[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 4

My prediction that this would be the last session for this one-shot turned out to be inaccurate. But that was okay as there was an interesting development and we are close enough to our goal now that we should be able to finish our mission soon!

For those of you who are just finding out this post, you can catch up on everything by reading Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Also, my usual disclaimer: English isn’t my native language and my ability to speak and hear with it is at best about 90%. Therefore there may be some mistakes about what actually happened. If my DM or the other players reading this correct me on anything I will just edit it later and make a note in the next post.

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Corrections from last post

Before we get into the actual adventure there are a couple of corrections I need to make. First it is the Horn of Tiamat. According to our DM, the name is a misnomer, either accidental or purposeful, but the reason is lost to time. It is in fact a broken off claw of Tiamat.

And the name of the gnome we met last time is Crimp Glamghoul and his shop is World’s Greatest Magics, Bib-bobs, and Gizmos.

The adventure

We started with the party doing some brief preparations for the journey to the Lost Peaks. It was mostly buying some healing potions. I honestly don’t remember if the others bought anything more than that but if they did it was probably not something that important in terms of story.

Oh, one detail that may become important later on: Flick’s research on the Banderhop’s leg that she blew off in part 2, resulted in the acquisition of 4 potions of Shadow Step. While the research on the remains of a Gelatinous Cube, also acquired in the sewers back in part 2, resulted in some Flask of Acid with double the usual potency.

Anyway, there was some discussion about how we should travel but we quickly agreed that it was better to go through the roads as much as possible and try to look inconspicuous. We also decided to travel on our horses and accompanied only by our squires.

We even end up accompanying a performing group of kobolds for a bit which probably wasn’t the most inconspicuous except for Flick and Lam. Case in point, Kaimir and Lam noticed there was a group of hooded figures, taller than orcs, following them on the road but that disappeared just before they entered the town of Cente.

Lam decided to use her tracking skills to find the group of hooded figures but only found an abandoned camp. The ranger called on for Kaimir to help investigate it but the rogue wasn’t able to tell much more about when they left. They decided to take some of the abandoned sleeping bags back to town anyway just in case they could gather some other information.

At their room in the inn, someone suggested that the hooded figures might have been hobgoblings and that Rockgut’s squire might be among them. Although they weren’t entirely sure what the hobgoblins’ goal were for following the knights.

Since Lam had seem the Rockgut’s squire before she decided to use the crystal ball to try to confirm if our suspicions were correct, maybe even gather some more intel.

Lam was able to successfully see the image of the squire, quietly watching over a fire. She could also hear some other hobgoblins nearby heatedly arguing if who they were following were really the knights, if we were carrying the Horn of Tiamat and if our heroes knew that we didn’t have to go to the Lost Peaks to use it. They also blabbered about a plan to ambush our party on a marsh near the town of Vanquesquire.

The last part of the vision, there was the sound of a door opening, some light entering the room, a door closing and a male voice saying “I am here sister.”

With our suspicions pretty much confirmed, it was time to discuss what to do next. Some suggestions were thrown around, including taking a boat to Vanquesquire either to bypass the ambush entirely or to attack them from behind. The plan was discarded when the DM noted if we took to the sea there could be the danger of being attacked by pirates. Apparently those pirates is where the name “Sea of Thieves” came from…

Until this point I thought the Sea of Thieves name was one of those “lost to time” kind of deals. I didn’t imagine it was quite so… literal!

In the end the party decided that the safest option would probably to keep going through the road then stop at a safe distance from the ambush. Our stealthiest characters would then try to sneak in as close as possible with #1’s familiar, an owl, helping to find out the enemies locations. Once everyone was in place we would ambush the ambushers.

In practice what they found was a hobgoblin, sitting in broad view on a tree trunk, whistling. We are going to call him Boblin the Hobgoblin because that was the name on his token and to be honest that is probably what our party would nickname him anyway.

There was a light rain going on, with lots of clouds lowering the visibility to dim light. The party then tried to look for the hidden hobgoblins but were only able to find three more: two grunts and Rockgut’s squire. They knew there were probably more hidden somewhere since the hooded group consisted of 5 individuals.

Those who had the longest range or didn’t have stealth skills tried to stay as far as possible and ready for combat. While Kaimir and Flick tried to sneak in closer.

As they made their way towards the enemies, Kaimir noticed that Boblin stopped whistling for half a second and then resumed. Fearing this was a bad sign, Kaimir decide to use his relatively new knight power of Shadow Step and teleported behind one of the hidden hobgoblins then immediately murdered them. One down.

Next he sneaked over to take care of another enemy and once more was able to successfully backstab another one. At this point it looked like the other enemies saw Kaimir as he was hit by different arrows.

This is actually from before combat started. Sorry for the image size. I had to zoom out quite a bit to make sure I could get everyone. The purple lines are some shallow waters where it would count as difficult terrain to cross.

The rest of the party retaliated by shooting both Boblin and Rockgut’s squire. The squire tried to get close to Kaimir only for the rogue to shadow step behind her and stab the hobgoblin in the heart.

Boblin was visibly angry at this and tried to cast a fireball at Kaimir’s direction but fortunately #1 was fast and cast Counter Spell, nullifying the attack. Boblin fearing that his group had no chance shouted to retreat and dashed off.

The party was able to see the other two hidden hobgoblins appearing and running off in different directions. Kaimir went after one of the grunts, successfully capturing him. Meanwhile #1 tried to find the other grunt but failed. The rest of the part went after Boblin, getting close to finding him but failing too.

As they all got back to the marsh they tried to interrogate the captured grunt. Unfortunately they weren’t able to get much information out of him as their boss, probably the now dead squire, didn’t tell the grunts more than some simple orders. The only useful information was their meeting point in case things went wrong there, a cave outside a “Vulcan” settlement, which the party assumed was the next town over, Vanquesquire.

Side note: Flick helped the interrogation by pointing her rifle at the grunt, casting a fire cantrip and making some noises like she was powering her rifle. Surprisingly enough it was pretty effective.

Seeing at they wouldn’t get any more information the knights decided to let the hobgoblin run away. While escaping he was shouting some some threats, #1, Flick and Kaimir all shot at him at the same time. I guess they really didn’t want to risk him warning his friends and to have a quick death.

It was also at this point that we realized that the only party member who has a Good alignment is Erl. Everybody else is some sort of Neutral alignment.

After using excessive force to murder a fleeing hobgoblin, they took some piece of wood that had Boblin’s blood on it to help spy on him later and decided to take a long rest, just so they wouldn’t have to fight while exhausted. The next morning they continued to Vanquesquire.

Once they reached the town, they used the crystal ball again to find Boblin’s whereabouts. It looked like he and the other hobgoblin were walking in some windy desert. The party concluded that Boblin abandoned the cave early, going straight to Lost Peaks.

This probably won’t be a problem for the knights as they intend to take the secret tunnels into the Lost Peaks, bypassing any orc army in their way. Granted from the point we are going to there is quite a bit of distance so we’ll have a long walk in the Underdark. Who knows what kind of dangers wait in there? We’ll be doing that part of the journey in the next session though!

A couple of last notes: #1 noticed in that last fight that Kaimir’s armor wasn’t that good so he suggested that the rogue should invest in a new one. Kaimir agreed but all he could afford was a studded leather armor which was a slightly improvement over his leather armor but better than nothing!

As I explained to the group, this is the part where me being a newbie at D&D bit me in the back. I was just using the leather armor I got during character creation and didn’t think much about how bad it would be for a 5th level character. If I knew that I’d probably try spending my initial gold to bolster my Armor Class.

I also completely forgot I had Uncanny Dodge, which probably would have helped to mitigate some of the damage I took. Oh, well, live and learn.

Lam also acquired a flashlight since being a Changeling she is the only one in the party without Darkvision. Well, #1 doesn’t have it either but he came with a clever solution. He will put his owl familiar on top of his head and just look through the owl’s eyes while in the Underdark.

In case anyone is wondering how the flashlight works in this setting, it is apparently just a rock of light inside a tube with some mechanism to close and open the tube’s end. I think it could also be strapped to the hip freeing the hands for combat. I could also be possibly completely wrong about this last part because I was busy taking notes! XD

That is it for now. Next see what kind of shenanigans our party gets to in the next session.

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