Animal Crossing everywhere!

By now pretty much everybody who uses the internet already knows that Animal Crossing: New Horizons released and it is a very popular game.

Myself I didn’t buy it immediately. In fact, I tried to resist the temptation. Not because I thought it would be a bad game in any way, it is just that I played Animal Crossing: New Leaf before and didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. So I was a bit wary that if I bought New Horizons it would be a repeat of that.

Still with so many people happily sharing their screenshots and experiences with the game the temptation was still there. So I did what I do in these occasions and decided to play New Leaf to see how I felt about the game’s core loop nowadays.

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Stellaris – Federations DLC first impressions

Last Tuesday saw the release of the Federations DLC for Stellaris. While others have been eagerly awaiting for the the release of other games I’ve been waiting for this DLC. And for good reasons too, as they not only they completely revamped the whole Federations system but they also made all aspects of diplomacy a lot more interesting. Plus a lot of other interesting bunch of stuff as par for the course. 🙂

But even though I knew everything that was coming with this DLC there were still a few things that confused me at first but I think I am starting to understand how they work.

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The Witcher finished!

End credits for The Witcher

Last night I completed one of the games that have been in my bucket list for a long time, The Witcher. Just so you have an idea of how long I have been trying to finish this game, I bought it when it was a new release, way before the whole Enhanced Edition even existed.

The main reason it took me this long to finish this game is because the combat is, well, clunky. This would always annoy me to the point that I’d eventually stop then get distracted by another game and completely forget about The Witcher.

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[FGO] My first 5* servant and my history with them

A while ago I found this thread on the Fate Grand Order forums at Gamepress. It is pretty much what it says on the title, a thread where people can talk how they got their first 5 stars servant in the game and how it has been since then.

Since it is an interesting thread, I thought I’d copy my post there over here. Enjoy!

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Bingeing on Monster Hunter World

I didn’t use to understand why some of my friends played Monster Hunter World as frequently as they do. Sure, I like the game too but I don’t have the same kind of passion. Now after spending the weekend playing the game a bit more I think I am starting to understand the appeal.

My whole weekend this time was spent doing Optional Quests in the game. Most of those were High Rank from the base game and although I didn’t have to do them I still wanted to just for completionism’s sake. It turned out to be a very fun experience too. Even with just some starting-level gear from Iceborne I was able to just wreck the face of all the monsters in these quests. I honestly don’t think I ever hunted them so fast by myself.

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Monster Hunter World base game story completed!

Finishing the story for the base game of Monster Hunter World was something that was in my bucket list for a very long time. It was something I struggled to do for such a long time that at certain points I thought about giving up on it completely. Thankfully I didn’t and this weekend I finally completed the base game’s story! 😀

It wasn’t something I was really planning to do, nor actually expecting it. It kinda of just happened.

Maybe I should back track a little to explain how things turned out like this. I always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the game. Love because hunting giant monsters is fun. Hate because the grind to get new gear to hunt new monsters can be tedious. The frustration with the grind only got worse when I got to the High Rank monsters and the difficulty spike suddenly felt like it went way up. When I reached Nergigante then? It felt like I reached an insurmountable wall I’d never be able to get past.

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Witchering in the Witcher

One of the things I wanted to do last month but didn’t was to finish the first Witcher game. It is a game I had since back when it was still new and every time I tried I ended up getting distracted by other games. Then once I decide to go back to the Witcher I always end up restarting because I couldn’t remember anything and because “It is just a short game, so it should be fine to restart!”. Yeah, Famous Last Words and all that.

Before someone advises me to just play the third game, I’d normally agree to with the sentiment but in this case I think the first game is still worth playing. The gameplay is clunky, yes, but the story so far has been interesting.

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[FGO] Farming the Christmas 2019 event

I already knew months ahead that farming the Christmas 2019 event for FGO would be hard for me, thanks to someone building some theoretical teams that could farm it quickly. Most of those teams require double Waver or double Merlin and since I don’t have neither of them I had to do some adaptations that required only for me to borrow one of them.

For the most part I have managed to do so with teams that take 5 to 6 turns in most of the gates at the cost of being able to only use 2 to 3 of the event craft essences (plus whatever the support servant comes with). It is better than what I was expecting given how beefy the enemies are but not as good as what I wished I could do.

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[SV] Back to the farm

With the release of Patch 1.4 for Stardew Valley I figured out it was a good time to go back to the game and check all the new stuff.

Usually I start a whole new save when there is a big update like that, both to reacquaint myself with the game as well as to learn all the new stuff in a more natural manner. Then once I get those goals accomplished I return to my original save. Or at least that used to be my plan. In practice I never end up going back to my original save, I just play the new one until I am satisfied and then move on to a different game.

This time I decide to go straight to my original save which led to some complications.

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[FO4] How I learned to stop worrying and love being a raider

For a while I’ve been meaning to write about Conqueror, a mod for Fallout 4 that let’s you play as a raider and take over settlements through force. But  due to certain issues I am only getting to do it now. I will get to those near the  end of this post.

First you might wondering “Isn’t playing a raider what the Nuka-World DLC allows you to do? How is this different?”. On the surface, it isn’t. In practice though Conqueror has a lot more depth and challenge. It also has the option to play as a Liberator (through add-ons) and unite the commonwealth if you don’t like much the idea of playing as a raider.

Disclaimer: I haven’t finished the current questline for Conqueror yet nor have  gone too far with adding settlements to my raider empire. So treat this more as a first impressions than some actual review of the mod.

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