[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 6

Last session ended in a big cliffhanger. Almost literally.

I don’t know about the others but I have been spending all this time wondering, almost dreading actually, how this session would start. I mean, Lam and Shadow were all by themselves down in a cave with a fomorian walking in their direction. If the session started directly with combat it would make life really complicated for us.

Well, as always nothing went like anyone was expecting it go. But it was certainly interesting.

Disclaimer: English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it in the next post and edit this one later.

Correction of last session transcript: Erl’s squire name is Dan, not Steve.

If you don’t remember what happened last time and don’t feel like re-reading the last post, here is a brief recap. The party are currently at some secret tunnels that can lead us to a location where we can destroy the evil, magical horn that might summon Tiamat to this world.

We got to some narrow tunnels that ended up in a split path. One of the paths led to a small room, with a strange glow and a sword stuck in a red crystal. First-Among-Creations (a.k.a #1) had sent his familiar ahead to this tunnel and was using the owl to cast a ritual of identify on the weapon. Kaimir didn’t see that and went ahead to check the room too.

Lam then decided to go through the other path, by herself, to scout it. She didn’t even go too far before the floor crumbled under her feet and both her and her animal companion, a panther called Shadow, fell on a room with a giant ritual circle and a fomorian nearby. That is where we stopped last session.

When this session started, the first thing Lam and Shadow did were to sneak around, trying to find a place to hide. The fomorian got close to where they fell, sniffed around and said in a creepy, too eager tone: “Long have I been in the underdark. New members have arrived. Just like it said it would. Where are you? Where did you go? Don’t be shy!”

As it stood still, it moved its mutant eye towards them and asked “Where hence had you come?”

Lam kept quiet. The fomorian continued “She has promised me many newcomers to welcome. I just want to be a good host. Please come out.”

While the giant was talking, Lam noticed it had a leather bag wrapped around one of its arm. It was the size of backpack for a human but actually looked small on the creature.

Meanwhile, on the upper floor, as the rest of the party got close to the hole where Lam fell, they could overhear the conversation. They tried to formulate a plan to rescue Lam and Shadow, with Flick immediately suggesting to throw some firework grenades at the giant which Erl immediately vetoed. The paladin argued the party still didn’t know what the fomorian wanted.

Getting down there was obviously the number one priority. Fortunately Flick told them she could cast feather fall on everyone, solving that problem. At this point Kaimir ran back to where the rest of the party was and got informed about what was going on.

With everybody on the same page, they started to enact the plan. Flick cast feather fall on everyone then Kaimir and Erl jumped down the hole. Flick decided to stay back there, providing fire support. While #1 went back to the sword stuck in the stone, touched the weapon to continue the identifying ritual and sent his familiar to help the rest of the party.

Back down, the fomorian slowly moved forward towards Shadow saying “Here, kitty, kitty” then tried to grab the panther. Shadow freaked out at this then recoiled. This made the giant angry, he slammed the floor and shouted “Come here! I am trying to grab you! The might one commands!”

At this point Lam decided to get the fomorian’s attention and maybe some information at the same time by talking with the giant. To summarize the exchange, the fomorian revealed that the “might one” was the “five headed god”. Apparently this god told him that someone was coming and asked if Lam had the “prize”. While this was going on, Lam shapeshifted first into a dwarf male then later into Rock Gut to see how it would react.

When this exchange ended, Kaimir and Erl were almost finishing their descent. The fomorian changed his attention to them and said “Yes, yes! It does not lie. My calling is now. Which one of you brings the gift?”

Lam and Shadow took this opportunity to move and try to hide again. The giant then turned its mutant eye towards Kaimir causing him some psychic damage. With this obvious hostile action the party decided to fight back.

Again, I am going to summarize what happened next. There is no way I can describe the whole thing in an interesting way. It is one of those things that aren’t fun unless you were there.

Round 1! Fight!

Anyway, the first thing the party noticed is that the fomorian was trying to not enter the circle.

During the fight as Kaimir and Erl cut the giant, they noticed there was something scally and white moving inside it. Not long after, to the surprise of no one, pseudodragons burst out from the fomorian’s fleshy bulges and attacked. Fortunately they were pretty easy to deal with.

The fomorian also kept muttering something about sacrifices, about being able to use orcs for it, about extracting his bounty from our corpses and as it kept getting wounded, the mutterings got more and more aggressive.

When the giant finally died, it’s body convulsed and a wyrmling and two more pseudodragons burst out. They were also easily dispatched.

When the fight was over #1 also got attacked by a pseudodragon, the green one we found last session. Somehow he managed to kill it while still still casting identify on the sword. I think his owl might have flown back there and helped. But I could be completely wrong about that!

Kaimir and Lam decided to go back up to check on #1 while Erl and Flick decided to stay down to investigate the room.

Erl didn’t find much out of the ordinary but she noticed the circle was made with some red liquid from a nearby cauldron. She also noticed that the circle looked like the one described in a scroll with instructions on how to summon Tiamat way back in session 2!

Being a paladin of Bahamut she did the obvious thing which was to destroy the circle.

Flick on the other hand decided to act true to her nature and try to get the mutant eye out of the dead fomorian body. You know, FOR SCIENCE! It wasn’t as easy as it looked so she had to work on it for a while.

Back up, #1 finished the identify ritual and found out that the sword was a Sun Blade. They figured out that it made the most sense for Erl to have it so she climbed up and tried to take it. Probably recognizing the paladin as someone worth, the blade retracted itself into the hilt, allowing Erl to take it with her.

Kaimir tried to recall something about the sword and remembered some story about a Sun Blade being used way before the kingdom of Errant was even created, back when Bahamut and Tiamat fought each other. He informed the others of it and made a mental note to investigate the story further when they got back to the city.

Lam decided to go back down to check on the bag that the fomorian had attached to its arm. It was empty but as the ranger studied it she figured out it might possibly be a bag of holding.

By this point Flick managed to extract the fomorian’s eye. She looked at it and the eye looked back, knocking her down with psychic damage. She fell down unconscious, letting the eye roll down on the floor.

Fortunately as Lam was about to go back up to meet with the others, she noticed Flick down and made the artificer chomp down on a fistful of good berries to recover. Once Flick was back up she decided to cover the eye with her bedroll then put it inside her backpack.

Once the party met again, they identified the leather bag and it was indeed a bag of holding!

They decided to turn it upside down to see what it contained, finding out it had 140 gold, two spell scrolls, an art piece and a potion of healing which were split between the party.

Finally they went back up, crossed to the side they were meant to go in the first place, and reached a tunnel that led back to the main one.

Soon enough they reached another room, containing a small dwarven skeleton and very few of the red crystals. The room felt very familiar to #1 as if he has been there for a very long time before. This was the room where his crystal, his heart was discovered.

There was also some writings on the wall in some ancient language, that #1 could read. Most of it was unreadable by now but from what little could be translated it was something about sentient crystals. Definitely another subject to research when all of this was over.

The party then decided to rest there to regain their strength before continuing on their mission.

And that is where we stopped. Next session will probably be the last one for this One-Shot. Or so our DM says. We’ll see how it actually goes. XD

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