[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Alliances and Wars (Turns 331- 340)

It is my turn to rule over the Great British Empire again!

One of the interesting things about this project is that every time I get back to the game it feels at the same time familiar and different. By that I mean, our borders or that of our rivals haven’t changed that much since my last time at the throne.

Yet at the same time we have far more advanced military units, we are pretty much at the end-game now and more than ever it feels like every decision matters.

It is a strange feeling but an interesting one.

For anyone who just stumbled on this, this post is part of a Community Succession game hosted by Naithin of Time to Loot. You can find more information about it and links to all the participating blogs here.

With all that said, let’s get to screwing everything up improving the Great British Empire!

Credits: The image at the top was made by Naithin.

Previously on Long Live the Queen…

It’s been a long time since my last turn so I might be forgetting to mention some important development that happened to our civilization. If so, I apologize.

First, my successor decided to not continue the war with Gilgamesh, accepting his peace offer. That might have been for the best, honestly. We just didn’t have the siege weapons to continue with that war. The only reason we were able to take the cities we did was because of the easy difficulty mode and because those cities were virtually unprotected. That was not the case with the rest of the Babylonian cities though.

Of course, Gilgamesh was still dumb and tried to settle more cities south of our borders, on the tundra. My successors tried to herd it somewhere else with some small success. They still managed to build a city but I don’t think it is territory that good, nor do I believe they will be able to develop it enough to ever become a threat to us.

Besides that there were again a lot of advancements in technology and culture. We are now in the information era, with our research getting pretty close to the Space Race.

Ironically we are still a Monarchy. We are still shy a few cultural researches before we can switch governments to Democracy.

Our victory isn’t completely assured though. We still have the lead on Science but Babylonia and the USA aren’t too far behind. More worrying than that is that France and Brazil are almost halfway on a Cultural victory while we are lagging in fourth place for that.

For a Religious Victory, Brazil is taking the lead but right now it doesn’t seem like a threat. Hopefully it will remain that way.

And of course we are the ones leading in the Domination Victory thanks to that last war with Gilgamesh which netted us… three cities, was it? I don’t even remember anymore. In any case, I am not worried about anyone trying to get that kind of victory in this game.

Here is how the current world map looks like from what we know of it:

The areas in red are our territory. Green is Brazil, orange is Sumeria, dark turquoise is Egypt, navy blue is America, blue is France and the black ones are the City-States. The beige parts are territory that are unknown to us.

Turn 330

Upgraded as many units as possible. Not only just in case of another war but, if I understand the game correctly, keeping units from older eras around cost more in terms of maintenance.

Turn 331

Pedro II of Brazil offered to buy some of our archaeological artifacts for a payment of 1 gold now, then 1 gold for 30 turns and a painting. I laughed at the offer. He wasn’t amused.

One of our calvary was trying to eliminate some Barbarians near an archaeological dig site but three Barbarians, even from past eras were proving to be a bit too tricky for just one Cavalry. It has pretty much paper thin defenses and I didn’t want to risk losing it.

Instead I decided to send a Mechanized Infantry that was stationed at Leads to take care of them. I am not sure if it will reach the Barbarians before my reign is over though.

Bristol finishes building Sewers, solving any population issues it might have. I am between building another trader as money is always good, building a spy since we don’t have any yet, not even for defending ourselves or the Forbidden City World Wonder for the +1 Wild Card policy slot.

Then I realize the Forbidden City in Bristol can only be built on its Stone Resources. That is not something I want to lose as it gives a bonus to production.

In the end I decide to order it to build a Spy. It is always good to have at least one of them around, on the defense.

Norwich also completes a Sewer so I ordered it to build an Industrial Zone as it has an area with a +1 bonus for it.

Turn 332

This is the kind of situation that makes me think “If I accept this it will only end in tears, right?”

Cleopatra makes an interesting offer. She wants to trade 6 gold now, then 14 gold and one unit of coffee for 30 turns for salt and mercury. If it was only that I’d take the deal in a heartbeat. What makes me hesitate though is she also offering an alliance and a Research Agreement for Computers.

Usually I am not too keen on making Research Agreements with rival civilizations, specially if I am in the lead for a Science Victory. It just feels like I am helping a rival a lot while gaining very little myself. However at the moment of this writing, Egypt is the 4th in the Science Victory so it might not be too bad to help them out.

Then there is the Alliance. That means if any of us enter into a war the other one automatically enter the war too. Although I don’t fear anyone else’s military if Egypt decides to enter into a war with someone else we would be dragged into it too and that could be a burden into our resources. War weariness is a thing in this game after all. On the other hand, we probably could finish any war pretty quickly as the other side would probably just ask for peace as soon as possible so might not be a big deal. :p

After pondering all that I decide to accept it. Egypt has been the only one that has been consistently friendly to us so might as well deepen the diplomatic relationship. You can blame me later when this turns out to be a bad deal. :p

A brazilian spy is caught trying to steal money in Bristol. This is why we need at least one spy on the defense. Who knows how much has been stolen from us without our knowledge!

Oh, and Cleopatra comes back again complaining about our troops near her border which I assure her that they were just moving by. They weren’t actually moving, they were just left there so I move them away as I don’t want to make our new ally angry.

Turn 333

Gilgamesh demands 4 gold for 30 turns. I tell him he can get it from my cold dead hands. He makes threats of war.

Ur finishes building an Aqueduct. It is suffering from insufficient amenities though so I order it to build an entertainment complex.

Eridu finishes building Sewers too. I order it to work on a Builder as there are several resources nearby that we are just not exploiting. One of my neurotic symptoms with this game is that I can’t see luxury resources in my civilization’s territory without wanting to do something about it. It just feels like a waste for me otherwise, even if they might not be as useful in the later eras.

Turn 334

We discover Nuclear Fission which means we can now make nuclear weapons! Well, we need to complete the Manhattan Project first but after that we definitely can have some nukes! MWHAHAHAHAA! *cough*cough* Not that I am planning to nuke anyone, of course… I am totally a pacifist, I would never think of building one of those horrible devices. No, siree.

Oh, since my predecessor already set a later technology to be researched it automatically started to research Lasers.

Cleopatra declares war on Gilgamesh. Apparently I was wrong in my assumptions and we didn’t go to war too. So I look at the Civilopedia and apparently all that Alliances means are that we get automatic open borders with each other, we can make Research Agreements and Defensive Pacts and their territory counts as a friendly one, allowing us to upgrade units if they are in their lands.

Huh. Maybe I was confusing it with an earlier game in the franchise.

Turn 335

I can recruit the Great Admiral, Sergei Gorshkov. But since we essentially don’t have any naval units I just leave him near London.

Turn 336

Nothing to report.

Turn 337

Mistakes were made… probably.

Egypt founds the city Swenett right by Stoke-Upon-Treant. So, yeah, the time to blame me for that deal is now. Granted they are at a tundra which isn’t all that great land for a city. Plus if by some weird AI reason they decide to turn on us I am pretty sure this city won’t make much of a difference.

Birmighan finishes building an Industrial Zone. I order it to build a Workshop next.

Turn 338

Our archaeologist safely reaches the dig site thanks to the Mechanized Infantry. He ends up digging a barbarian sword which is promptly sent to the museum in London.

Turn 339

London finishes building a Broadcast Center which should help to protect our people against the influence of foreign culture and propaganda.

I briefly consider telling it to build the Cristo Redentor but that will tie up London for 39 turns. By then we might be able to start building projects for the Space Race and I’d rather have London be free to work on that. With that in mind I order it to build a Lighthouse which only takes 4 turns and will bring some benefits too.

Turn 340

Pedro II declares war on Valleta. Since we are the Suzerain of that city-state we could declare war on Brazil without a war mongering penalty. However all our troops are too far away from it and moving them there would take time.

I decide to not do anything at this moment. I don’t want to declare a war where I couldn’t do anything meaningful so I will just leave it to my successors to decide on what to do.

Besides that there isn’t anything else of note that I can do.

Now the crown goes back to Paeroka. You can find the save file here.

4 thoughts on “[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Alliances and Wars (Turns 331- 340)”

  1. Apologies for the click through to a later tech! I clicked through to see how long it would take to get us to Nuclear Fusion, required for the Mars Nuclear Reactor launch, then forgot to bring it backward again.

    Note to any future rulers: Change it if you see fit. I think this aligns to our (more or less?) agreed path forward anyway, but as ruler you have every right and ability to change direction as your whim dictates! 🙂

    Otherwise, good round I think. Between solving the housing crisis (or starting to) in my turns and solving some of the amenities issues in yours, we should be in a good spot for that stuff for a bit. I prooobably would’ve taken the alliance deal with Cleopatra too, although I’d have had to look a bit more into how research agreements pan out in this game to be sure. 🙂

    • No worries about that, I thought it was intentional since it does unlock something for the Space Race, even though it might not be of immediate use for us yet. (We need to complete the project to get to the Moon first, I think).

      In any case, I trust our successors to choose the right techs if they think a Science Victory is the way to go.

      And thanks! I think the way research agreements on this game works is that it pools both of our civilizations Science Points together to allow to research something. It is probably researched on the background too, even if we are researching something else. Meaning that we might end up getting the Computer Tech even if we never choose it.

      I might (and probably am) completely wrong about it though. I rarely do Research Agreements and if I do is because I am loosing on Science.

      • No, not intentional to leave it dictating research to future players. Although I *am* concerned about the remaining turn count. But while I haven’t attempted to math it out — I think even with a ‘perfect’ run from here til the end of the game I’m not sure we have the time.

        The largest unknown to me though is how many turns each of the projects will require, and whether the last Mars projects need to be done in a linear fashion. If they do I think there is basically no way we can achieve scientific victory now, but I assume they can be done simultaneously/out of order if the research requirements are met.

        • If I recall correctly the only ones we need to do linearly are the satellite launch project and the Moon Landing Project. After we complete those two then we can build the Mars Project modules in any order.

          However the Mars modules can take a long time to build if the city doesn’t have a Research Station and an industrial zone.

          Again, I could be wrong about all that. It’s been a while since I got a Science Victory.

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