[D&D] Mass Effect: Chapter 18 – Unfortunate Henchman Names

Last session our party had just decided to pay a visit to one of the drop-off points for the turian biotic implant bounty. It worked pretty well, all things considered, but we still felt there was more about this case that we could dig into. This session was the continuation of that.

This time though… Everything went in ways I honestly didn’t expect to. Still, some more clues were found and some lessons were learned. The painful kind of lessons but they were still lessons nonetheless!

Anyway, let’s get to this, shall we?

The Session

At the start of this session, Sidona, Kronk and Labor were still at the drop-off building waiting for Lorik and Novis to return from their prisoner delivery.

While waiting they were trying to make good use of their time. By which I mean, Sidona tried to find more information about the previous attempts to claim the bounty. She didn’t get much in terms of useful information though.

The closest thing we got to another clue was a guess by the doctor. He thought that these people were brought here for the removal or replacement of their biotic implants.

The only problem is since the universe went to hell that kind of surgery is pretty risky, usually resulting in death. The doctor theorized that these people were never meant to be set free after the surgery was over.

As for what end, his best guess is that the implants would either be used for study or maybe used somewhere else. This particular type of biotic implant wasn’t available anymore after all. Even before the invasion they had stopped production of it. So it is pretty rare nowadays.

That was about the last bit of information that we were able to extract from him. As for the others, Labor was doing some mad scientist level of plans for Donk, the YMIR Mech we got last session. And Kronk…. He was probably doing whatever he does when nothing all that important is going on.

Back at the Plankton, Lorik and Novis had just put the krogan guard in the brig and were about to head back.

It was at this point that Novis told Lorik that they had found a temporary cure for Sidona’s fatigue problem and asked him to keep an eye on her. Lorik agreed to it.

Then Tiberus approached them, asking to replace Novis in the current mission. As Lorik started to explain why they took Novis, Labor contacted him asking to bring Seraph instead and a spare mass effect drive if we had any.

While this was going on Tiberus started to bicker with Novis and Lorik admonished both of them for not acting like professionals. That only made Tiberus to act even more childish.

Seraph at least was glad to join the team on this mission however there was no spare mass effect drive they could bring. Because of that Labor then asked Lorik to bring the car keys from our krogan prisoner. That was an odd request but Lorik did it anyway.

Once they got back to the bounty drop off point, Seraph started immediately to nerd out when she saw the YMIR Mech.

Labor then started to explain how he planned to take the mass effect drive from the prisoner krogan’s car, strap into Donk then modify it to drop the robot from orbit.

To sweeten the deal, Labor even offered Seraph to use Donk in her robot boxing competitions. Seraph answered that was jumping ahead a little but she certainly could use it as a backup in case something happened to her current boxing robot. Also, if the regulations of the tournament allowed an YMIR Mech, of course.

The two of them kept working on Donk until about sunset while the rest of the party… I dunno, started to play cards or something to pass the time.

Conveniently enough when they finished their work, there was a notification on the doctor’s omni-tool saying “On the way”.

Fortunately they didn’t come from another sector/or planet. At least I think they didn’t. That would take too long and our party didn’t have that much time. Also, drink!

Sidona told the rest of the party that we should expect our enemies to show up soon. Kronk stayed by the makeshift operation room pretending to be a mercenary. Sidona laid on the table pretending to be an unconscious victim while the doctor pretended to be examining her. Everybody else, including Donk, hid somewhere else in the building.

Soon enough there was a knock on the door. Kronk did his best gruff mercenary impression which worked well enough to get two krogans inside the building, while another one stayed outside. Before they came in Kronk tried to peek through the door but he barely managed to see a shuttle outside and another person leaning against it, smoking.

One of the krogans noticed all the broken walls and asked about it. That is when Kronk decided to let his gun to do the talking.

To summarize the ensuing combat…

The three krogans went down pretty easily.

The person leaning by the shuttle outside was a salarian called Tazzik. Despite using a rocket launcher to destroy one of the outer walls and then attacking us with a grenade launcher he wasn’t as hard to kill as we feared. I mean, he put up a fight but he wasn’t the most dangerous enemy in this encounter.

From inside the shuttle, came an elcor called… Choad. Don’t blame, my GM is the one who is naming these characters. Anyway, Choad was also relatively easy to defeat. We were even able to take him as a prisoner.

The one who gave us trouble and took us by surprise was a sniper that came in their own ship and was shooting at us from a building across the street. That sniper made it difficult for us to position ourselves because if we stayed in the open they would shoot us down.

Their shots also hurt a lot. They took a good chunk of HP from both Lorik and Sidona and in our party they are probably the ones who can soak the most damage. I don’t know about the others but that was enough to make me scared of that sniper.

Unfortunately by the time we could deal with that sniper, they decided to take off on their ship and fled the battle.

As for the doctor, he panicked, shouted he didn’t have anything to do with this and then tried to run away. One of the krogans decided to attack him anyway, knocking out the doctor. The only reason he probably survived is because Seraph dragged him to the back of the building then Kronk applied some first aid.

Combat grid showing our party, a bunch of dead enemies and the sniper on the other side of the map.
It may look like Lorik didn’t take too much damage in this screenshot but this was taken *after* he healed himself from the first shot. The sniper was about to leave at this point too.

Once the combat was over we took this new shuttle as well as Donk, Choad and the doctor as prisoners back to the Plankton. Well, Donk wasn’t a prisoner, more like a cool new weapon for our party.

After putting our new prisoners in the brig, we tried to look for some info from the shuttle, to see where it came from. However these guys covered their tracks pretty well, all we could find out was its last destination, the drop off point. Nothing about where it came from or other places it traveled to.

We decided then to go back to the brig for some interrogation. Sidona also decided to bring Tiberus along to help. Turns out the former Spectre had heard about Choad and Tazzik before. This will be important in a bit.

When we got there Choad looked like he was meditating. Sidona then poked him and we found he was actually sleeping…

To summarize the interrogation:

They were supposed to bring Sidona to Tiem General. All Choad knew about that person is that they were a client for the bounty contract, some turian. He didn’t know their real name though as it was part of their policy to not ask it.

The delivery location was to be made at a starport west of the city. Most likely the person receiving it was just another link in a chain of third parties until it reached its intended receiver.

They had a passphrase to give to identify themselves as the correct deliverer. It was “It is a nice day to stay alive, isn’t it?”. The correct answer to it would be “Today is not a good day to die.”

Once they got notified that there was a “package” to pick up they would notify someone else and then there would be a certain amount of time to deliver it. Failing to do it in time meant something went wrong.

After they had made the delivery they would go back to the Omega Station. Yes, it is that station from Mass Effect 2 if anybody is wondering it.

While we were discussing what to do next, Labor mentioned the sniper which picked Tiberus’ curiosity. According to the former Spectre, from everything he heard, Choad and Tazzik never worked with a sniper before. We then explained the circumstances of our fight to Tiberus.

Sidona asked Choad about it, who was now very nervous, and he told us the sniper was a guarantee from the Shadow Broker. Because of the amount of money involved the Shadow Broker wanted to make sure that the asset would be retrieved without problems.

He didn’t know where the sniper came from, nor their name. Choad gave us a description though: a dark colored turian with a white face pattern that almost looked like a skull.

Kronk tried to remember from his history books if there was any famous turian with that description. But everything he remembered pretty much amounted to urban legends.

Sidona then took Tiberus away and asked him what he knew about it. Tiberus said that, if that sniper was who he thought it was, then it was a Spectre called Lukerian Avictus. Why she would be working for the Shadow Broker he had no clue.

He also guessed that she wouldn’t attack us again unless it was beneficial to her. Most likely though, she would inform the Shadow Broker that the pick up failed, breaking the chain. Then she would keep an eye on us, try to dig as much information about our party as possible and then when Lukerian found the right opportunity she would attack.

Since it didn’t seem like we couldn’t get more information from Choda we decided to go to the starport to try to get the next link in the delivery chain. We sent the passphrase like the elcor told us and waited.

An hour went by without any response. Then Lorik noticed a person in black armor looking at them, giving a nod. A ship passed by in front of the person and they disappeared.

Lorik notified the rest of the party, theorizing that it was our sniper “friend”. He also believed that was her way of saying “I could have killed all of you right now but did not” and they were probably safe for now.

The rest of the party were understandably upset about this, specially Tiberus. In a very angry tone he claimed that he would complain to the council about this and try to find more information for us.

That looked like the end of this sidequest for now so we decided to do one last side stop…

We went to an isolated flat place to do a test run with Donk. By then the Plankton was already on orbit. We gave them the coordinates and that we were ready for “Operation: Donk Fall”

But something went horribly wrong as we saw Donk falling way off course, then a piece broke off and next we knew there was a loud sound as it crashed into the ground. The impact created a crater with pieces scattered everywhere.

Thankfully the robot wasn’t completely destroyed, just damaged. Labor also wasn’t deterred by this and already started to make plans to use one of the shuttles to modify Donk.

We picked every piece that could still be salvaged then went back to the Plankton, finishing our session for the night.

Next time! The hunt for Red October- I mean, General Dawn Hammer! Tiberus decides to make his own party with other NPC crew members and star on his own game! Sidona confronts Gary the Pupper about the turian biotics bounty!

One of those will probably be true!

Notable Quotes

You stop arguing or I turn this ship around

Sidona, Out-of-Character

You know, actually there is something I want to ask the doctor but it would be on the evil end, even for this group.

Labor, Out-of-Character

It is a sight to see as this Donk is being taken care of with love and support

The GM

Hm. An ambush check. And the lights are off. And people are becoming us to enter without our weapons? Let’s go!

A sarcastic GM

Query: Do you feel lucky?

Query: Do you?

Statement: Punk.


Ready for the Donk Bonk


Yes, we are going to ruin things until this Donk works.

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