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Normally I wouldn’t write a post about the blog’s theme changing. I’d just do it and let people notice it as they came to visit it. However since in this case there are some very significant changes, at least in the background, I thought it might be a good idea to give a notice about it just in case and also to serve as a central posts for people to report if anything is broken/unreadable.

That is pretty much the TL;DR version. If anyone is curious about why I decided to change it now and what I changed to, read on.

Out with the old, in with the new

The previous theme I used was Tiny Framework. It was a neat, simple and light theme, that was meant to be customized. It had some pretty good documentation to do so too and I had all the intention of changing it to something more personal. I just…. got distracted and didn’t get to it. 1

That theme served me well but some time ago I noticed that whenever I linked my blog posts in Discord the preview just wouldn’t show properly. I don’t know if it is the fault of Tiny Framework or some other shenanigans going on but I figure changing the theme completely would be a good way to test that theory.

After searching and testing different options I decided to settle on the current setup which is to use Neve as a theme and Elementor for some extra customization. In both cases it is the free version. I thought about giving the Pro versions a try but then looked at the price and figured it was too expensive for something I will most likely only use once every blue moon. If it was something I’d use more often or if I had the skills to make the most of it then it would be a very worthy investment. As it is, the free versions should work well enough for me.

The only drawback with this change is that I am having to use the Gutenberg Editor instead of the Classic Editor. On my tests the Classic Editor just didn’t seem compatible. That or I was doing something completely wrong, which was most likely the case. In my defense, I was testing a lot of different themes and site builders so it is possible something got screwed up in my local test copy.

Anyway, for you readers that shouldn’t change anything. For me it means I need to get used to Gutenberg and its quirks. It might not be a bad trade-off though.

That is about it. Again, if anyone finds anything broken or hard to read, please post in the comments and I will see what I can do. Next post should be business as usual! 2

  1. Yes, I got distracted for months and forgot about it. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!
  2. Unless something catastrophic happens and I need to blog about it! *knocks on wood*

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