[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen! – Meeting new people and killing them (or some of them) – Turns (11 – 20)

Naithin of Time to Loot came up with the idea of doing a succession game of Civilization VI and invited some of us bloggers to participate. You can find the details here.

The TL;DR version is: We’ll be playing only with the base game so the most people can join. Each person will play for 10 turns and then pass on the save for the next turn. Then they will blog about it. Rinse and repeat until we beat the game or everything go terribly wrong and we lose. XD

Also, if it isn’t obvious by the banner, we’ll be playing England.

The current participants are, in order of play:

  1. Naithin
  2. Rakuno
  3. Paeroka
  4. Tessa (aka Endalia)
  5. Krikket
  6. UnwiseOwl
  7. Rambling Redshirt
  8. Kanter

If you are interested on this series, please follow all of them to see where this games goes. 🙂

P.S.: Banner created by Naithin.

Previously in Long Live the Queen…

We didn’t start in the best of positions. It wasn’t too bad either and Naithin did the best he could with what we got. Also, just to be expected it didn’t take long for him to find a barbarian camp. But instead of outright attacking he decided to have our warrior do a staring contest with the barbarians. Which may have been a wise decision.

Turn 11

We can now make fancy vases! And probably a bunch of other things too.

First order of business was to check where we stood in terms of tech and civics progress, money and so on. No complaints from me on any of those and since we are still starting the game it is not like there were that many interesting options anyway.

On turn 11 the research on Pottery just finished and I decided to start a new one on Animal Husbandry. I figure the sooner we can build pastures with those sheep the better. It should provide us with food, production and maybe some housing growth too.

I also do some more exploration with the scout but don’t find anything of interest besides some new resources too far from us right now.

As for the barbarians, normally I’d just be reckless and attack them outright. In fact that was my intention when I was reading Naithin’s post. But then I thought a bit more about it and realized it may not be a good idea. Here is my reasoning: that camp has been there for a few turns already and I had no idea when they would spawn a new unit. If I was attacking the camp with just our one Warrior and another barbarian spawned they could gang up on him and we’d end up defenseless. So I decided to continue with the staring contest and wait until the Slinger construction was finished.

Turns 12 – 14

Time to build a… Builder.

Nothing of note on turn 12 and 13. Just more exploration with the scout and just finding more natural resources. On Turn 14 though the Slinger is finally built and I send him in the direction of our warrior to assist him in taking down the barbarians.

Side note: I was planning on renaming the Slinger just for amusement’s sake and to keep track of how long he will live. Unfortunately it seems we can’t rename units until they get 3 promotions. Oh, well. Maybe in the future I can rename one of the units!

Next was to decide what our city should build next. Again, I am doing something different than my usual games. At this point I’d be building a Settler to start a second city as soon as possible. The game even suggests that choice. But the problem is that the city’s population won’t grow while you are building a Settler and a new city can be a drain in our coffers until it becomes self-sufficient. Plus there is the issue of that barbarian camp so close to our capital.

Instead I decide to start work on a Builder. With a Builder we can build some pastures on those two sheep near our city which should helps us considerably in terms of food and production. Maybe even build something with those clams or whales if we can get Sailing researched before the Builder is gone.

Turns 15 – 16

Cards Against… Somebody. Or something. Ok, I don’t have a witty comment about this screenshot.

Turn 15 is uneventful. Just more exploration and the Slinger continuing to make his way to the Warrior. On Turn 16 our research on the Code of Laws Civics is completed. This gives us the option to finally choose some Civics cards which should make our lives in the early game much easier.

Not many choices yet though. For military it is pretty much a no-brainer choice and I pick “Discipline”. That will help us fight those barbarians which I am pretty sure we’ll be meeting a lot in these early turns.

The Economic Policy though can be more tricky. It is either “God King” for a passive +1 gold and faith per turn for our capital or “Urban Planning” for +1 production bonus per turn in all of our cities.

My first instinct is to go for “Urban Planning”: having a bonus to production could be helpful to finish some much needed units and buildings this early in the game.

But then I think better and decide a passive gold income and faith might be better. Specially because I like to found a religion as soon as possible just for their bonuses. I have no idea if the next players will want to follow this route but that is up to them. For now I think “God King” is the best choice. Besides, we only have our capital right now anyway. It is not like there is any other city that could take advantage of the production bonus from “Urban Planning”. :p

For the next Civic I decide to start research on “Foreign Trade”. That will allow us to build trade routes which will be necessary to build roads to our future second city and will also help if we find a City State to trade with.

During this turn the barbarian camp spawns a Warrior of their own. I still don’t move ours though but it seems like our staring contest will finally come to an end!

Turn 17


Our Scout finally finds a goodie hut, giving +1 population to London and +6 XP to the Scout.

It is also time to finally start some battles! Since the Barbarian Warrior was right next to ours I decide to go on the offensive, leaving them with less than 50% HP.

Turn 18

Who knew finding another continent was that easy!

The research on Animal Husbandry finishes this turn and I decide to start on Sailing, which we already had half-researched due to founding our capital by the shores.

Our Scout discovers the continent of… South America?!? Well, last I saw South America wasn’t attached to another continent but it gives us a boost to the “Foreign Trade” civic research so I am not complaining!

It is also time to finish off that Barbarian Warrior which leaves our Warrior right next to the Barbarian camp. Our Warrior ends up the battle with plenty of HP so I am not worried about that.

Turn 19

This could be interesting…. And by interesting I mean “May you live in interesting times” type of curse.

We start the turn by discovering our first rival, Cleopatra. I am cordial with her and she offers to tour her city which I accept. Normally this would reveal their capital but since our Scout is right by her borders and they don’t seem to have any other city yet it doesn’t really matter much.

This discovery does boost our research of Writing though, so whenever we decide to do that we’ll start with a bonus!

The barbarians for some reason decide to take their Spearman outside their camp for some weird reason. Better for me because I immediately attack with the Slinger. Then I attack with the Warrior but unfortunately that doesn’t destroy them.

Turn 20

Time to destroy this barbarian camp!

Cleopatra offers to send a delegation with a gift of papyrus. The bad side of accepting is they will know where our capital is. I think the good side of it is that it would improve our diplomatic relationship a bit and maybe even the economy. Honestly I never paid much attention to the actual effects of accepting such an offer.

Since we are dealing with the AI it is not like they will be smart enough to do anything with knowing the location of our capital. So I end up accepting her delegation. It is best to not create problems with the neighbors so early in the game!

The barbarian Spearman moves back into the camp for some crazy reason. But it is too late for them as I send our Warrior for the kill which eliminates both the enemy and the camp. The Warrior gets a promotion (which I can’t choose this turn). Clearing the camp also gives a boost to the “Military Tradition” tech research.

I also order the Slinger to move back to the capital. The Scout also does a bit more of exploring but again nothing worth of note.

In the next episode…

That was all I could do in 10 turns. It was more than I expected to be honest. Now it is up to Paeroka to continue the game. If you liked this post, please keep an eye on her blog for the next part in the series.

Paeroka, the save game can be found here. Just let me know if there is a problem with the link and I will see what I can do!

Looking forward to see your and the others decisions. 🙂

3 thoughts on “[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen! – Meeting new people and killing them (or some of them) – Turns (11 – 20)”

  1. Nice work on the barbarians! 😀 I’m pleased we kept all our military in the process, I was a little worried for our poor ol’ warrior to start with. I could just imagine the barb camp spawning a horseman unit or something while waiting, and yet I still didn’t feel quite ready to go in without another unit’s support (or at least the Discipline card, hah).

    Going to be super interesting to see where this lands by the time it works its way back around!

    • Thank you! Like I said I am usually pretty reckless in these kind of situations but since there was someone that would play after me I didn’t want to risk it. Plus save-scumming felt like it would go against the spirit of this project.

      But once that Slinger got next to our Warrior and we had the Discipline card, I just went all in for the attack. XD

      Agreed. I imagine our civilization might have another city or two by then and have found a few more rivals. Maybe even be in a different era too. 🙂

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