[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 14 – Pew Pew in Space 2

Coming into this session I was hoping we were going to get some answers to questions from the previous session. Unfortunately for reasons that I will talk about soon we didn’t get them. Still we were able to advance the main plot a little… only to soon get sidetracked. XD

By the way, for this session I tried to record the game in the hopes of making my write ups more accurate. I tried it a long time ago, during the Knights of Errant series, but for some reason it didn’t work back then and I resorted to making written notes. This time it worked perfectly, allowing me to focus more on the game and less on trying to write as fast as possible.

Despite that I will still put my usual disclaimer here:

English is not my native language. Although I can write and read it without issues, hearing and speaking is a different matter. I’d say I am at best 90% skilled at those. Also I have a terrible memory.

What this means is that there may be mistakes here. In case my group corrects anything I will make a note about it here later and in the next post.

The session

We started the session exactly from where we stopped the last one: with Stout knocked out on the floor from being tackled by Kronk.

With the immediate danger gone, Sidona checked to see if any of us were wounded then proceeded to give medical aid to the civilians. Kronk handed over the unconscious dwarf krogan to the Military Police while Lorik asked them to put Stout under maximum security from now on.

Meanwhile Labor was checking the terminal to see what Stout was up to. On the screen there was just a message that contained a random string of words and numbers. It was being broadcasted to the Shadow Sea system. Labor shut it down but we were afraid it was already too late.

Since we were worried that the Resistance would soon get a “visit” from Alpha Protocol we decided to tell Yulaya about it, just to make sure that the people in power would know about it.

When we knocked on his door, we noticed that Gary the pupper was with the commander. Apparently Yulaya has been taking care of Gary while we were away investigating the Hades Initiative. He was about to bring the puppy to us too!

That was a nice surprise but we went straight to business by telling Yulaya about the incident with Stout and showed him the broadcasted message. He looked at it then commented the message used an old form of STG coded communication. The commander also promised to forward all of this information to the relevant people.

Without anything more to do in HQ we went straight back to our ship least someone else broke from prison while we were walking around.

Once there we decided that our first target should be Jessica Lunsford. Since Tiberus supposedly knew how to get to her we set up a meeting with him to ask some questions. Plus there were a few other things we wanted to know too.

As soon as Tiberus arrived at the meeting he told us that he would answer any questions we had except anything that was confidential.

The first thing we asked was what was the deal with him releasing Sudosa and reinstating him as the farming colony’s leader. Guess what? That was confidential. At least it looked like he felt bad about it by the way he answered it and by looking down.

Then we proceeded to ask questions about our target. These are the information we got from him:

  • Tiberus worked briefly with Jessica before the invasion to evaluate if she could become a Specter. Until her smuggler operation was discovered, he was sure that the Council would have chosen her for the job.
  • In Tiberus’ eyes, she was a very bright but also very cunning individual. We should be careful with what she tells us because even if she might not be lying she might not be telling the full truth either.
  • Working with Jessica could be beneficial… if we were willing to work with the devil, as Tiberus put it.
  • Jessica’s illegal dealings were discovered when she took a risk that didn’t pay off. It was a dealing that resulted in a fight that when investigated ended up leading back to her.
  • Tiberus believes she already had contacts with Cerberus even back in days considering she is one of the leaders of the organization’s successor, the Hades Initiative.
  • As for combat, Jessica prefers to use biotic powers, SMGs and pistols. Which makes me think she is an Adept. Which also means she will probably be a pain in the backside for us to fight.
  • Jessica doesn’t keep friends, just “contacts”. If any of her family is alive then she just keeps them around if they are useful.

As for how to get to her, Tiberus had a contact that he could use to get to Jessica, an independent batarian arms dealer. Apparently he was an old contact of Jessica’s too, one that she was supposed to meet for a deal soon.

Labor then asked if this arms dealer could set up a meeting between Jessica and our party. Tiberus answered that he hadn’t contacted the batarian yet. His plan was to, in his words, “show up as an uninvited guest”.

Obviously, Labor wasn’t impressed with this kind of plan. He then chastised Tiberus by pointing out how suicidal it would be to show up in a meeting between the leader of a paramilitary faction and an arms dealer that probably had enough weapons to outfit an army. Then Labor admitted it was probably the kind of dumb plan we would come up with.

Tiberus admitted then that he didn’t think too much about plans, he just did stuff.

There was a bit more conversation, where some rude things were said towards Tiberus and allowed him to see how dysfunctional our “planning” is. At the end, Lorik apologized for it then once Tiberus left, the party actually made a plan. Or as close to it as we usually make.

Basically, we wanted to find out where this meeting was going to happen. So our plan was for the turians to go talk to the arms dealer, to get him distracted. Then Kronk would go invisible, sneak up to his computer and plant a bug on it that Labor could use to steal all the information we needed.

After that we would probably try to approach Jessica alone. Or we could follow Tiberus’ “plan” too. For some reason I think both are likely to end up the same way.

With all that set we made our way to the Titan Nebula to meet with our target.

SPAAAAAAACE! Also take a drink.

It takes us about 18 hours to get there, with about 9 hours worth of downtime.

Labor spent his downtime working on the bug while everybody else was busy with their own business.

At one point during the trip, when Lorik is off-duty and back at his quarters, Novis paid a visit to him. She heard that Sidona fainted after the mission to investigate the Hades Initiative and wanted some details.

To be completely honest, with everything that was going on I completely forgot that they had a deal to share information about the side effects of Sidona’s biotic powers. I will just pretend the same thing happened with Lorik too.

Anyway, Lorik told Novis about all the times that Sidona had to use biotics, how they didn’t have time to rest and his theories about what happened. Then he asked if it was possible that Sidona’s biotic implant was defective.

Novis looked to be a bit conflicted on how to answer it but eventually admitted that she thought there was something wrong with Sidona and she was investigating it. Then Novis asked if the time came and if she needed Lorik’s help, if she could count on it, which Lorik agreed to.

As Novis left his quarters, Sidona was passing by the corridor and saw her. Sidona discreetly tried to find what Novis was doing visiting Lorik. Novis tried to be evasive with the answer which only made Sidona to suspect they were secretly dating.

When we were getting to our rendezvous point, Lt. Ramirez picked up the signs of an anomaly in the Titan Nebula. The Reaper activity type of anomaly. It was pretty weak but even then that sounded like trouble for us.

We prodded him for some more information and from the data it looked like a destroyed Reaper orbiting a gas giant, near the Haskins system.

Labor thought about using a shuttle to get close to it then we remembered we destroyed our only shuttle back in the Hades Initiative mission. We should have remembered to request a replacement back in HQ.

We decided then to get as close as possible to get a visual on the Reaper.

The gas giant it was orbiting was among the most distant planets from this system’s sun. At it’s dark side we found out the supposedly dead Reaper, trapped into the planet’s orbit, being slowly pulled into it.

After some brief discussion we decided to board the dead Reaper to seek clues about what did that much damage to it as well as any technology that could help us fight them.

But it wouldn’t be everyone in the party to do that, it would be only Labor and Bygone. Our idea was that we could make backups of their consciences then once they got back we could compare the data from the backup to see if there was any change that indicated they were indoctrinated.

Also because splitting our party at every opportunity appears to be the new theme for this campaign! /sarcasm

We dropped them on the Reaper dreadnought then flew back to a safe distance. To summarize what our geth duo did next, they went on a bit of an adventure there. They didn’t discover what exactly destroyed the Reaper but they did discovere an inert ordinance near the damaged part. If it was another shell of the same type that caused that much damage or if it was something that was fired after all that destruction they couldn’t determine at the time.

They also found some huskified unidentified alien species. The organic parts looked mummified indicating they had been around for a long while. These husks were banging their heads on the walls for some reason but completely ignored the geth duo.

While they were doing their exploration a bunch of pirate ships showed up in the sector, shooting at us. Then their captain called us demanding that we leave. We told him to go away or we would shoot back. Well, not as nice as that but you get the idea.

Also, the pirate captain’s voice somehow sounded familiar to Lorik. What that means? I have some ideas, just need to confirm them first.

A battlemap showing the plankton against several pirate ships.
Peace was never an option!

Combat started and it once again dragged out. Partly due to some new abilities that were added to Space Combat and we were getting familiar with. Partly due to some assumptions that didn’t quite work out from the GM and the Plankton’s pilot (me).

We are starting to get a better hang of it though and our GM is going to do a few more tweaks so next time it will hopefully be smoother.

Anyway, again to summarize what happened, the Plankton destroyed some of their fighters, while Labor and Bygone managed to make their way to the bridge of the Reaper ship. They had to get to a maintenance section there then they connected themselves to the Reaper system, activated its weapons and shot the pirate’s carrier, essentially pulverizing it.

Apparently their fighters were unmanned, controlled by the carrier, because they all stopped working when the carrier was destroyed.

This didn’t come out with any consequences though. When they did this all the lights inside the Reaper ship went dark, a voice boomed around the geths telling them “Be gone!”. At the same time Bygone’s eyes went red and his connection to Labor was cut off.

While Labor disconnected from the Reaper’s systems, Bygone tried to grapple with his friend. Fortunately Labor managed to not only evade it but was able to hack Bygone through the geth network, freeing him from the Reaper influence.

Outside the pirate’s cruiser tried to get away but we pursued them, shot down their engines and weapons then gave a chance for them to surrender. They obviously didn’t accept it so we left them stranded there in space to think about their bad behavior while we went to get back Labor and Bygone.

While all this was going on, Labor decided to capture one of the husks to bring with us. The creatures of course didn’t like it much forcing the geth duo to kill them. Labor decided to take two of the dead husks with them.

Trying to make the most of the situation, since the gravity was off in the Reaper ship, Labor decided to get his drone to get the inert shell in the destroyed part.

We got them and their “cargo” back in the Plankton then immediately checked the geths to see if they were indoctrinated. Labor showed less than 1% corruption on his data. Bygone had a 35% corruption level which Labor thought was too much to risk and used the backup to restore him.

With that resolved we went back to the pirate ship. They still refused to surrender, forcing us to board them by force. The battle was a bit bloody but we managed to get to captain, disarming him in the process.

Despite being defeated he still tried to act like he was a big shot by saying “I am the Great Pirate Sizu! No cell can keep me!”. We just rolled our eyes at that then Kronk hit him on the head knocking him to the floor. The krogan then proceeded to pick up the pirate by the belt and bring him to the brig in our ship.

We also looted their ship of any valuables which made us realize that pirating is more profitable than trying to save the galaxy.

And that is where our session ended. I imagine that next time we’ll either be interrogating our new prisoner, doing autopsy on the alien corpses, analyze an inert alien shell, switch careers to pirating or going back on track with the mission. I wouldn’t count too much on that last one though, knowing our group. :p

Notable Quotes

… and I will cover Gary’s ears while I am talking about this to protect his innocence.


I am doing, like, the whole Simba thing with Gary for 15 minutes straight, staring at his eyes.


I’d like to think I am pretty good at pressing the Button too.


Alright Kronk! Go for it! Hit the Button!


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