Random musings

As the steel grip that the Sims 3 had over me for several weeks is finally loosening (it can be a pretty addicting game if you like building and coming up with  weird/funny concepts) I find myself looking at my always growing list of games unfinished and yet to play.

Most of my woes are with single player games. There are so many games there unfinished or that I haven’t even started yet. Just to name a few: Planescape Torment (I have yet to find out how the story of the Nameless One ends!), Skyrim (Got to finish up getting the Thieves Guild back to its former glory, plus a few other things), Terraria (I haven’t yet entered even in the dungeon!), both Torchlight games (Ironically the 2nd is so good that made me enjoy the  first one for what it is too!), The Witcher and a lot more. The games I have yet to start playing aren’t much better but at least I started to trim a bit on that one with Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, an excellent adventure game. The good thing about adventure games is that it is easy to play them in bite-sized sessions and they don’t  take too long to finish. Plus once you are finished with it you are pretty much done. There isn’t much incentive to replay again until nostalgia hits you and you really need to revisit the game.

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