[Civ VI] Long Live the Queen – War in Ancient Times! (Turns 91 – 100)

When we started this project I honestly thought it would take at least a month for it to be my turn to play the game again, specially with so many participants. But it is actually going pretty fast, probably as a result of each of us being only able to play 10 turns.

If you have no idea what I am talking about then here is a brief explanation: Naithin of Time to Loot invited some of us bloggers to play a game of Civilization VI, cooperatively. Each of us play the game for 10 turns and then once it is done we pass on the save to the next person. Rinse and repeat until we either beat the game or meet utter defeat!

He even made a page for it that you can check here. You can find all the details there, including who the participants are and a link to each post narrating what happened during their turns. If you like what you see here, please consider following all of them as they are all excellent folks.

The banner on the top of the post was also made by Naithin.

Previously on Long Live the Queen

Our empire continued to explore, expand, met more rival civilizations and advanced both scientifically and culturally. Then we got a declaration of war. From two different civilizations. At the same time. Oh, boy.

Also, this is how our current knowledge of the world looks:

So much to explore still!

Apologies for the map’s looks but this was the only way I know of to show the whole map. I don’t know if there is a more visually appealing way.

The areas in red are our empire’s territories. The black ones are city-states. The green one is Brazil. The… cyan? I am not sure how to call that color, is Egypt. Orange is Sumeria, America is dark blue and light blue is France.

Now that I think about it I should have checked in the Victory menu if these are all the rivals civilizations in this game. I doubt it but it would be better to confirm than saying something untrue. XD

Turn 91

London just finished our first Campus district. So I ordered it to build a library. Naithin was thinking a Science Victory might be a good idea since we are ahead of it and I agree with him. Plus technological advantage also means weaponry advantage so if anyone else is foolish enough to declare war on us again it will be easier to teach them a lesson.

I also decided to buy a battering ram since it is our only available siege weapon right now. Then send it together with a Warrior towards Curitiba.

Turn 92

Over at Brazil, I tell our Spearman who was already there to pillage their Campus. This boosts our research of Iron Working, completing it. I am not much a fan of burning good books but this is war! They need to be taught a lesson for picking a fight with us!

Next I set our empire to research Engineering as a catapult would be really nice in these times of war.

Turn 93

Over a Leeds there are a couple of barbarian Scouts nearby. I tell our archer to shoot one of them but it doesn’t immediately kill it.

Turn 94

Mistakes were made…

The civics “Games and Recreation” is completed. It give us a few things, the most important probably being the ability of building the Entertainment Complex district. I set “Defensive Tactics” to be researched next as it is halfway done already and, again, times of war and all that.

I also move our Spearman to pillage what appears like it would be their Holy district. I only realize too late how I had just courted danger with it as it was leaving our archer pretty much open for an attack….

Turn 95

Brazil tries to negotiate peace. Pedro II only offers 5 gold for it though and I admit for a moment I thought about accepting. We have better things to do then deal with this stupid war.

But then I realize that Curitiba isn’t too far from our own empire and it is in a nice strategic location…. So I become greedy and tell him to give us Curitiba too and we can call it even. Of course he refuses.

Since I refused Pedro II’s terms for peace, he sends his Heavy Chariot to attack our Archer and his Warrior to attack our Spearman. Fortunately neither end up killing our units, just do some damage to them.

My first instinct is to move our Archer away from the brazilian Chariot but I decide to take a gamble and try to destroy it instead. I attack with the Archer first and then with the Spearman but it isn’t enough to destroy it.

Turn 96

Our Archer and Spearman destroy the brazilian Heavy Chariot. By then they already replaced the Heavy Chariot inside Curitiba with another one too.

But this gives us an Eureka moment for “Military Tactics” which I am sure will be useful. This victory also gives a promotion to both our units.

Back at London, the Library is built. I ponder about start building the Hanging Gardens as by this time I’d already have started on a World Wonder of two. Instead I decided to start building a Heavy Chariot so we can have a more mobile military unit.

Turn 97

Before I started the game our Archer already had one promotion done. With this second one I finally could rename it and I decided to just go with the suggested random name: “The Galloping Arrows”. Now let’s see how long will they survive. 🙂

Over at Stoke-Upon-Trent, which I am honestly surprised is the real name of an English city, they finish building a Warrior and I tell them to start work on Ancient Walls. Since it is a frontier city I figure it will be the most advantageous construction right now.

Turn 98

Look, Pedro II, buddy, we had this talk before. What makes you think this time it will be different?

Pedro II tries to negotiate for peace again. With the same terms. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson the first time so I just tell him “No thanks. Come back later with better terms and we may talk”.

Leeds finish building its Campus district, giving us the inspiration for the “Recorded History” civic. The “Defensive Tactics” civic research is also finished this turn and I choose “Drama and Poetry” for the next one. I almost picked up “Military Training” but “Drama and Poetry” will unlock the ability to build the “Theater Square” district and I like to have all the district options unlocked as soon as possible.

It also gives me the opportunity to change our civics but I decide to keep it as is. There is still a barbarian camp to the south and east of Leeds after all and having some bonuses to destroy them would be nice.

As for Leeds, I tell them to start work on a Builder. We have a Quarry right by our borders that hasn’t been exploited yet!

Also, our Archer starts to take pot-shots at Curitiba to not much effect. But the thought is what counts!

Turn 99

London finishes building our Heavy Chariot and after some musing on what to build next I decide on a Holy Site. In retrospect I should have checked if all the Religions have been founded already before giving the orders to build it. Oh, well, if Paeroka thinks it is a waste of time there won’t be that many turns wasted at least.

Turn 100

Nothing really to do here besides taking some more potshots at Curitiba.

And that is where I stop. The crown goes once again to Paeroka. I was hoping I could finish these wars before her reign but I realize it was way too unrealistic considering I only had 10 turns to deal with both Brazil and France. But oh, well. At least I gave a bit of a fight against Pedro II. XD

The save file can be found here.

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  1. Crush him! I wouldn’t mind if we took over his whole empire. Cleo would at least be mildly impressed and maybe France would backoff if she sees we’re no pushover.

    • I’d love to do that. But by the time I get to play again I think the war will be over.

      Plus we might get a warmongering penalty for that which can be annoying when other civilizations start to denounce us every other turn or so. XD

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