[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 2

Before this session started I thought it would be a very straightforward affair: we would execute our plan, probably run into some trouble while executing it but otherwise mostly succeed and get closer to our goal. I couldn’t be more wrong about it! A lot of different things happened, including a change of plans!

I am getting ahead of myself though. If you want to see how this all started, who the characters and the setting we are playing in, you can find it all in Part 1 of this series.

Also, let me give the usual disclaimer that English is not my native language and my speaking and hearing skills are at about 90% at best. That and I have a terrible memory so some of the information here may be inaccurate. If the DM or the other players correct anything about it then I will just note it in the next post.

With all that said, this is what happened during the last session…

It starts with our heroes hanging at the Octagonal Table1 while discussing if we can get some more information about the Claw of Tiamat, how summoning the dragon-goddess would work or even about our current enemies.

Some ideas are thrown around but nothing concrete is settled in. Then Kaimir decides to share some confidential information that reached his ears. This was actually a secret that our characters were supposed to receive back at the first session but our DM forgot about it and so we got it this session. Each player received a different one, which they could decide to share or not. Given the nature of mine I decided this was the best moment to share it.

Anyway, the confidential information was that there were some rumors about a representative of the western orc tribes inside the city asking about the Knights. It looked like a good lead to try to find more about the claw or our enemies so we decided to pursue it.

We need to find more about those rumors though, particularly if they were actually true. Sleazy, the goblin smuggler, probably knew more so we decided to pay a visit to him. Fortunately for us, he did know something about those rumors and of course asked for some form of compensation before sharing it. Erl however didn’t like that much and, with the help of Flick, intimidated the poor goblin into giving us the info.

What Sleazy told us was that the supposedly emissary actually came to him earlier asking about the Knights. I don’t remember if the goblin did give any information about us to the emissary or what kind of questions they asked. Knowing, Sleazy he probably told everything he knew about us for some gold.

The goblin also told us where we could find the emissary: an abandoned smuggling den located at the sewers. It was an area that Kaimir knew from some previous work so he led the party there.

Because the life of an adventure can’t be simple, the party ran into some troubles in the sewers before even entering the smuggler den. To summarize it, there was a fight with a gelatinous cube, which fortunately was silent enough to not alert the enemies, some attempts at eavesdropping, which didn’t give much info, a trapped door, successfully disarmed and an attempt at lockpicking another door which did not succeed!

It was at this point the party decided to break into the smuggler den, police style, announcing who they were and ordering those inside to throw down their weapons.

Inside the room they found a well dressed half-elf, some bandits and a giant frog monster, a Banderhopp to be more precise. The half-elf was convinced to drop his weapons and ordered the bandits to do the same. The monster though tried to escape by teleporting through the shadows.

Kaimir, Flick and Lam’s panther, Shadow, went to chase the Banderhopp while Erl, #1 Lam herself stayed in the room to keep an eye on the others. Thanks to some teamwork between Shadow and Flick were able to make the monster fall into a grease spell.

Meanwhile, the other three knights started to interrogate the half-elf. He said they were promised money and power, all they had to do was to find a way for the Banderhopp to get into contact with us. More than that the half-elf, who was clearly the leader of this group, wouldn’t reveal unless we agreed to let his group to get away.

The Knights agreed but gave a warning that if they caught the bandits doing anything shady again they would go straight to jail. The half-elf agreed to these terms then told they had orders to not harm us in any way. He also didn’t know much about what the monster’s plans were, just that it wanted some item for some kind of ritual and the orcs wanted it too.

At this point the others came back into the room with a very angry, tied-up, Banderhopp. Then the half-elf picked up a disgusting bag, saying it belonged to the monster, and started rummaging through it. Upon seeing that, the Banderhopp got really angry, shouting for the bandit leader to drop the bag. As the half-elf produced a scroll from the bag, the monster’s throat started to grow. Fortunately Flick was nearby the Banderhopp, with some fire ready and light it up before it could do anything. Once it fell to the floor, the kobold threw some water on the monster to put out the fire as we didn’t want to kill it yet.

It was still enough to spooky the half-elf making him drop the bag and scroll. Kaimir picked the scroll, realized it was written in draconic and gave it to Erl to translate. What the paladin read was a list of items that would be necessary to summon Tiamat: a piece of the dragon-goddess herself, a sacrifice and it had to performed in a location with a strong connection to the Tiamat. Erl then threw the scroll at a nearby fireplace, destroying it.

The Knights then decided it was time to interrogate the Banderhopp. After some successful intimidation, the monster revealed it was ordered by someone called Rockgut to find us and retrieve the claw. This Rockgut person also apparently had powers similar to ours, was very dangerous and if we wanted to find her all we had to do was step outside the city’s walls and then maybe she would find us.

Since we couldn’t get any more information, Flick decided this was a good time to kneecap the Banderhopp. At least this time it was with Erl’s authorization. Although it did make the paladin to start questioning her life choices. Flick also took the monster’s now detached leg, or whatever was left of it, to experiment on later.

The bandits were let go and the Banderhopp was brought to prison, with strict instruction to keep it under lights at all times.

Back at the Octagonal Table there were some concerns about the chances of destroying the claw or if we might not be better just trying to hide it. Several different ideas were thrown around, like keeping it at the Royal Armory, giving it back to the red dragon that attacked the orcs, sneaking into the enemy camp and assassinating Rockgut among other options.

To break this endless discussion, #1 told the knights there are actually some secret tunnels under Lost Peaks that the orcs don’t know about. We could use them to get to where we need to go and then destroy the claw. Of course, it probably won’t be that easy but it seems like a safer bet than just marching into the area with an army.

How #1 got this information or why he decided to share it just now? Who knows? But my guess is that it had something to do with his mysterious Warlock powers!2

We decide to throw our old plan away while quickly coming up with a new one: another team of knights will lead the army away from the city and go to the east, pretending to take the claw with them. Meanwhile we’ll store the artifact at the Royal Armory, sneak into the orc’s camp and try to either capture Rockgut or assassinate her. Once that is done we’ll get the claw, travel west to the secret tunnels below Lost Peaks and then destroy this thing once and for all.

To help the plan we decided to tell Sleazy to go deliver the powder to the decoy group of knights, counting on his loose lips to spread the rumors they are the ones with the claw. Again, he wanted some compensation for this work but Erl threatened him once more to help us out for free. Kaimir tried to smooth things out with the goblin least he loses his contact but their relationship certainly became strained.

As the decoy army started to march to their destination, our scouts reported that the orcs were starting to dismantle their camps to follow it. Now all we need to do is find Rockgut and deal with her. But that will have to come into the next session.

Another point that was left to decide later was a way to track the claw. We had three options: the first one was a simple and cheap solution. It was a gnome toy that could be attached with a wire to the box with the claw. If anybody tries to open the box the toy will make a really loud noise. It only costs one gold.

The second solution is a magic ritual that can track objects but needs to be modified for the specific object it is tracking. It costs 200 gold to adapt the spell for it.

Lastly there is a gnome, whose name I can’t remember right now, that works in the “Quandary and Conundrum Protocol” department of the “Izzet’s Engineers”. He might be able to come up with something to help us out. Neither Flick or #1 like this idea much because they have some prejudice against gnomes but they might be willing to put their feelings aside for the mission.

This is probably something we need to decide first thing in the next session but we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and our characters got to level 5. Also since the people’s belief on us grew so did our powers. Our DM gave us the option of either strengthening our current powers or come up with a new one. We are currently in the process of discussing it.

And on a completely different note, I really need to learn to summarize better because this post is huge! Maybe take some screenshots of what we see in Roll20 too. But since this is an one-shot, maybe it might not be worth the effort.

  1. Because according to our DM the Round Table might be copyrighted so we have an octagonal one
  2. There are actual some mechanical reasons for this. We have a system called plot points. Each player gets one plot point each session they can use. By spending the plot point whatever they say (within reason) becomes true. However there is always a complication that is determined by another player. To make things fair, this other player is chosen by the DM via a dice roll. In this case, I was the one chosen for the complication and I decided we’ll be facing a monster that is probably worse than the orcs. If we end up dead at those tunnels you can blame me. :p
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