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Let’s Play: Icewind Dale

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Well, after some soul searching (and another period of addiction to the Sims 3 *coughs*) I finally decided to try my hand at a Let’s Play. It just seems to be the best way to reconcile my desire to play some of the games in my ever growing list of unplayed titles and my desire to write.

Does that mean I now have something interesting to say about these games or that I can make it funny enough to make it all worth it? Not really. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try it! 🙂

This also doesn’t mean I won’t  write anymore about MMORPGs or anything else that interests me. Those kind of posts will come when they come. Although I admit there might be not one of those types of posts for quite a while. We’ll see.

Now for the game I will be trying this experiment with…

Image created by godprobe

Image made by godprobe and obtained here.

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[The Sims 3] Death of a Dynasty

Alas, despite my best efforts the dynasty ended before it even began. I getting ahead of myself though. So let me tell what happened that finally put an end to everything.

After Selena was born, Benjamin and Samantha took turns taking care of her. When Benjamin was at work, Samantha took care of her. When Benjamin was at home then Samantha would sneak off for some fishing while he would watch over the baby. Since there was an easal at home now it didn’t really detract from his ability to raise the painting skill.

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[The Sims 3] An heir is born!

As I kept musing about my options on what to do next, both Samantha and Benjamin got a wish to get their first child. It was a good time as any other so I decided to accept it. Besides it would give 5,000 Lifetime Reward Points once the child was born, exactly the amount that Benjamin needed to get the “Fast Learner” Lifetime Reward.

So, off they go to Try for Baby. It works in the first try as the success tune plays out. Turns out this is the first time the whoohoo too!

What can I say? Building a dynasty is busy work. They will have time for fun and love later. Well, Samantha probably will. I am not so sure about Benjamin.

Anyway, I also decided to make better use of Benjamin’s traits and skills. So I made him quit job in business to go work as a fireman. My hope was that it would make it easier to complete his wishes there as well spend any time not taking care of emergencies with training on his painting skills. It turned out to be a pretty good choice. I mean, just look at him, he is a natural at it!

In reality it was Benjamin's stuntman working on this shot

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[The Sims 3] The calm before the storm (or how I am pretending to be calm when I am actually panicking)

After a husband was secured I thought it would be smooth sailing for a while. Oh, how wrong I was! I am getting ahead of myself though. So let’s start from the beginning.

Due to the wedding, Benjamin got two paid days off. Since it happened on a Thursday morning that gave him four days without other obligations to work on his painting skill. The first point he got from a painting class. Then another two just by practicing on small portraits in the fireman station. He pretty much spent all those days there. He also got a couple opportunities related to handiness since that was the highest skill he had, prior to his marriage. Not the kind of opportunities I wanted but the money from it was good.

Meanwhile Samantha kept working on her fishing skill. By the time the events of this post ended her fishing skill was level 7. It is finally starting to pay something decent, about $200. Still lower than a regular job but better than what she was earning in the beginning from her catches. She also got a fishing related opportunity that netted the family another $1,000.

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[The Sims 3] Looking for love (or similar fac-simile)

Having taking care of most of the basic needs to found her new dynasty, Samantha just needed one more item to ensure that was an actual dynasty. She had to find a slave lucky guy willing to be the co-founder of the Fisher Dynasty. His job will be to paint portraits of Samantha (maybe even some sculpture or photography) as she ages as well as becoming a chef to cook the ambrosia. Of course, he also needs to help generate the baby. In return he gets… uh… his name immortalized as the guy who helped Samantha start everything and a place in the family’s future crypt.

Looking through the list of candidates leaves only two good potentials: Kenji Midden and Benjamin Schmidt. The other possible candidates are all of the wrong age, already taken, have bad traits or complicated personal histories with other locals. I decided that Benjamin would be the victim lucky guy to be part of this venture. So as soon as the opportunity appeared, off went Samantha to pay him a visit, at the earliest hours in the morning:

Nice to meet you. Do you want to marry me and start a dynasty for the ages?

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[The Sims 3] The beginning of a dynasty

So it begins my attempt at building a Immortal Dynasty in the Sims 3. Besides being a way to play the game while waiting for my usual mods to update for the latest patch/expansion, this also serves as a way to experiment with some things that I would either not do with my main household or that it would probably be done very far down the line. It is also a pretty good way to understand better the mechanics of the game as it requires a lot of planning ahead instead of just playing it by the ear as I usually do. 🙂

Alright, now to meet the founder of this Dynasty…

The future queen of an empire!

This is Samantha Fisher. Guess what will be her job and SuperMax skill? 🙂

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Saints with Guns

I am probably one of the few people on earth who was never much of a fan of Grand Theft Auto games or similar titles. I don’t know why. There is just something on it that doesn’t appeal to me. Even though it should considering I like sand-boxish games. But while reading some previews on Rock, Paper, Shotgun about Saints Row: the Third that game just somewhat grew on me. There was a certain charm about a gangster game that not only doesn’t take itself seriously but also try to go as over the top as it can.

So, in a move of pure impulsiveness and pure boredom I decided to buy it. Why did I do that with a game like Saints Row: The Third where there would be a big chance of me not liking it, thus wasting my money, and not with say….. Skyrim, which is much more my alley, with actual good reviews about it? Well, not buying Skyrim is easy to explain. I know Bethesda will eventually release a special edition with all the DLCs. So I figured I might as well wait and save some money. In the mean time I am pretending really hard that the world is suffering from some kind of mass delusion. They think Skyrim was released! But no! I know the truth! It wasn’t released yet! It will only be released when they make some Game of the Year Edition or something like that containing all the DLCs. Yesss…. I am the only sane person in the world! *adjusts his tin-foil hat*

Ah-hem. Please, pardon that small outburst of sanity. Now, to explain why I bought Saints Row: the Third is a bit more complicated… Part of it, as I explained, is because the previews made the game look really charming somehow. The other part is…. I guess I just wanted a non-fantasy game as most of the games on my pile of “To Play” are fantasy. More than that, a game where I can just run and go cause some mayhem without worrying about the morality of my character, the “seriousness” of the world/story or anything like that. Lastly, it is probably because I wanted to stretch a bit my comfort zone and play a game in a genre that, in the past, I didn’t enjoy.

I must admit though that until I got a chance of actually playing the game I did feel some regret. Thoughts about how much of an idiot I was for wasting money in a game I most certainly wouldn’t like, how I should have spent that money on Skyrim instead if I was going to do something stupid, etc. Fortunately, once I got to start playing the game, all those thoughts quickly vanished and I spent some solid fun hours playing the game.

Since just saying that doesn’t make for an interesting post, let me try to tell you what makes this game so good.

Just one caveat though. I am pretty terrible at these kind of  games. If you think that invalidates all my experiences with the game then feel free to stop reading here. Personally I think it just makes a for a better case for the game. It is already pretty hard to make a game that can please a broad range of people with a straightforward game. To do it in a game with activities as diverse as this one then, I would say, it is near impossible. Yet the people at Volition did it pretty well! My virtual hat is off to them!

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