT Workshop

I, Me, MineInventory Full

How Do You Write A Blog Post? You Just Write A Blog Post – Inventory Full

It Is Blaugust and What Should I Even Write About? – The Ancient Gaming Noob

Blaugust: Keep Your Finger Near the Print Screen Key – Aywren Sojourner

Finding inspiration #BlaugustReborn – GamingSF

A Writing Process – Thinking Play

Blaugust and Editorial Policy – The Ancient Gaming Noob

Language, Style and Tone – Contains Moderate Peril

Organization and Scheduling

Blaugust Prep Week: Time Allotment – JVT Workshop

Blaugust 2018: The preper’s guide to survival blogging – Bio Break

Blogging logistics #BlaugustReborn – GamingSF

Blogging and Self-Discipline – Contains Moderate Peril

Should I Blog & How Often Do I Post?!? – A Hobbit’s Journey

Organising blogposts #BlaugustReborn – GamingSF

Writing and Time – Contains Moderate Peril

Topic Prompts

The First of Blaugust – Tales of the Aggronaut

Blaugust Reborn Begins – Me vs Myself and I

Blaugust Reborn – It Has Begun – A Hobbit’s Journey

All The Post Ideas From My Remarkably Small BrainAtheren’s Adventures

Blaugust: Topic Brainstorming Week – Moonshine Mansion

Blaugust: Free Ideas Lockbox!Why I Game

Blog Post Topic IdeasEndgame Viable

Scarcity Of Subjects – Gamer Girl Confessions

Learning from Day 2 of #BlaugustReborn – Beyond Tannhauser Gate

Blogging idea generation #BlaugustRebornGamingSF

Blaugust Topic Idea: Pet Peeves – JVT Workshop

Writing Prompts – StarShadow

Topic Brainstorming Week: How do you buy games? – Armagon Live

Conversation Starters For All Occasions – Inventory Full

Blaugust Topic Idea: Future Tech – JVT Workshop

Blaugust Topic Idea: Pretty Pictures – JVT Workshop

Blaugust Topic Idea: Stories and Guides – JVT Workshop

Mining The Past – Tales of the Aggronaut

Blaugust Topic Idea: Reviews (and a Daylight Review) – JVT Workshop

What Class Do you REFUSE to Play? – Soul of the Forest

Technical Advice

Choosing a Platform – Tales of the Aggronaut

Blaugust Prep Week: Picture Editing – JVT Workshop

Syndication and Social Media – Tales of the Aggronaut

Time for a Makeover – Contains Moderate Peril

Blaugust – Keep up with the news via RSS – Armagon Live

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated: Oddities of Life – JVT Workshop

Why I’m [Still] Blogging – The Parent Trope

Staying Motivated: Asking Questions – JVT Workshop

Staying motivated #BlaugustReborn – GamingSF

The Rhythm Method – Inventory Full

Staying Motivated: Status Update – JVT Workshop

Reflections on the Event

I decided to join in for two reasons: first it was a good excuse to get into regularly blogging again. The second was to add more new blogs to my RSS reader. Although I wouldn’t say I really achieved the  first the second goal was a definitive success. 🙂

My initial aim was to write 5 posts during August which I was able to do without too much issue. I did get a bit more ambitious though and aimed for 15 posts just  for the silver badge but unfortunately my mood was pretty bad during the last two weeks and I didn’t feel much like writing (or doing anything) during that period. Still, I wrote more than I expected I would.

I also re-learned the importance of starting to write early, of having some drafts saved up. Writing those big walls of text in one go is hard and the end result isn’t good for anyone. That is one of the things I intend to change going forward.

I also intend to write at least one blog post per week. Eventually I’d like to settle into a schedule but for now I think just having one post per week is a more realistic goal.

All in all I am very happy with the event and my participation on it. A big thank you for Belghast for organizing the event. Also thank you for the mentors who wrote all the above advice and for everyone who joined the Blaugust Discord server for the chat and general support. You people rock! 🙂

For anyone curious, here is the tally of the participants that Belghast did.

The Bronze Award for Blaugust Reborn 2018

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