[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Need more Pylons, I mean, Production (Turns 401 – 410)

It’s been a long time since my last turn at this succession game. So long that I am feeling pretty rusty at playing it. Granted there was nothing preventing me from playing Civilization VI between my turns, in fact I almost considered it. But I haven’t been feeling in the mood for it and even if I did then it would be with all the DLCs which would not help me much here as we are playing it with just the base game.

Anyhoo, if you just stumbled here somehow, this post is part of a collaborative Succession Game of Civilization VI where different blogger each take 10 turns playing the game then pass on the save to the next player. It is being hosted by Naithin of Time to Loot and you can find a link to all the participants, their posts about the event and other information here.

Credits: The image at the top was made by Naithin.

Previously on Long Live the Queen

I don’t know at which point it was but we set our goal to win this game with a Science Victory. We’ve been steadily working our way towards it and now we are at at point where we just need to build the required parts to win.

However Roosevelt is right on our heels. We may have a much higher lead in terms of science, in fact we already discovered every technological achievement possible. However the United States have a much bigger production and they are catching up to us fast.

Besides that we went from a population that were extremely good at math but couldn’t discern a good painting from some stick figures to the leading civilization in Culture. This might be another way to victory for us but it won’t be easy as the french are also fighting nail and teeth to become the dominant cultural civilization.

Lastly, there is the possibility of winning by points. We are at the late phase of the game, with not that many turns left. If we fail to launch the last space modules or spread our culture to every other civilization then that will be the only option left for us.

Well, I suppose we could try to start a world war or convert everyone else to Buddhism but at this point those strategies feel unlikely to work. :p

And that is pretty much the stage of this play as I step into it again…

Oh, in case anyone is curious this is how the world map looks right now:

We now have a picture of the entire map thanks to our satellites!

The areas in red are our territory. Green is Brazil, orange is Sumeria, dark turquoise is Egypt, navy blue is America, blue is France and the black ones are the City-States.

Turn 401

First thing I do, as always, is to check the status of the Great English Empire. We are in a pretty good position as we got a lot of money, our cities seem to be growing well and our borders are well protected.

With all this money available I decide to upgrade a couple of units. Having knights still roaming around in 1980 just feels ridiculous for me. :p

Also, the Hermitage has been completed in Leeds. This should help us with our culture a lot if we decide to go down that path.

Since Leeds is one of our two cities who can work on a Space Project I order them to work on the Mars Hydroponics. It will take 41 turns for it to complete…

Turn 402

Gilgamesh denounces us. Apparently he doesn’t have anything better to do, like say, ruling a civilization or something like that. :p

Otherwise nothing of note happens.

Turn 403

Eridu completes a Power Plant. I order it to build a Space Port next. It is unlikely it will finish before we get the Science Victory but I figure it might be good to have one more, just in case.

I also get our workers to build an oil platform at the sea and a gypsum mine by Birmingham.

Turn 404

I don’t know what happened to my Civilization but the leader’s look kinda funky now. Specially the hair. Kinda hard to see it in here but the problem is there!

Cleopatra call us lazy. Apparently she has the Heavy Industry agenda which makes her look down on anyone that doesn’t invest in industry and has low production. It just happens to be us this turn…

London also finishes a round of Campus Research Grants. Not paying attention to what it was I just order them to build a Nuclear Plant in the hopes that it will boost their production. Cleopatra will probably still look down on us but every production counts!

Turn 405

Nothing of note.

Turn 406

Birmingham also finishes a round of Campus Research Grants. Again, I didn’t pay too much attention to it so I just ordered them to build a Monument. It only takes 1 turn and it will generate a bit of Culture.

I also upgrade our last knight into a Modern Armor and merge it with our 2 Stars Modern Armor.

We also got a round of Future Tech research done and I set it to continue research on it since there isn’t anything else I can choose.

Turn 407

I get to pick two Great People! One is Clancy Fernando, a Great Admiral. Unfortunately he is at London whose only access is to a sea that is blocked to the outside by ice. Since he won’t be that useful there I just let him sleep in the city.

The other Great Person is a Great Artist called Boris Orlovsky which I send to Leeds to create some Great Work of art.

At this point I realize a mistake that Naithin made in his last tenure as ruler of England. He had set some our cities to produce Science in the hopes of getting a Great Scientist sooner. The rationale was that we could get one to boost the production of our Space Projects. Only problem is there aren’t any more Great Scientists to be recruited.

We can still recruit some Great Engineers who can do the same thing. But the problem in this case is that we are behind in production and both Gilgamesh and Teddy Roosevelt are beating us to recruit the next one. Still it gives me some direction on what to aim for the next 3 turns.

Birmingham finishes the Monument from last turn. I consider Forbidden City for that +1 Wild Policy card but they could only build that on top of a rice pad which I don’t want to lose.

I decide then to build the Big Ben. It will take 33 turns but would give us +1 slot to a Economy Policy.

Adab finishes a round of Campus Research Grants and since they don’t have an Industrial District to generate more production I tell them to build some sewers to keep growing.

At this point I change my mind about Birmingham and change their orders from the Big Ben to Industrial Zone Logistics to get that production up.

Plymouth finishes building Sewers and I choose Market next for them. More gold is always useful.

Turn 408

I don’t know who Mikhail Kutuzov is but this statue looks cool. And yes, I know Wikipedia and Google exist. :p

Orlovsky finally reaches Leed’s Theater Square. He immediately goes to work, creating a sculpture to be displayed in their museum.

We also get to recruit a Great Writer, a man called Karel Capek. Then I tell him to go somewhere to create a book that will dazzle the other civilizations.

Turn 409

We finish researching the Professional Sports Civics and I choose Social Media next. I also change some of our civics to try to both boost our production and to earn us a Great Engineer faster. It is still not enough to get us to beat Roosevelt or Gilgamesh but the distance is a lot smaller to the second place now.

An enemy spy steals 392 gold from Bristol! Because of that I order Bradford to train a spy. They had just finished building an entertainment district so that made it an easy choice on what to choose next.

Orlovsky creates another sculpture, while Capek writes a book for us.

Turn 410

Ur finishes building a Theater Square district so I order them to build an Amphitheater. Just in case a Cultural Victory might be more a more viable ending for us.

Both Orlovsky and Capek finish the last of their great works then decide to retire.

Next on Long Live the Queen…

That is all for my turns. Honestly I am worried about Roosevelt. I don’t remember at which turn he did it but he completed the Moon Landing Project. He still doesn’t have all the technologies to start on the Space Race Projects but it is just a question of time.

Plus his production is stronger than ours, making it possible that he could catch to us fast. To my successors I advice to keep an eye on him. Do what you must to keep Roosevelt in check.

Next up on this succession game is Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs. The save file is here.

3 thoughts on “[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – Need more Pylons, I mean, Production (Turns 401 – 410)”

  1. “Only problem is there aren’t any more Great Scientists to be recruited.”

    Oh man! It didn’t even occur to me that they were a game limited resource, but now that you mention it I don’t know why, because I’ve seen the screen that lists the potential options. Dooooh. Ah well; at the very least the Future Tech earlier completion and cycling will help get us further ahead on score. I didn’t like how the gap had narrowed at the start of my turn.

    I think as long as we continue to beeline the Mars projects in any available spaceport without delay, we’ll still come out ahead of Teddy, but do agree he needs to have an eye kept on him.

    Looking forward to seeing where Pae takes us next! πŸ˜€

    • I forgot about it too. I only realized it was a thing when I could recruit some great artists to our empire and noticed that the part for Great Scientists was empty.

      Honestly I think we’ll end up getting a Cultural Victory. We were pretty close to it when I stopped but France might not allow that considering it is their thing.

      I am looking forward to see where she takes us next too. πŸ™‚

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