[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 10 – Stealth is optional for this mission

Every time I think we reached rock-bottom in this mission we end up doing something to prove me wrong and show that, yes, we can still make this whole affair even more chaotic. Truly we are the worst spies in the whole galaxy.

First let me do a correction from my last write-up: Turns out we never took Lt. Ramirez for this mission. I probably got confused because he was suggested as a pick but then we decided to take Chanka Vox instead. So, please, ignore anything I said about Lt. Ramirez on the previous post! Sorry!

Also, my usual disclaimer:

English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The Session

At the end of last session we were all trying to get back together after a series of plans that didn’t… well, go as planned!

We decided to meet back by the shuttle, with Lorik and Kronk getting there first, from different directions.

What the two of them found out was a crowd surrounding the ship. Kronk decided to just observe the situation while approaching the shuttle. Lorik on the other hand decided to ask some random citizen what was going on but didn’t get any useful answer.

They then decided to contact Linus and Lylid, who were still inside the ship, to see if they had any idea of what was going on. The only thing the two of them knew was that a bunch of security personnel showed up, put them in quarantine without any explanation and wouldn’t let them leave because the station was going through a jump.

Since it would probably be too suspicious if Lorik or Kronk asked when the jump would end they decided that Linus would be the best person to find that information. He was a human after all, and the communications officer for the crew.

Linus decided to ask the security personnel about it. But no matter how he argued about it, security refused to give him the information. Not only that they were pretty rude about it.

Linus then got pissed off and decided to shoot one of them while claiming they were keeping us prisoners without any good reason and this was his way to take action against it.

The crowd panicked and started to flee. Lorik also panicked and immediately contacted Labor asking if the geth could find them a ship with weapons as well as getting it ready to fly. Labor confirmed that was possible then Lorik went to join the fight.

Fortunately these opponents were pretty much just mooks: some human guards and some robots. Kronk immediately joined the fight, while Sidona joined it as soon as she reached the hangar. Labor was the only who didn’t participate but only because he was busy hacking a terminal to find us a new ship.

You know they are mooks when you can see their HP bars.

Consequently the fight was over pretty fast. As for the new ship, instead of going for something easy to reach and hijack, Labor decided to go for something that could survive a fight. And he found exactly that. In a different bay. Near the police station.

Oh, well, I can’t really complain about his logic, the way this mission was going we probably would need the biggest ship we could get and this was likely the closest one available.

Labor also took the opportunity to try to find the time for the jump to finish. He couldn’t find the exact time but he discovered that it would lead to the Omega Nebula. Then he sent that information to Jack Knight, who used the shuttle’s computers to calculate the remaining time. According to the smuggler the jump would finish in about 4 hours.

Jack also told the party that he heard about some crazy people who tried to leave the station while it was in mid-jump and survived to tell the tale. It would be extremely risky if we tried it but it was an option if we were in a hurry to leave. Which we pretty much were so we decided to go with it for the time being.

The party took every supply they could from the shuttle, activated its self-destruction sequence and ran to the maintenance tunnels. By that time Labor had already prepared and souped up a maintenance kart for them to flee.

By the time security reinforcements arrived the shuttle just exploded and the party was far away enough that they couldn’t pursue them.

While going through the maintenance tunnels, Sidona told the rest of the party about the bounty that was offered to the Warden for someone like her.

At the same time they noticed the robots in the tunnels were all accessing terminals as they passed through. They also couldn’t shake off the impression of being watched.

At the next terminal they stopped so Labor could hack it in the hopes of finding some information about what was going on. What he discovered was that there was a station-wide arrest warning for Sidona, Linus, Lylid, Chanka Vox, Jack and a nameless male turian. I am just surprised that after all his shenanigans they haven’t ID’ed Lorik yet. Not that I am complaining though!

Labor then proceeded to try to make our lives easier by quickly creating a virus to ping every terminal in the tunnels between 1 and 10 minutes. This way it would make it harder of them to track us. He also tried to hack the search warranties to change their pictures but that didn’t work out so well.

After that there were some more challenges on our way as we tried to reach our goal. I won’t go into details about those as they were mainly mechanical challenges and don’t really add to the story.

Suffice to say that we eventually ended up at the top of a garage building as that was the closest way we could find to get to the hangar with the ship we need. As the session ended we could almost get to it except that to do that we will need to pass by a group of guards who were just receiving orders from Benia…

We already threw some ideas around on how to do it but it will have to wait until next session to see how it goes. By this point it probably won’t be any more chaotic than anything else we did in this mission! (Famous last words)

Notable Quotes

We had insurance, right?


New plan – it’s time for the mutinated to become the mutineers!


I have proficiency with chemical supplies. I can horribly disfigure your faces.


Can we have the beach episode the next go around?

Labor, Out of Character?

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