[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 11 – The Big Yeet

This session our mission in the Hades Initiative finally ended. Or least the part of it in the station. Like I said before, the mission doesn’t end until we are back in HQ, reporting to Yulaya.

Anyway, what I am trying to say with this intro is that it ended exactly the way we deserved, given all the shenanigans we did.

Before we continue though, my usual disclaimer:

English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The Session

At the end of last session we were in a bit of tight spot. There was a ship we wanted to hijack but to get to it we had to pass by Benia and some security forces that she was giving orders to.

At the start of this session we had a very simple plan. Sidona would throw a lift grenade at them and Lorik would throw a flashbang grenade just to be on the safe side. Then Labor would dash into the ship, hack it, everybody else would get in and everybody would fly away to freedom.

Like all plans for this mission it didn’t quite worked like we hoped.

To begin with, Benia noticed the lift grenade fast enough to use her biotics to neutralize it. Fortunately she didn’t notice the flashbang grenade, blinding her and the security forces for a a bit.

Unfortunately there were more security forces inside the ship who got out as soon as they heard the sounds of battle. Oh, and there was also an engineer on one side of the hangar bay who for some reason decided to help out with her drone.

With that much opposition it was clear we wouldn’t be able to get out without a fight. And fight is exactly what we did.

It was a long and hard battle that took the majority of the session’s time. At the end of it Benia was dead as well as almost all of the security forces. The only one who was able to escape alive was the engineer and one of the security forces who flew away in a VTOL to get reinforcements.

This picture doesn’t show half of the chaos that was this fight.

Benia’s car also got wrecked during the confrontation but for some reason Labor still wanted to take it with us. The party helped him to load the car into the ship, everyone got aboard and flew off just in the nick of time as some VTOLs came to attack us.

We just made them eat figuratively dust as they tried to chase us through buildings, incoming traffic and other obstacles. At the end of it, Labor successfully hacked the gates to the outer space, letting us escape.

Outside we could see the whole station covered by a mass effect as it jumped. If we had any doubt that the Hades Initiative had technology that the Resistance didn’t possess than that pretty much cleared it.

With the help of Jackson Knight the party managed to get away from the station only to end some unknown place in the galaxy, near an asteroid field. The good news though is that there was an inactive mass effect relay nearby. It was just a question of opening it. The bad news is there was, what looked like, a sleeping or perhaps even dead Reaper nearby too.

Since we were pretty certain this Reaper wasn’t dead, just sleeping, the party slowly flew the ship through the asteroid fields towards the relay.

Labor then proposed the following plan: since he didn’t need a mech loki body anymore he would go inside the relay, alone, to activate it. Once it was activated, he would activate his self-destruction and we should immediately go through the relay without looking back.

He already had made a backup of all his memories until that point to the ship’s computers. Once we were back at HQ we should give it to Bygone who would then merge to another backup of his memories that were left on his quarters and then everything would be restored to Labor’s original body.

Sidona raised some concerns against that plan, thinking we should all go in to activate the relay. The rest of the party though agreed that Labor’s plan was the one most likely to succeed given our circumstances.

There wasn’t any problem getting Labor inside the relay. As he went through the rooms he noticed there were some swarmers there as well as sounds of something bigger and more dangerous somewhere else. They all ignored Labor though since he was a synthetic.

We are somewhere in this map. Also, take a drink!

It didn’t take long for Labor to find the computers that activated the relay. Through it he discovered that we were close to the Omega Nebula. Labor decided to connect it to the Vallhallan Threshold, radioed that information to the party then activated the relay.

As soon as that happened there were a lot of screams going around the place. Labor then shot the computers to make sure nothing could deactivate the relay anymore, then knelt and activated his self-destruction as several husk swarmers, marauders and a rachni ravager came running.

Back at the ship, the party could see the relay being activated. We also noticed that the Reaper had just woken up and was going after our ship.

Without thinking twice, we went through the relay only to find the Quarian Flotilla on the other side!

They were allies to the Resistance so that was something we didn’t have to worry about. What we were actually worried though is that there was the Reaper that could come out of the relay any time.

We were hailed by one of the quarian ships which led to a brief exchange to identify ourselves and tell about the incoming Reaper. After that we could hear some shouts of “Project Longshot” and having to run it up in the background of the ship.

A few seconds later we saw the mass relay somehow turn off. At the same time there was a brief moment where all our computers had warning messages about a big mass effect object passing through.

The captain of the quarian ship, Luna vos Turpentine, then explained what had just happened. Apparently they had been working with the Resistance on a way to safely deactivate mass relays to stop a Reaper from coming through it.

They still have no idea how to detect when a Reaper is coming through one, nor had they tested it before but when we showed up with one of them on our tails they decided to give a try.

In practice this means that the Reaper that was following us just got yeeted somewhere in space. Nobody knows to where or if the Reaper can even stop itself. For all we know it might have even ended up in Andromeda!

Captain Luna was so happy with this outcome that she wanted to celebrate. She also asked us to tell Commander Yulaya that Project Longshot was a success.

Oh, and at some point during this whole exchange we decided to name our new ship “Gangster’s Paradise”. Don’t ask me, I have no clue why this name was chosen too. You will need to ask one of the other players as it was their idea.

Our session ended here. The next write up will take an extra while to come since our GM wants to take a break and is skipping one session. I offered to DM a D&D one-shot in the usual time and the group looked interested. It is unlikely I will do a write-up of my one-shot but I thought I should mention it.

Just wish me luck, please. I haven’t tried to GM a game in forever and back in the days I did a terrible job at it. But there are certain systems I want to play and unless I offer myself to GM it myself it is unlikely I will ever get to play them. So this might be the first step to that.

Notable Quotes

I saw my life flash by me 3 times.

Labor, Out of Character

Let me help you calibrate that.


Some kid a few blocks down sees this burned corpse fall down on his swing set.

The GM
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